Chapter 4 Dont Touch!

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Alaxander prov

*This was a lot of information to take in    I made small glances back Kai even at such a young age was obviously willing to risk his life for his sisters he was also not very trusting. He held that much of an aspect of Ivy. Delilah approached me slowly as well as James.*

"What's with the kids?"

*I gave a fatigued look at Delilah.*

"That's Kai and Skye they are my kids."

"I don't think I heard correctly,did you say they are your kids?"


*Delilah ran up to  Skye and enveloped her in a hug though Kai pulled Skye of her arms and pushed her behind him letting a growl come from his throat.*

"Delilah back off and give them some room they are as Ivy was when she came here."

*Delilah gave a hurt look though nodded and walked away James following behind. I gave a tired sigh then walked up to Kai and Skye.*

"Delilah meant well she just gets overly excited."

*Kai narrowed his eyes at me moving his lips trying to process what I had said.*

"Right you don't know human language. I wish I had learned Latin while Ivy was still around. Let's try this.Soror mea est bene intelligitur ."
(My sister meant well)

"Numquam attigit iterum soror mea !"
(Never touch my sister again!)

"They won't"

"melius non !"
(They better not!)

Kai prov

*Who were they thinking they could touch my sister?! I kept a wary eye on the territory keeping my senses sharp and alert. Just because we were blood didn't mean they wouldn't try and kill us. Skye kept her head down as we walked and I made sure to keep her close. We approached this hug cave thing I could hardly see the top of it. I noticed a lot of shifters walking around giving us curiouser glances all of them sporting some kind of humanly garment covering their bodies. Skye's hair as well as mine were extremely long covering our bodies mine was shorter than Skye's though mine only went down a little ways past my shoulder blades and Skye's went down to her waist. We entered the cave I felt a warm blast hit me I jumped back however Skye looked around curiously keeping her eyes downcast.*

Skye's prov

*Kai's grip tightened around my hand as we walked we approached the huge cave as we entered I felt a warm blast of air hit me. Kai jumped a little from surprise while I kept my cool putting up a facade like always. I kept my eyes downcast never bringing my eyes higher than Kai's back.I gave Kai's hand a squeeze he responded immediately giving my three quick squeezes I returned it with two. He responded with five then our conversation stopped there. I mouthed  a few words I had heard being said hopping they meant what I thought they did since Latin had some of the prefixes that English had which is what I believe the shifters spoke I knew that humans had many languages so I would take things one at a time.*

"We kids?"

*Alaxander turned around surprised as well as my brother both surprised at me speaking.*

"How..did you...never mind. Yes you are my kids if that was your question."

*I nodded listened to what was spoken translating it the best I could.*

"Us shifters?"

"Yes you are shifters."

*I gave a smirk at this then went silent.*

"Why were you taking to him Skye?"

"Might as well learn how to speak now."

*I brought my eyes up to meet Kai's electric green.*

"Your hungry."

*I gave a nod. Kai looked around chewing on his lip thinking; when we thought or were stressed and or bored we tended to chew on our lips.*
(something that I tend to do a lot )

"I don't know Skye."

"I know,later I can hold off for a little bit,but I am getting extremely hungry."

"Just hold off another hour or so. Can you do that?"

"I can."

*I let my eyes travel up from the floor taking in just how civilized this den looked. My eyes flashed fusia honing in on something I didn't know what though. I took a few steps over looking  at a image of several people one was Alaxander another James and Delilah though the other two I didn't know they looked a lot alike though upon close inspection one was older than the other. Mother and daughter perhaps. One was smiling the other was showing off some sharp canine teeth and an attempt at a smile. I brought my toung over my canine teeth. They both shared some of the same features that Kai and I had we both had the silvery white hair though Kai's was a more grey tone than mine Kai had the intense green. I had the small frame the woman in the picture had as well as Kai and I both shared the sharp canine teeth mine longer and sharper than Kai's though we both had sharp claws and pale skin though Kai's was much darker than mine. The woman must be our mom and the other one our grandma it was shocking how much they looked alike. I felt a warm hand land on my shoulder startling me and causing me to grab the hand in a death grip vise and twisting it around. I heard a yelp from my brother and released it immediately.*

"I am sorry are you ok? You startled me."

"I am fine I didn't realize you were so deep in though if I had I would have waited for you to get out of it. What were you thinking about?"

"This image."

*Kai took a look at it giving it a confused look.*

"What about it?"


*I was far quicker on realizing and figuring  things out;whereas Kai was the muscle out of the two of us I was the brain and speed Kai the brawn and protector. We both possessed brain and brawn though we were more fine tuned in for a certain aspect than the other.*

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