Chapter 36 Sheki's Intellect

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( Sheki prov)

"Why would that be so surprising? Other than the fact that I can now clearly see relations as Kai and Skye being siblings and your pups, or rather kits, you two, River and Ashton was is? Are still a little fuzzy for me."

"Wait, wait, wait, she is your mate?! What and how?"

I looked over at the outburst of Kai and remained set back in my chair my legs now crossed.

"Now look, I am going to make myself perfectly clear now, you can disband our bond by rejecting me, it doesn't matter to me. I believe it would be good to talk to your kids before anything is made official though."

My eyes were gleaning in the lighting of the room. One odd thing about me compared to other vampires, my eyes would shine in the light and even brighter in the night.

"Well now, I never saw this coming, I expected Skye to be in bad condition and getting out of here a challenge, but it is quiet the opposite."

My gaze fell onto a joking Ashton. My gaze wasn't harsh, nor was it friendly. Just neutral. I flicked my gaze back over to my new found mate.

"If you don't mind me asking, what happened to your first mate?"

The man's gaze I still had not gotten the name of hardened.

"Somebody murdered her, but..I ..I just don't know..."

"I am sorry to hear that."

As I tilted my head my hair fell into my calculating eyes then I straightened my head again shifting it out of my eyes.

"So, what is your name, since you know mine and I gathered everybody else from conversation."


"Alexander, that's a good strong name.So, kits did you ever know your mother?"

"No, she gave us to her pack that she grew up with so we never knew her."

I looked at Kai which had upped to speak to me.

"I see. Kits need both their parents when growing up unlike most shifters. I am definetly not saying I would be that person either might I add, I am just stating that for fox shifters, mentality is very strained when only having one parent and often times one part of their being overpowers the other."

"Might I ask how you know that, since fox shifters are after all very rare."

My gaze flicked over to a hardened one of River.

"Simple, if one looks hard enough and studies enough of behavior of animals, humans and the help of little know archives, then one can clearly see how strained your mentalities are. But, you should know that more than those kits, shouldn't you pure fox?"

"How can you tell, Miss Sheki?"

Electricity was shooting through both of our gazes, then I softened my eyes with a smile.

"I can smell it on you. Your scent is one that is fresh and untouched by anything extra, just fresh with a hint of ocean from my guess Florida near the keys since it inst populated."

Shocked gazes all fell hard on me. I was met with no eyes blinking.

"Well, I just want to conclude one of my hypothesis, if Skye and Kai could follow me then that would be greatly appreciated."

"They arent going anywhere without us."

"But of course. I just asked them to follow me. The rest of you will be in a room along with me so we can see what happens. Dot worry, nothing will harm them physically nor scare them mentally. It will just be a stimulus."

"They wont be doing your experiment."

"Then all of you won't be leaving. Simple."

My gaze hardened from my gentle smiling one to one of the exact expressions my clan sees me lead them with everyday.

"Dad, she hasn't done anything to harm me with her experiments. They have just been mostly to smell something touch, taste etc. Nothing harmed me and if it did, then she would give me something to counteract what harmed me with no side effects. She won't harm us."

Alexanders gaze hardened, then reluctantly gave in. It was obvious he was at an unhealthy weight and was very rough with things. A twinge of pain pierced my heart at the way he looked, then quickly as it came it vanished.

"Well, please follow me."

I pulled a book from the case opening up a secret room only I knew about that lead two ways, up and down. I took the path leading down.

"We will all be in this room and Kai and Skye will be in the other. As you can see, you can see eveything going on."

I gave a motion of my head for Kai and Skye to enter.

"Ohh, before I forget, take a breath of this and hold it until you see the light on the door flash green then you can breath again."

Skye followed my instructions then sat down in a chair in the room holding her breath Kai did it more reluctantly then followed suit taking a seat on another wooden chair, I pressed the close button and the door closed crawling it shut a beep was heard then a green light flashed. Both released their breath as a mist settled over their body's and thy both soon fell asleep. Ashton, River ad Alexander were all giving me weird look and I pointe forward for them to watch.

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