Chapter 17 Blood Deficiancy

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(Sky prov)
(Sry I haven't updated recently I have exams for two weeks well a week now and found it hard to do so,so I hope u enjoyed this longer chappy.)

*Ughh I could just wring the guano outta those two men! Why do I even put up with them in the first place? Ohh right one is my twin and the other my only friend outside of family. I closed my eyes composing myself for a moment as I did so I saw electric blue eyes electric red and....fangs flash before me. I started to lose my balance, but before I could fall over Kai caught me.*

"Hey you ok sis? You just about fell down, maybe you should rest."

"No, I probably just need some food and I will be ok."

*I moved out of Kai's arms and made my way to the kitchen and sat down on a stool with a yogurt with blackberries and raspberries in it. I grabbed a silver spoon,yeah weird as it sounds a pack of werewolves have silver spoons,don't ask why I think it had something to do with pain tolerance,....something like that. I dipped my spoon into my yummy delight and began to eat however the food just didn't taste good I didn't taste anything it was just calories and energy. I threw away my cup and licked my spoon before putting it in the dishwasher. I walked upstairs and flipped down onto my bed and climbed up my bedpost a ways and hung myself upside down and crossed my hands over my chest as I closed my eyes to get some blood to my brain and think I was low on blood since I could feel it and see it in my completion. My skin was paler my body looked more starved and I was more sensitive to light and loud things,but I haven't been feeling hungry for the longest time now and when I do eat I wind up gorging myself so I try not to eat when I can help it so thus my lack of blood.*

(Kai prov)

*I watched Skye go into the kitchen and five minutes later leave and go upstairs Ashton took notice also and gave me a bit of a frown and I shook my head saying I didn't know what was wrong and he scrunched his eyebrows up in turn.*

"Something happening that needs to be know, Kai, Ashton?"

"Not to our knowledge."

"Nothin other than the usual."

"I see, so Skye again..."

"What with my granddaughter?"

"She just gets dizzy spells and winds up going upstairs to lay down in her room nothing that doesn't have any major life threats."

*Our grandmothers eyes scrunched together in thought and the room went silent in that time period then what Skye's, as well as my grandmother said next caught me off guard.*

"When was the last time she had her menstral cycle and drank blood?"

"Ummm.....why would I know that?"

*Everybody's eyes were on me and Ashton had a wtf look on his face.*

"You would know that because you have a stronger line of fox blood and we can smell that kind of thing that werewolves can't,and no it isn't the same thing before you say anything."

"I guess never then...why?"

*One minute grandmother was here the next she was fine leaving a trail of wind behind there was a door opening then closing then silence.*

"Bruhh you have one weird granny."

"You haven't seen or heard anything yet boys."

"Now that's a scary thought,cool woman,but a tad weird."

" * sigh* it's a fox shifter thing, Ashton and to top it off, its hereditary so far the only semi normal one is Kai so it could be a female fox shifter thing."

(Lilly's prov)

*Shit! They don't know anything about vampire females to top it off she is fox shifter also!!! I rushed into Skye's room seeing her upside down on her bed rails hands crossed and eyes closed I though she had looked a bit pale even for having fox and vamp gens. I pulled her off of her bed rails she opened he eyes and they slitted at me and she grabbed onto my arms with sharp nails before she realized who I was.*

"Ever heard of knocking?!"

"Yeah once just now, you need to drink blood, and now."

"What, no...why?"

"You don't have enough blood in your system especially if it isn't being composed into a menstral cycle even if it isn't you don't have enough and you have gone into the last stages of mummification slumber."

"A *yawn* what?"

"No time to talk."

*I opened her door quickly and called Ashton up.*

"Ashton I need you now! So don't  waste your time; getting your scaly behind up here now!"

*There was loud thumping of footsteps then Ashton was in front of me as well as Kai behind him followed by Alaxander.*

"Yes,what is wrong?"

"I need your blood now!"

"Wait why?"

"Don't talk, Kai get your sister and open her mouth the process is already starting Alaxander close the door! Ashton cut your arm and put it to Skye's lips."

*Nobody didn't listen to my orders being barked at them and they worked quickly not sure what was going on, all they knew was something wasn't right with Skye, Skye now looked almost like a skeleton with how much her bones were showing Ashton pressed his arm to her mouth however she wasn't  swallowing I shoved his arm farther in and began rubbing Skye's throat forcing the blood down slowly the blood didn't spill over and was being shoved down Skye's throat she was about throw up the sudden amount of blood however I focused a stream of life mana  down her throat keeping the blood down and new and more blood in shortly after she was swallowing on her own and Ashton was able to draw his arm out a bit Skye responded well and clamped onto Ashton's  arm. Ashton looked a little faint so I stuck my finger in Sky's mouth and pushed on the roof of her mouth and found her soft spot and retracted her fangs releasing  Ashton's arm. I put a blood packet into Sky's mouth once she finished that in her slumber I put a blood ball which would take hours even days to consume and keep a continued flow of blood as she sucked and a good alternative to eat to prevent slumber mummification from happening I know I took one every week to prevent that, no I wasn't a vamp but fox shifters live so long our blood becomes crappy and disintegrates after thirty years, so we need new blood even if it is only a little every day to a week it still keeps us alive.*

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