Chapter Fourteen

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__Author's POV__

Everyone is sitting in living room and waiting for Zhan.

"Jacky!!!" A screaming came from outside of the house.

"Who is calling you like this?" Yibo asked.

"Of course, Zhanzhan. Let me see, why he is calling me." Jackson said and went outside.

"What!! Why are you wet?" Jackson asked seeing Zhan standing wet, water is dripping from his clothes.

"Ahh!! It's a long not so long story. I will tell you later. I need change. Can you give me some of your clothes?" Zhan asked.

"Mnn sure, come in hurry up." Jackson said grasping Zhan's hand.

"Wait.. I brought something for grandpa." Zhan said opening his car's passenger seat's door

"What? You also brought a gift for grandpa? Cool." Jackson said smiling.

"Yeah! I thought, it's the first time, I'm meeting him. I should brought something for greet him. He will be feel nice. So, I brought a rose bouquet for him. Hope he will like it." Said Zhan and took out a bouquet from his car.

"Wow!! He will love it." Jackson said smiling.

"Sure?!" Zhan asked.

"Sure. Now, let's go. Otherwise, you will catch cold." Jackson said and dragged Zhan inside.

"Mom, dad, grandpa!! Zhan is here but, anyhow he got wet. How?! I don't know so, don't ask me or don't ask Zhan. He need change first otherwise, ge will catch cold." Jackson said and stood infront of his family with Zhan.

"Shut Up, Jacky." Zhan said.

"Hello, aunt and uncle how are you? Haikuan gege and Zanjin gege? How are you?" Zhan asked smiling and bowed.

"We are fine. How you got wet Zhan?" Zanjin asked.

"Gege, I will tell you later. Let me meet grandpa first. But, where is he?" Zhan asked confusingly.

"Ah?! Are you blind or what? He is sitting infront of you." Yibo said irritatingly.

"Shut up! I'm not talking with you. And, grandpa should be oldy nah? He is not oldy to call grandpa. So, I'm going to call him Bro!!" Zhan said and smiled brightly.

Everyone looked at Mr. Wang Yu Feng while, he was looking at Zhan only and Zhan also looking at him.

"Bro, here this is for you. And, you know what? You are too young to call grandpa. So, don't let anyone call you grandpa. Okay?" Zhan said gave the flower bouquet to him.

Mr. Wang Yu Feng took the bouquet and looked at Mr. Wang, who was already looking at him.

Mr. Wang raised his eyebrows.

"Perfect. He is just perfect for Yibo. Oh My Gosh!! I love him." Mr. Yu Feng said brightly.

Everyone clapped, when Mr. Wang Yu Feng stood and about to hug Zhan but, Zhan stopped him.

"Not now bro. I need change. Jacky give me some clothes nah." Zhan said

"Yeah!! Grandpa, he need change. Go Zhan change your clothes. Jacky go and help Zhan. You know nah, what you have to do?" Zanjin said and winked his eyes.

"Of course. I know gege. Don't worry." Jackson said and took Zhan upstairs with him.

"Dad, so?? " Mr. Wang asked

"So what? He is just perfect and cute and his smile. Awwwww~~ he is cheerful and always carry a lots of positive energy with him. I'm impressed." Mr. Wang Yu Feng said smiling and placed the bouquet in table.

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