Chapter 32 Get Up Dress Up

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*I began wondering the house in search of Jase, I wonder hallways and bumped into somebody as I rounded a corner. He looked down on me searching for something and gave a small hungry smile.*

"You aint got no bite marks yet,nor is  yer owner with ya, yer fair game in ere as far as I am concerned."

"Yeah, good luck with that, your second in command was the one who put this collar on me and your first is not one to pleased if you drink my blood."

"Yer bluffin as do all of em."

"Go ahead, you wont find me very appetizing."

*I looked him dead in the eyes with a icy violet eyed look.*

"Don't mind if I do."

*I saw his fangs come down close to my skin then I saw his body get yanked away from me by a peeved looking Jase.*

"Did you not see the collar on her stating she was my pet?"

*His voice was icy and cold yet calm and cool.*

"I thought she was bluffin an just got that collar an made it look like yer signature."

"Get out of my sight before I decide to break that neck of yours."

*The guy left in a hurry and Jase shot me a cold look which I shot him my own look and let him lead me back to his room. He closed the door then locked it.*

"Ok, I have a friend of mine that will be watching you, he is a 'vegetarian' as you put it, I have no idea how you people do that stuff, nor do I care to know. He is a newly turned vamp though he has only been turned for a bout fifty years or so."

"Yay, I have  a fellow vegetarian to talk about cool blends and such!"

"Yeah, well just stay out of trouble while Sheki and I go hunting."


*Jase left then in his place a guy came in. He looked fairly young about seventeen eighteen possibly. He had some glowing yellow eyes and oddly tanned skin for a vamp. His hair was even bleached from the sun. It wasn't that vampires couldn't go out in the sun, they could. Just they got really bad sun burn.*

"So, your Skye. I am know as Blaze around here. I heard you are a vegetarian also. Ahh the lifestyle that gets turned away with a scrunched nose."

*Wow, right off the bat being social. That's new for me.*

"Yeah, I am Skye."

*Blaze went up to me and began sniffing me. I tensed and backed away a bit.*

"Your blood makes me almost wish to not be vegetarian. However, I am."

"That's good?"

"So, what are you, nobody ever tells me bout anything round here."

"Its, debatable?"

*I didn't sense any ill intent about Blaze and he seemed nice enough.*

'You dont have to worry bout him, he wont cause you any harm.'

'Again with this voice, who and what are you?!'

'Aww, it wouldn't be any fun if I told you that though!'


"Hello, Hello can you hear me? Skye~"


"You stopped talking so I thought you were giving me the silent treatment."

*Blaze gave a pout and puppy eyes towards me.*

"Are you sure I am not older than you?"

"Hmmm....mentally, yes most likely by age, nope!"

"Good to know then..."

"So, ya wanna watch a movie or what do ya wanna do?"

"I don't know?"

{3 hours later}

"How did you get me to wear this again?"

"You lost at war."

"Right, right."

*I was currently being dressed up as what Blaze considered 'cute'. Mostly consisting of extremely childish cloths, bunny ears wolf, cat fox, the list goes on and on. Now I was in a Victorian era lotilla dress...with...with gahhh its too horrible to say!*

"Aww, you look adorable with pigtails!"

*Yup those.*

"I look too young!"

"Nope, your adorable!"

"Somebody shoot me now with a mercury bullet!"

"Aww, dont be that way."

*I heard some clocks and I got a tick by my jaw and above my eyebrow. Another *click* from that camera and I am gonna lose it! *Click*

"Blaze~ You have until I count to three to run for your life."

"What do you mean? *Click*"


"Your bluffing."




*I leapt onto Blaze with blazing fury and tackled him to the ground to try and grab that da*n camera! He guarded it well though and kept me at arms lenght.*

"Hey, we are back now...What precisely is going on in here? Why is Skye in a lotilla dress...she looks adorable!"

"Not you too!"

*I saw Sheki walk in and stifle a laugh at my appearance.*

"You went  a tad far Blaze, she looks quit peeved at ya."

"Worth it!"

"Auggh what is with you people! I am not cute!"

"Ohh honey, but you are."

*I  turned around and went to  a corner my back facing them as a dark aura emitted from me.*

"She looks like a seven year old in the gt up you have her in Blaze."

"I know, isn't it adorable?!"

"I am not adorable!"

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