Chapter 51 Antagonists Pov!!

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(Ty Jenna for giving me this awesome idea in biomed if you have wattpad this chapter was inspired by your suggestion so I curtsey to you)

So long I have been waiting revenge, so long! They took away the only person I ever cared about so I am going to take away the only person she ever cared about in turn. This feud goes deeper than a simple squabble now, had things been left untouched this all could have been avoided, but no. I take up the slack that was left behind from my fathers death. So here I am now looking at the Alpha of that pathetic pack the sire to those mangy fox shifters. Mother apparently forgot her past, it seems I underestimated that one time, and time again. Under further surveillance the conclusion as to why she is still alive is apparently fox shifters have a special ability and hers just so happens to be that she has regeneration so her 'death' was, but a fake.  Now the grandmother is the one whom started it all. There is always two sides to a coin and her double headed coin was flipped only ever showing one, but slowly over the years in her older age it began to crack and show through her other side. I stalked over closer to Mr.Alpha, quiet pathetic really. Starving himself after losing his mate only to find out he had kids, honestly he should have once finding them made an effort to get back into shape. Goes to show what kind of alpha he was. One by which couldn't even take care of himself much less two fox shifter children. Of course my half niece and nephew had vampire blood flowing through them while my vampire blood overpower my human blood.  Shocker right, me being a half uncle to those two. I crouched down in front of the pathetic Alpha untying his blind leaving his gag as his green eyes shone back at me with rage and fury.

"Hello brother in law, rather should I say half brother in law."

Confusion and rage shone through on his face.

"Ohh, sorry I didn't inform you did I? I am Minus Sorra Fure, or was her name Ivy...No, I believe she goes by Sheki now. My,my, my half sister certainly does go through different name changes; identity problem much?"

He mumbled around the gag with murderous fury shining deep.

"Ohh, did that offended you? Me speaking of your mate with nothing, but the truth? Do think for a minute perhaps see this from my perspective. She grew up with her family the wolves for what eighteen years or so? Give or take more or less? Then suppressed memories come back up from her first three years identity crisis number uno. Then my father, hers as well sought out a bit of revenge. On what I am not certain, but his word was law. Then after that he was taken in by you, torched and beaten by my half sister and her mom, and you and Bloody capillaries  knows what else. Then I hear about this from a lackey I left a note on that silver hand towel ring I of course meant it for somebody else,but the wording was apparently twisted around so it worked either way. You know something that makes no sense to me. Out of all the genetic possibilities she was dealt she was dealt gens that gave her an almost identical look. Quiet confusing really. Then identity crisis number duoes arose after she was killed and her vampire blood was awoken more she forgot about all of her past, rather her demon didn't give control back and slowly took her over. So she formed a clan. You know what they say you can change the clothes, but the clothes can never change you. She will always have the position of a chieftain, alpha or anybody of high power for that matter. Now Identity crisis number threas her memories slowly are coming back, yet she cant figure out who you are, ohh, that must be painful she doesn't remember her own son and daughter, her pack she lead for some time now that must be cruel, worst of all. She doesn't remember you flee bag." I leaned away seeing his eyes cloud with tears, but his pride was too strong to let them drop. "Ohh, don't feel so bad if she does even have a shred of love left for you, she will fall into my trap. Now, you must be wondering why I am doing this, simply revenge everything starts with revenge a ball was pushed downhill and its going to continue rolling till that ball is destroyed by one person or another.  Well, do sleep on that little fact Mr.Alpha. Sweet dreams, rather morning for those of us who prefer the cool night to the blinding sun."

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