Chapter 19 A Tired Skye

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(Kai prov)

*I watched Skye apparently she had done something so called spirit traveled. Kinda freaky, but apparently I as well as anybody with fifty percent fox blood could do it. Skye was absentmindedly sucking on whatever gran gran had given her.*

"Oh one question what exactly did you give Skye?"

"Best not to say in front of the kitties...speaking of which.."

*Something was shoved into my mouth nearly choking me. My teeth bit down onto it scrapping a hard piece off. It didn't taste the best, but it didn't taste bad either.*

"What exactly is this?"

*I was trying to figure out what I was eating, but couldn't pinpoint the flavor.*

"Can't tell ya just make sure you and Skye take one of these every two weeks or so."

"Mind if I try whatever those two are eating?"

"You can, but you won't like it."

*Ashton was handed a red ball that looked like a gob stopper he barley let it touch his tong before he spit it up onto the floor.*

"That's sick! How in the world can you eat that and give it to our grand kids?!"

"It's meant for fox shifters not dragons doofus."

"No need to be so mean Kai."

"Would you keep it down I am trying to sleep here!"

*I looked over at my now angry sister and slowly backed up from her putting my hand up in surrender.*

"Ya better back up while I am still calm. Out everybody I want to sleep!"

*Everybody pulled out except gran gran I swear she had a death wish.*

(Skye prov)

"That includes you gran gran out! Well that isn't any way to talk to your grandmother I was just going to tell you how to spirit travel is all, but if you don't want to know then that is fine."

*I closed my eyes not really caring to know I honestly was tired and didn't feel like dealing with people today tomorrow or maybe for a year, ... That sounds heavenly. I burrowed deeper under the covers and drifted off to sleep.*

(Ashton prov)

*Yeah nooooo way am I going to mess with Skye when she is tired like she is she gets really mean when she is tired she almost broke my hand when I tried to wake her up when I came over thankfully she didn't, but you could hear the bone making a crunching sound close to snapping. I rotated my wrist around gaining popping sounds...yeah ever since then whenever I move my hand a certain way it pops.*( I am the same way with both of my shoulders knees and my hip joint.Yeah I had several catastrophic things happen and somehow I haven broken any bones yet.)

"She always been this grouchy?"

"Umm well no Lilly she had been far worse she is in a fairly good mood today."

"Well she certainly isn't a morning person like me then. What bout you?"

"Me...yeah I am a morning person."

"You Kai?"

"Ehh no I am with Skye I don't do mornings, but I am not quiet as grouchy as she is in the morning. She will either twist your hand off or cuddle you to death depending on how early you wake her up as well as how you wake her up will determine death by cuddle or death by broken bones."
(Same thing for me usually I cuddle whoever tries to wake me up occasionally I sometimes on accident choke my cousins trying to keep warm I I am cold...apparently I talk in my sleep also according to multiple people... Hopefully I didn't say anything embaressing😱)

"Sounds lovely..."

(Skye prov)

*I wonder how you spirit travel.... I don't really care all that mouth though I prefer to learn without being told how to do it cause I learn better that way. I had another weird dream I saw the red and blue eyes in my dreams again it felt closer this time and it felt wild and yet tame at the same time. I walked forward the scenery didn't change, but all that was clear to see was the blue and red eyes everything else was blurred.*

'Hello, who are you?'

"Ehh did you say something ebony fur ball?"

"No you?"


'So you can hear me.'

"Who said that?"

'My names Skye.'


'Who are you two?'

"It isn't important, if you are who I think you are then we will meet in person and you don't have to speak through the spirit link... Your kinda young to be doing spirit travel though."

'Im fifteen.'

"What do you think white fuzz ball, she too young or what?"

"Shut up it doesn't matter how old the kid is, just watch out for fangs kid ohh yeah if you have a brother tell him to watch out also. Bye, we are done talking now."

*I felt a push of sorts then I was snapped back to the waking world in a cold sweat. I wiped my hairline from sweat then swung off of the bed my mouth was dry and I licked my lips wetting them then began to suck on the sphere which was now swallow able. I opened my bedroom door and walked downstairs. I wasn't in a mood to socialize I just wanted water. I walked past Kai gave him a glance then sighed and told him what need to be said.*

"Let me speak get water and leave no commentary please."


"Watch out for fangs as said by the red and blue eyed blurred figures. Bye."

*Kai was silently mouthing what I had said to him. I grabbed a water bottle and jumped onto the couch and downed the bottle then fell asleep with the plastic in hand. I was woken up to Ashton shaking me awake. I yanked him down next to my cold body since he was warm and began cuddling him.*

"Your warm so you are thus my personal heater."

*I squeezed Ashton tighter so he couldn't speak or move. I could feel him squirm, but I was cutting off his air. I loosened up and heard a  gasp of air then I tightened my grip.*

"Release Ashton, Skye."

"You can come over and be my body heated also. Otherwise I won't release him he is warm and I am cold."

*I cracked my eye open seeing a purple looking Ashton and a angry red Kai.*


*I released him and Ashton started coughing trying  to gain air in his lungs there was a dark purple mark around his neck the shape of my slender arm.*


"Don't go to sleep for batguanno sake Skye!"

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