Chapter 45 Sorrow of Truth

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"How did I have a vampire spirit  if what you claim is right and I was a fox shifter before I was turned."

"Your father was a vampire, normally fox blood overpowers vampire, however you had hemophilia so it prevented you from being able to maintain enough blood compacity to eat away that demon."

"I see, well I am sorry that I cant remember that life I had. Perhaps it is best you move on, I am not whom I was in that life."

"No, I am not moving on. I have found you after fifteen years of thinking you were dead. I understand, it isn't the first time you lost your memories. You lost them once and got them back so you can do it again, I know you can, just try and remember!"

"How can I remember something if that life was one I wound up losing, one reason or another things turned out this way for a reason, did you think that perhaps we were not meant to be?!"

I saw tears streaming down Alexanders face I felt...heart broken...lost even. I turned away and walked out of his view feeling a large lump in my throat and left them all to their own devises.

(Kai prov)

"Dad, don't listen to her, she doesn't remember. She may be right though, things happen for a reason may be that you two weren't suppose to be together."

In that instance I saw a truly broken man before me. He looked desolate and lifeless tears streaming down his face.

"She was so happy before, yes she had conflict, but she was so happy. I don't believe her."

Grandmother then spoke up

"She honestly wont remember you if that she demon still occupies her, you may not have noticed, but she was heart broken like that was the most painful thing for her to say. She is on there, but is deeply buried. She most likely wont have control if she is broken inside, she doesn't have the mental strength to fight back."

"What do I have to do to get her back?"

Grandmother shook her head saying she didnt know. Skye meekly spoke up to say her piece.

"Perhaps I can talk with her to see if I can break a barrier, I have known her the way she is now longer than anybody here...I may be able to figure out what is making her not have control..."

I nodded to Skye to go trying to comfort our distraught father. Skye walked out to go find our..mother..

(Skye prov)

I walked down the winding halls and found Sheki sitting by a window with a far away look her face was damp and I noticed tears streaming down her face as her red eyes seemed dull with a ever so faint glimmer of a blue and green under hue in different eyes. I sat next to her looking at her expression which was totally vacant of emotion even her voice as she spoke.

"What do you need, Skye?"

"I just want to talk."

"Then talk. I am good at listening, I suppose."

"Why are you crying?"

"I am not crying."

I looked at her and wiped her eyes. As she looked at me I saw a small glimmer of a pure blue and green and recognition then pure red  shone through with it any tenderness vanished.

"Tell me what you are feeling right now."

"I don't feel anything. I am just vacant. As should any true clan leader be."

"That isn't true and you know it. A true leader lets other help and bears emotion within. This isn't natural."

I looked at my mother with spirit eyes and saw her soul of a pure blackness. It didnt show anything. It was pure darkness and destruction. It was destruction, and death itself. Unhealthy  and dying. I looked out at the snow falling with rain as did my mother.

"Before one can heal, one has to realize the pain they are feeling only from there can you heal. If you dont do that, then you will lose whatever it was you loved so much in the past forever."

My mother looked at me, no...not my mother...this want my mother, her eyes even not knowing me never looked at anybody like she is now, they held death and deceite at their wake, I could smell the evil on her breath. 

"You think this changes anything, I have control now and I am not letting go. I have her under my control and you wont get her back ever. She is already what one may consider dead. Once I have consumed her completly. I will kill you all."

I looked at her with no expression

"You cant do a thing as log as a part of her still remains. Anything that may be like that will set her off and you packing, that I know for a fact since you haven't killed me yet, now have you?"

The next moment i was pinned to a wall being held by my neck.

"Ohh, is that what you think little girl?"

"It is, I know that for a fact."

I dug my nails into her hand hitting a pressure point causing her to drop me as I reeled for air and i felt a large bruise forming. A flash of blue sorrow then a stotic expression of a hidden emotioned Sheki, well mother...

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