Chapter 16 Dragons Blood Tid Bit

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(Alaxander prov)

*I was currently rubbing my head from a headache I had gotten,I had a feeling something was going to happen what,I did not know. A small voice in the back of my head I had not heard for the past fifteen years decided to show or speak its presence again.*

'Something big is going to happen.'

'Ehh been awhile Rider bout time you spoke to me again.'

'I was doing some inconclusive research.'

'Really like what?'

"Dad we're home!"

*My conversation was cut off with the voice of Skye making their presence know. I smelled...fresh spring water,...the forest I was now very confused two out of three scents were the scents of...Ivy... I rushed down the stairs with a hopeful look on my face I was met with white hair, a blue and green eye, the same face,figure, but...a scar around her neck instead of three scars going from the chest almost completely down the bust. My face fell with sadness.*

"Yeah,sorry I didn't send a notice I know I got your hopes up... It's been awhile Alaxander."

"Same Lilly, you look good after all this time."

"Yeah and you look terrible after all this time. You really should get out more take some time off get some sun maybe got to the demon realm get a quick tan."

"So is that where you have been all these fifteen years?"

"Yes it has buddy boy."

"You don't look tan, too me more like you just got back from Alaska."

"Unfortunately tanning isn't in the fox shifter book if dealt gene pool."

"How unfortunate."

"Wow you are handling this better than I thought dad."

*I looked at Skye with a quirked brow.*

"How did you think I would handle it?"

"Umm I  don't know...yelling screaming,...broken vases?"

*I gave a light chuckle at this.*

"No,Lilly and I might not have been very buddy, buddy,but I know she wouldn't do anything to anger my knowledge at least..."

"Course not.Now why didn't you send a notice that I had grand kids?!"

"I don't know,you kinda up and left without notice is why."

*I felt a pang of sadness hit, it was still hard remembering Ivy I never would completely heal after losing her.*

"Right right,I was trying to do some research that was inconclusive."

"Rider after fifteen years of silence said the same thing,now what research was it?"

"Fox shifter research...I can't say anymore till I have harder eveidence."

"Speaking of research why were you down in my brothers and my demon realm for this 'reserch'?"

"Cause that was one part of my research I was looking for a certain blood,and plant type."

"What kind of blood type?"

"Specifically your blood type as for the plant,I was trying to see if lil ole Molly that I planted some millennia or so ago was still alive and if so then it would mean a big break through,and that is all I can dispel in my plant matter."

"Ok then,...why did you need my blood type?"

"Well dragons blood is highly addictive amongst fox shifters and vampires. If after one taste a person can resisted it,then their will power is so strong it can defy mate bonds made as well as alpha,and any mind control."

*Ashton and Kai immediately looked at Skye. I was a tad confused as to why. Lilly was also.*

"Something you want to tell us?"

"Don't look at me ask Kai and Ashton I have no idea why they are looking at me."

"Kai,Ashton why did you suddenly look at Skye?"

"Well remember how she was doing blood restraint training?"

"Yes,...what about that?"

"She didn't have very much affect with normal blood so Ashton decided we should slowly amp it up it was only a drop at first which made it harder to resist then we slowly amped it up more and more mixing it with blood and she made it to eighty percent blood mixture with dragons blood then ninety now she is at ninety five percent where she can resists it without flinching at the smell of blood,we even put a bowl of one hundred percent blood in there she took notice, but didn't do anything and resisted it."

"You did what?! Do you know if I had gotten a sip of that I wouldn't be satisfied and would have wanted more and no holding container could have held me back!"

"Is this true,you can completely resist dragons blood?"

"Yes,according to these two jackasses who thought it would be a good idea to put a bowl of dragon blood in with a vampire!"

*I watched as Skye whacked Ashton and Kai upside the head almost making their eyes role. Apparently they ruffled her feather a few too many times today to get such treatment.*

"Well that is excellent news to hear you can resist dragons blood,just means your even more your moms daughter...she didn't realize it,but when she was in my womb  I craved it too such a degree I went to the demons realm just to get some however she got one sip and wanted it so much that I wound up going back however,she didn't take it and resisted it too such a degree I almost miscarried and wound up peeing dragons blood for weeks on end."

"Ok,Lilly didn't need to hear that tid bit."

"Sure ya did."

*What was so sad was she was laughing her ass off at my reaction however if you looked past her facade she was hurting just as much as I was at loosing Ivy she just hid her hurt behind a wall of laughter.*

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