Chapter 33 Sheki/Kai prov

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(Sheki Prov)

*I walked down the steps with an icy air and arura surrounding me. My clan all avoided eye contact and waited for my instructions.*

"All right men, women. Today I expect you all to bring back a liter of blood. Those of you who wish to do otherwise you better come talk to me first before going off on your own, or else we will have a repeat of what happened last time.Do I make myself clear?"

*I sent an icy glare to all of my men and women. They all took a few steps back from fear and gave several nods of acknowledgment. *

"Good, now that this has been made clear I want each of you to go in a group of up to five members. You are free to go."

*My clan memebers all ran off with haste not wanting to speak to me about a diffrent mission to follow. I walked out of the mansion I had that looked abandoned on the outside, but nicely kept on the inside. I took off at a run once outside and quickly made my way to the edge of the woods. I slowed my pace to a slow walk and ignored the suns hot rays beating onto my skin. My tolorance towards the sun was much greater than my clan members so I could go out longer without suffering as much damage. I walked into the middle of town and saw children playing and adults chatting away and buying food and what not. I rounded the corner coming into contact with some off white hair that held some gold streak with grey. I was also met with incredibly green eyes. It kinda looked like a guy version of Skye aside from hair and eyes.*


*I jumped back a bit and shot the boy a glare.*

"You are mistaken now if you will excuse me I have people to see and places to go."

*I pushed past the boy and I felt his hand grab my upper arm spinning me around.I slaped his hand away meeting his eyes.*

"I told you to let me go I am not this Skye you are looking for."

*It seemed once the boy saw my eyes he stepped back shocked and confused.*

"Umm Lily?"

"I am not anybody you know now leave me be!"

*This time I sped up my walk to a speed walk and rounded an alley corner losing the boy.*

"Tch why do I seem to look like people then they confuse me for such. I will never know."

*I pulled my hood over my head and wound my way away. I found a drunk man swaying side to side with a bottle in his hand. I elongated my fangs once I was sure I was alone and pierced his skin with my teeth then gathered the blood in a glass container. I cealed it off once I was finished and wiped the blood from my mouth. It tasted vile to say the least. The clan members that liked to get drunkered blood would be quiet happy at my find since you didn't find them like this during the day and the blood would be warm and sweet.I walked away from the body already on its way to see good old death. Out of all of my clan I was the only person who killed the victim. I said to bring a liter of blood back, but they can get that from several different people so as to not cause death.*

(Kai prov)

"Am I really hallucination to want to see Skye so much that I imagined that woman to have silverywhite hair that was probably just bleach blond only it looks white in the sun to be Skye and or Lily?"

*I rubbed my head and closed my eyes. In doing so I saw her incredibly crimson eyes. I had seen crimson eyes before, but never so red and clear. It was almost like they were glowing in the light. Impossible though, even for vampires. Unless at night no matter how much light once eyes reflect as a vamp, never will they shine during the day...wait the likely hood of her being a vampire isn't that low. She might know something about the smoke and glass group! I was about to make my way down an alley way that I saw her go down,but she came out quickly and walked away. For whatever reason I was frozen in place. A scent that lingered on her past the smell of blood, I could smell Skye, how couldn't I smell that before?! Finally, when I had control over my own limbs and was about to take off I saw a huge poofy coated River packed down in as much winter gear as his body could hold waddling over to me blocking my sight of the crimson eyed woman.*

"You found anything yet?"

"I did, but you just blocked my only lead from my sight."

*I got really pissed at River for unintentionally making me lose sight of so far my only lead. River turned around so quickly in his giant poofy winter suit I didn't think it possible till it happened. I saw his eyes become saucers behind his ski goggles at who at  my best guess was the crimson eyed woman retreating.*

"She didn't by chance have extremely red eyes...did she? Please tell me it isn't her."

"What do you mean her?"

"Ohh you have to be shitting me, it is her."

"River, tell me who she is!"

"She is what is considered the head hancho of the norther vampires and has only been as such for a decade or so. She is the worst person you could ever meet up in the North. If you get on her bad side, you are as good as dead, if you catch her interest and she becomes Un-characteristically nice and welcoming. Well let's just say you are worse  off than those who are on her to hate list. You may be safe from her subordinates, but there is nobody higher than her rank in the North so there is nobody to stop her from her 'person of intrest.'"

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