Chapter 48 Present to Past

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(Kai prov) 

"The hell didn't you throw this thing away?!"

"Ummm....I don't know, it was shoved between some pages and....wait, slice that thing open."


"Kai, listen to grams and just do it."

Skye didn't even look up and actually seemed rather...viscous as of the moment. Her face creased together as she read with vigor and let out a bit of a growl and took a bunch of books and left.

"Umm...Skye is-"

"She is doing her best to figure something out. Now, please cut that intestine open."

I gave a disused look at the intestine, but cut it open none the less. In doing so I felt  a burning sensation fall onto my hand when I looked down it was coated in mercury. I shook my hand, but it wouldn't come off and it was beginning to burn even more. Grams rushed over and took my hand and began to lick my hand taking the mercury off. She swirled it around her mouth for a minute then spit a small pearl sized ball out.

"Sorry kiddo, I didnt realize it was fail safe effect."

I looked my hand over seeing where the metal had touched a red splotchy hand. I licked it over soothing the skin then slowly my wound stopped burning and I was ok.

"Alright kiddo, now please take whatever is still in there out."

I gave a exasperated sigh and pulled a small purple veil out as well as a silver moon necklace that was smooth to the touch and lastly a leather bound book that looked to have seen better days. I handed the items over to grams who looked them over. She held the vial up to the light and immediately it turned clear once held back down purple. The necklace gleamed in the dark room sending what seemed to be shadows dancing across the walls. It felt like I was going into a trace the longer I looked at the necklace and grams closed her hand around the pendant snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Haha, that could have been bad if I had not closed this little trinkets effects off."

Now, lets see what this book has to say. Grams opened the book and began to blink and rub her eyes.

"I, can't read this..."

(Skye prov)

I had taken up a empty room a few rooms over. I wasn't sure whose room it was, but I would deal with that later as of now I needed to keep reading. I had read all the books at least eighty times over. I curled my hands around the book cover and had my nails drag deep etches into the leather and ground my teeth out throwing the useless book across the room and let out a feral growl. I had shut Violet out and was now pacing back and forth across the room, I could feel my canine teeth lengthen as my eyes flashed in pure anger and every so often I drug my nails across the walls leaving deep score marks. I heard the door begin to open and I let out a loud growl at whoever was trying to enter to only meet Blaze's eyes.

"Skye, why is my room trashed? As well as you looking like your about to kill somebody?"

"Get out!"

"Reverse that sentence, this is my room sweetie."

I had long since lost control of my scent and was letting it out in full lethal waves with my anger radiating off and around me.

"Whoa, calm down. I can feel you all the way across the room."

"Bloody hell I will! I have only a bloody mother fucking week till that thing takes over completely!"

My tail and ears had come out I could even feel fur trailing down my spine into a voulpinxthrop form. 

"Calm down. That will be painful if you shift while angry."

Blaze held his hands up as he approached me as if I was a feral animal ready to kill at a moments notice, which wasn't far from the truth. I felt Blaze wrap his arms around me  and gently stroked from my head down to my back hushing me. My eyes burned and I lost it right there. The stress had caused me to crack and I burst down tears streaming down my face as I buried my face into Blaze's firm chest.

"Shhh, its ok. Let it out. You are ok, you are ok."

At some point Blaze had sat down onto the bed and was rocking me slightly my hands had been curled into his shirt causing it to rip where my nails had dug into it yet missed any of his skin.

"Take deep breaths and then if you can explain to me why you are so distraught little fox."

Blazes voice was so gentle. I had never let anybody into my little world like this before it had always just been Kai there to comfort me if I needed it, however I had never cried. Never once, until now. My walls were beyond broken down. Blaze was now gentle rubbing my head seeing as I had now stopped crying and was just breathing deeply.

"My mother, I never knew her. She was thought to be dead..."

"But, she isn't?"

"No, but she doesn't remember anything of her life before. She had been closer than I had originally thought, then to come and find out she had been slowly losing herself and now that she is within reach and I could have possibly met her, she is now about to be lost for forever..."

"pour aller de l'avant, vous devez prendre un pas en arrière, to move forward you have to take a step back"

"What do you mean by that?"

"It means exactly that. Take a step back and get a wider perspective. Sometimes the truth and answer is so clear that you can't see it by just standing at present, but rather from seeing it as a view from when things first started."

That stuck a cord in me on what I needed to do and I jumped up thanking Blaze as I rushed out to find grams

(voulpis= fox in latin and throp= i beleive part animal)

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