Chapter 54 Stay With Me to the Bitter End

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(Kai pov) 

I gathered my grandmother up away fro the wall where she had been flung away so the daggers sharp edge would not impale her. She rubbed her head as Ashton, River and I could only look on as to the scene that played out in front of us. My mothers eyes had changed back to their supposed original color of blue and green as she fought for her mate. Her mouth frothed red from blood and black goo she coughed out every so often. I  watched as my father and mother I barely knew fought in total sync with each other dad kept his captor distracted while mom took him by surprise with her much smaller and lithe body maneuvering around like a well, fox trained up wolf. Nothing she did was without purpose opposed to dads much more brute strength which assuredly wasted energy but weakened their opponent significantly. The match was drawing for a close as soon as mom went for his throat and latched on ripping it out. they were thrown away in a blur as the man somehow had enough vocal chords left after his throat was torn out to laugh cynically his life drained from his eyes and as I gazed back over at my parents mom was dragging hers body up to dad as she collapsed against him then pressed her lips to his in undoubtedly a loving, saddened and bittersweet remembrance to one another.

(River/Lillie pov)

They didn't see what we saw, this isn't over yet...

(River pov)

I felt Ashton try and move forward and I held onto his arm with a tight hold shaking my head no sadly as he looked at my confused then back at them realization crossing his face quickly

(Lillie pov)

Kai was moving me so he could go and undoubtedly speak with his parents, but I grasped his shoulder firmly. 

"Not this time kiddo, some things, you cant stop. Leave them be."

Tears ran flush down my face  as Kai looked at my confusion clearly written on his young face he looked to River and Ashton, but River had his head buried in Ashton's chest and Ashton was trying to comfort him but failing. Kai looked back over at his parents, my daughter and son-in-law as horror reveled its ugly head unto his face and I held him close keeping him from rushing over to them. They needed this time together uninterrupted, it had been too long for them being apart and finally being brought back together like this was utter agony.

(Ivy/Alexander's pov)

I pulled back from my mates embrace looking into his eyes

looking into her eyes 

I saw nothing but what I had fallen in love with

all those years ago

 a suborn mate

 my little feral alpha female

I felt nothing

but love

but all good stories and chapters

must come to an end I knew all to well

I pressed my face to his chest

she pressed her face to my chest tears streaming down into my open wound a dagger sticking out gleaming in the dim light from the abandoned building

I had failed my mate and he got stabbed

I had failed my mate and she was dying again dying in my arms

he looked into my eyes

I looked into her eyes upturned to me glistening with tears I had seen fall only once before "Show me all yours sides love."

So I showed him all my sides I let my tears fall off my long lashes and down my cheeks"Show me your love one last time."

So I showed her my love one  last time kissing her with every ounce of passion I had left in my dying body 

I kissed him back with as much passion as he showed me my body failing me once again this time, though, it would be an eternal sleep with my mate

I was finally going to be at peace with my mate I had been searching for unannounced for fifteen long but rewarding years. Deep down I knew she was always alive but I didnt know where.

I had found my missing half after being blocked from me for fifteen years I could finally go in peace I was so tired

I was so tired she was so tired

he was so tired 

we were so tired so our life slipped away at last to finally rest in peace only with bitter sorrow at leaving our kids behind, but our wounds were too much and we were too tired. Our spirits left our bodies our wounds not there as I sadly smiled at him

I sadly smiled at her pulling her into my arms

he pulled me into his arms as I looked up seeing a bright light and the smell of fresh green grass beyond 

ready to go?

I nodded sadly and he pulled me closer as we walked hand in hand towards the light green feilds beyond and our new life undisturbed at last

(Skye pov)

Being in spirit travel I could see what people who were not able to see while in their bodies could. I watched as my mom and dad moved onto the next life they had some sorrow, but the joy of being together outweighed that. I moved down to Kai as I knelled in front of him tears streaming down his face 'I'm sorry I couldn't be there and i'm sorry you wont find me, don't cry for them, they would't want that. We will meet again my stronger half, we will meet again.'I drifted back to my body seeing those familiar glowing golden eyes of my mate now known to me at the strike of my sixteeth birthday.

(Kai pov)

I felt the firm grip on my shoulder loosen as I ran up to my parents bodies embraced in a lax hug now tears on my moms youthful face much softer than before and black goo lodged in her throat suffocating her after her last words and my father's relaxed pained but joyous face and a dagger sticking out gleaming wet from my moms shed tears. I had collapsed to the ground as I felt a soft familiar hand on my back but when I looked nobody was there but Sky's words whispered. 'I'm sorry I couldn't be there and i'm sorry you wont find me, don't cry for them, they would't want that. We will meet again my stronger half, we will meet again.' A stronger warmer body pulled me close Ashton and River both there for me. My grandmother gone. That was the day I turned sixteen, the day I lost both my parents, my grandmother disappeared I became the youngest alpha, my emotions locked away;gone and the day my sister went missing.

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