Chapter 37 Mentality Fox

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(Kai prov)

I am seriously iffy on this Sheki person, but if Skye trusts her, then I suppose she isn't out to hurt us since Skye doesn't trust easily, if she did then that would be a different story.  Skye was next to me and the door buzzer flashed green signalling we could start to breath. A clear mist suddenly settled and my vision went blank and black. I opened my eyes and I was surrounded by fire burning and trees set ablaze all around me. I began to walk and saw a flash of orangeish red dart behind a burning bush and fire red eyes stared back at me. 

"Who are you?"

The eyes narrowed at me and I saw gleaming white teeth shine back in a mocking snarl.

"You aren't suppose to be here yet. LEAVE!"

"I would if I could."

"Wake up you idot!"

"Who are you calling and idiot. IDIOT!"

"Your the idiot for getting in here with me now get your ass outta here!"

"It isn't like I am here on purpose, ass."

"What do you mean not on purpose?"

"Some lady that goes by the name of Sheki gave my sister and I some weird stuff then mist fell onto us and now I am here...where is here?"

"Awww, that is just great, just great. I didnt want this to happen for a good while, and it won't if I have any say in it!"

The bush that was on fire became even more lite and the flames jumped up and around me. I fell back from how close they were. I felt the heat from the flames licking at my skin and yanked my hand back. The fire continued to encroach onto my form till I was engulfed in the flames. A scream was stuck in my throat. I shielded my face from the flames and closed my eyes. When I opened them I saw that I wasn't burning to a crisp and I only felt the heat of the flamed around my body. The same fire red eyes stared back at me irritably.

"So, that is the only way to get you out of here ehh? Well, I won't be obliging such request to this 'Sheki.' Find your own way out."

The eyes suddenly disappeared from my vision and I called out after him as I had deducted from the voice.

"At least tell me where I am!"

"Figure it out on your own kid. After all, your the one who made it."

I made it? I made this world? Impossible.

(Skye Prov)

I began to wake up and the world looked different from how I remembered it to be. It seemed more dark and fluid. I began to walk and saw dew droplets dripping...upward. Weird. I saw a dark purple lake. I went over to it and looked down into it seeing violet eyes sharp features and a sadistic person looking back. I blinked and it vanished the person having violet eyes a neutral look and soft features. I shook my shaking the images out and moved away from the waters edge. Something moving in the water caught my eye and when I looked back into it I saw a furry face looking back at me.

"I really need to lay off of Ashton's blood. Mother of Luna knows where it has been."

"Aww, but you know you can't no matter how many times you say you are going to stop, it just  won't happen, and you know it."

"That voice, I know it."

"You better, after all, I am the owner of it."

A furry black face with a violet body came out from the water. The eyes were golden yellow, the ears curled towards the tip and a black strip went down her spine all the way to the tail and the undercoat was still purple. Chains were around her paws and they appeared to be broken. (pic of  Skye's fox)

"Well, I must admit I didnt want to reveal myself like this, but what has been done, is done

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"Well, I must admit I didnt want to reveal myself like this, but what has been done, is done. No helping it. So what situation are you in that I need to get your guanno out of?"

"I am not in any situation... Umm, who are you?"

"No situation ehh? As for who I am, I would think you would know. Use that brain of yours that I know you have, after all you are the one that made this place, I just inhabit it and made a few features of my own."

 The fox about the size of a coyote sat down and I followed after her and stared at her.

"Your my fox, right?"

"Atta girl, I am indeed."

"So, how do I get out of here?"

"Well, your state of mind is in fear, so the only way out is through me shifting you;us into my form."

"I am a vamp though..."

"Hmm, you still on that notion after everything? Why?"

"Because I umm..."

"Exactly. Just accept what we are and demolish that part of your mind. The longer you hold onto it, the weaker you make us."


"You are holding onto the blood of a vampire. That can change you after awhile if you don't keep your blood level in check. Remember, fox blood is an infinity long thing and degrades after awhile and the less one feeds on blood, the more the blood takes over, and well...lets just say the end result isn't pretty."

"How do I release that blood then?"

"Simple, let the blood flow to me and I will kill off the demon inside you."

I let my body relax not really sure what to do and I felt a dark part of me leave then I saw the maw and gleaming teeth of my violet fox take the dark matter and swallow it. 

"Done. Want to see how your brother is doing? After all, your mental doors are never closed and he can come into your mind at will and visa versa."

"Should we?"

"Mhmm, if we don't help then it may be a good while yet before he gets his fox."

I followed after my fox as she lead me down to a now charred part of my now identified mind. A door was closed and when I put my hand on the knob it was warm. I grabbed the handle and opened it, the door opened as if I had twisted the knob, in reality I only put my hand on it.

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