Chapter Thirteen

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__Author's POV__

Wang family is sitting in the living room, having their precious family time. They also, didn't allow Yibo to went uni. So, Yibo is also sitting with them but, with his laptop, doing his works.

"Gege, you are such a workaholic. You are getting married soon, behave yourself." Jackson said closing Yibo's laptop.

"You behave yourself and let me do my work." Yibo said getting off Jackson's hand from his laptop.

"Ehh!! Ge, Zhan, don't like this much work. So, you have to change." Jackson said.

"Yeah, that's why he failed." Yibo said again starting his work.

"Shut up, Yibo." Mr. Wang shouted loudly.

"He is a normal kid. It's ok, if he failed. He is not like you, robot. So, don't you dare talk nonsense about my son-in-law." Mrs. Wang also Shouted at Yibo.

"What? He is your son-in-law? And, I am your son." Yibo said.

"I don't care but, don't you dare something wrong about him." Mrs. Wang said

"Wow!! What he did to this family." Yibo cursed under breathe.

"What's happening here?!!" A loud voice came which made everyone look back.

"Ahhhh!!! Grandpa!! You are here." Jackson exclaimed and run to the person standing infront of the door.

" Jackson exclaimed and run to the person standing infront of the door

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( Name : Wang Yu Feng, his wife died 5 years ago. Father of Wang Jian Min and grandfather of Wang sons. Ready for another crazy character?!)

"How are you, Jacky bro!!" Mr. Wang Yu Feng said and hugged Jackson.

"I'm too good after seeing you." Jackson replied breaking the hug.

"Come, grandpa." Jackson said and they both came and sat on the couch.

"Dad, how are you?" Mr. Wang asked

"I'm good. What about you guys?" Mr. Wang Yu Feng asked.

"We are also good. Grandpa, we missed you so much." Zanjin said and hugged.

"Aww, I missed you guys too. And, congratulations. I'm going to be great grandpa." Mr. Wang Yu Feng said smiling.

Zanjin blushed hearing, Mr. Wang Fu Yang.

"I have brought a large bag of chocolates just for you. The bag is in my car. Driver coming with it." Mr. Wang Yu Fang said cupping Zanjin's face.

"Aw! Really? Yes. I love you grandpa." Zanjin exclaimed.

"Dad, you are staying with us from now on, everyone miss you every moment. And, we won't allow you, to went that house all alone this time you are not going and, it's final." Mrs. Wang said.

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