Chapter 43 Lilly the Portal User

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(River prov)

"When in fish shit did you get here?!"

"When you were going on about how cruel it would be for Ashton to take you as his mate."

"How did you get here?"

"That Ashton is easy, I used a demon portal."

"Where the bloody hell have you been this whole time?! Last I knew you told me to wait up for you in the Arctic tundra and didn't come back!!! Do you know how in the love of bat shit bloody god awful guano I stood there waiting for you to get back?!"


"Fifteen bloody frozen years! I understand you had bloody shit going on, but a bloody note saying, hey don't wait up, would be nice!!! That was before you even had a pack to deal with! You left me, as a eight year old in the artic tundra to ward off those crystal, bloody, white polar bears!"

My British accent was starting to slip into my ranting speech meaning I was just that peeved I felt my half shift poke through as my ears popped up and my tail stood fur raised going down my spine.

"I thought when I didn't comeback after a couple days you would have left. Also what happened to all that sweet stuff you were saying about nobody could know my pain, hmm?"

"I was trying to make the bloody liverworts point across!"

"Your accent is slipping in quiet a bit and you are almost shifted, better dial it down if you don't want an anger shift."

"Don't tell me what to and not dial the bloody fuck back!"

Ashton had been quiet up to this point.

"Look, you really do need to calm down, an angry shift is even harder to shift out of."

I clinched me jaw and hands then unclenched them several times and took several deep breaths my British accent now lost.

"OK, ninety two years of all that rage is gone so I am ready to listen to what you have to say."

"Well, as I was going to say before you went on a rage was that as for your mate dilemma, if Ashton never once felt a pull even in the slightest, then his mate was never born. Or, it is in fact you which would explain why he never felt his mate."

"I know for a fact you didn't come all the way just to say that."

"You are right I didn't."

(Sigh) "Lead the way to what you came here for."

Lilly walked on ahead and Ashton walked with me.

"I didn't know you were British. Is that also why you hate the cold?"

"I am British, it doesn't show through unless I am pissed, as for my aversion to the cold, yes that is why I hate it and get cold so easily now."

"How did you meet Lilly?"

"That is a long story by which Lilly will have to tell since I don't remember much of it."

(Alexander prov)

I thought on Sheki's words and as much as I hate to say it, she was right if anything I needed to talk to somebody for Kai and Skye's sake. Both walked into the room moments later and sat down.

"How long were we out for?"

Before I could speak Sheki spoke

"Twelve hours exactly"

"That long..."

"I got the data I needed so like I said you can go now without any hassle."

The sound of doors being opened was heard and in walked none other than Lilly. I noticed a small leather bound book in her hand's. Ashton and River followed suit soon after she had entered.

"How did you get into here without my knowledge, hmm?"

Sheki eyed Lilly inquisitively.

"Portals, now, you are what I am here for."

"Me? What do you want with me. Surly not revenge for somebody I drained dead hmm. You don't see to be that type of person."

"No, decidedly not. Do you remember me?"

"No, should I?"

"Yes, you should. That doesn't matter at this exact moment though. You look good."

"Thank you, you look quiet well yourself; despite me still not knowing who you are."

"Yes well, I almost didn't recognize you, your eyes for one look much different, your whole mouth of teeth are duller than they were before, your grammar is far better, your skin is paler and your hair is a couple shades darker than before not to mention your features are much sharper. You still have the same hair length, height and basic mold however."

"I still don't know you and am quiet intrigued now. Who was I too you since you seem to know me so well."

"Aww, but guess, that little she demon should known perfectly well what I am talking about since she was the one to change you. I do suppose because of that you did in a sense not die that day, yet you did, Ivy."

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