Chapter 41 Sheki's Advice

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(Skye prov)

Comfort and warmth enveloped my body was the fear and anguish slowly  disappeared. Purple warmth surrounded me as I was floating lightly. It felt like my being was being shoved backwards then forwards again as pain began to form. It felt extremely slow and with little discomfort only a slight twinge of intense pain. I realized I was panting and then that was when the real pain began to take over from the comfort. I heard painful cracking of bone then felt it. Each and every bone was re snapping breaking and becoming smaller I felt my spine begin to curve and lengthen my ears disappearing then sprouting up farther atop my head. I felt the shift stop or rather slow down. I was panting and my eyes hurt as they tried to focus only having this become blurry and not clear. I looked around seeing a white room and panic took over, fear spurred my shift faster as bone rapidly broke and rearranged my jaw lengthened then shrunk my teeth poked out from my maw. I felt fur coat my body long and luxurious extremely soft to top it off. I let out a low whine from the pain throbbing through my body as it began to lessen to a manageable pain. I opened my eyes seeing things in intense color. I looked over to my right seeing Kai shrouded in a deep aura of orange his face contorted in pain. I would have moved to him if not for the fact my body hurt like fuck when I tried to move so I had to just lay there until the pain subsided enough to where I could move.

(Kai prov)

The anger was beginning to be extinguished and calmness fell upon my body. It felt like I was floating in that for ages when suddenly pain rammed into my body, my body began to reform rapidly yet slowly I felt every little movement  of my bones as they began to reform. I wanted to cry out, but it seemed like my vocal cords were disintegrating  and replaced with animalistic ones. I felt myself being forced back then when I opened my eyes everything was red and orange then began to clarify out. I was panting and my body still shook with pain that was slowly disappearing. I looked to my left and saw what appeared to be Violet laying next to me. I looked down and saw small slender paws on sinewy legs that were covered in orange fur lit with fur that seemed to be on fire with how it moved. I forced my body up to go look at what I now identified as a shifted Skye. I made a few steps close enough to her so I was next to her then collapsed down beside her. She moved over closer to me she seeming to have been shifted a bit longer than I was since she wasn't panting. She moved her body up in a silent movement over closer to me so her body was touching mine. She collapsed down head on my shoulder blades. One could easily see how exhausted we were.

(Skeki prov)

"Why are Kai and Skye so exhausted? Ivy never was like that after her first shift quiet the opposite."

"Do tell if you can."

I directed my attention to Alexander so he knew I was paying mind to his words.

"Her shift was quiet fast for starters, she came out with more energy and wasn't in pain like that."

"Actually, she probably was in a lot of pain. She just wasn't showing you how much, unlike werewolves and other shifters as a fox shifter we have a thousand times a thousand more pain. She probably didn't want to show you especially since she grew up in the wild and learned to mask her pain."

I looked at River as he spoke.

"So is it that way for all fox shifters?"

"Considering total there have only ever been ten fox shifters, yes."

"I see, if you wish then you may go help Kai and Skye if there is anything that can be done that is."

"Not a whole lot, but yes. If anything they need to either move or relax their muscles."

I gave a nod and gestured for him to go ahead and open the door. He walked over and into the room and knelt down beside the two. He had a gentle grin on his face as he spoke too silently to be caught by the speaker in the room which is remarkable since it can pick up the lowest of sounds. At least it is suppost to. I watched as Rivers form morphed into his fox form

he nudged Kai up while Skye laid down relaxing her body as a few more pops were heard  and her body re aligned more naturally for curvature

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he nudged Kai up while Skye laid down relaxing her body as a few more pops were heard  and her body re aligned more naturally for curvature. Kai's form when standing was a little taller than River's which stood closer to Skye's height. As Kai jogged around with River his body too popped a little stretching his legs out to their full length making Kai now five or six inches taller in fox form to Skye and River. River trotted up to Skye grabbing her scruff and standing her up much to her displeasure. She complied and stood shaking her whole body out with a low whine. River nudged her forward causing her to loose her balance and force her to steady herself and walk. She turned around with a low growl. River  taunting her by flicking his ear back in rebuff. Sky's tail puffed up making her larger than she actually was by a good bit since her fur was long. Kai appeared to be getting a kick out his sister getting quiet riled up. River trotted away from Skye and she took off on long legs after River who  jogged circles around  her as she was getting use to her new body. Kai came around and pounced on a unexpecting  River who gave a yelp of surprise getting knocked down. Skye dove in now appearing to have been a decoy for the real attack. Skye pinned River down for an couple seconds before she was launched off with a powerful bunny kick. She recovered quickly and began to circle as well as Kai trapping River who stood his ground. You could see the thoughts flickering through his mind. His much shorter fur never raised. Both Kai and Skye dove from above and below so as to not collide. River jumped to the side avoiding their attack and batting Kai down atop of Skye. His tail moved slightly in a show of amusement. All three soon after began wrestling in fox form which was amusing since they were all a ball of fur. It seemed Kai and River tag teamed on Skye getting her pinned down. Not able to support their weight much more she let out an growl letting them know as they got off and Kai nuzzled her fluffy head fur. It was quiet adorable to see to say the least and I found myself with a gentle smile which gave me a softer look if it was natural, which it was. I felt eyes on my head and I turned seeing Alexander looking at me with confusion.

"Something wrong? You seem confused."

"You...just reminded me of somebody the way you...smiled it...never mind it isn't important."

I searched Alexanders face for any sign towards what he was thinking, but nothing.

"Well I hope it was a good familiarity then."

He gave a nod a slightly pained look crossed his face.

"It has been a long time and it would probably help if you talked to somebody about what you are feeling. That kind of pain that you harbor won't go away till it is expressed. I am also not asking you to open up to me, but with somebody who you could trust."

"What do you know about pain and what I need?!"

"Your right, what do I know about pain? I mean it isn't like  I will ever remember my life before this one. I won't know if I had a mate, family, friends or even kids that perhaps do miss me. So what do I know about that pain of yours? I know it is eating you inside out making you a husk of the man you once were. I know because I am the same as you. My own demons are eating me the same way they are eating you. You however have people you can talk to I can smell the scent of your siblings on you so I know if anything just by their scent they too knew your mate once. You should talk before it is too late and you are too far gone to recover, if you haven't already been pushed past that point."

I looked back forward seeing Kai, Skye, and River now panting from their fun and resting.

"If anything talk to somebody for your kids sake so they won't be missing two parents."

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