Chapter Ten

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__Author's POV__

"Hmm, say what is your condition?" Mr. Wang asked raising his eyebrows.

"I will marry him but, if our marriage life didn't go well. I will divorce him and you guys won't try to stop me. Okay?" Yibo said

"What? What kind of condition is this?" Haikuan asked in surprised.

"Okay. We won't stop you." Mr. Wang agreed.

"Sure dad?" Yibo asked.

Mrs Wang looked at his husband, who was already looking at her. Mrs. Wang nodded when, Mr. Wang nodded for Yibo.

"Dad, why?" Haikuan asked Coming closer to his mom and dad

"Because, we know, they will fall in love no matter what." Mrs. Wang said smiling.

"But, how can you so sure?" Haikuan asked.

"Because, we were also spend that age. Understand? Don't worry. We know, what we are doing." Mrs. Wang said pattering Haikuan's shoulder.

"Okay, mom." Haikuan said and nod

"What are you guys talking about?" Asked Zanjin coming from Zhan's room.

"Yibo ge just agreed for the marriage." Xuan replied with a bright smile.

"Oh really. That's good." Zanjin said smiling at Yibo.

"Where is Zhan?" Mr. Xiao asked.

"He is coming." Zanjin replied.

"Here I'm. Everyone please have a seat. I brought sweets for everyone." Zhan said coming with tray in his hand.

"Wow!! Thank you son. But, you don't have to do all this." Mrs. Wang said helping Zhan to placed the tray in table.

"It's ok, aunt. Please enjoy sweets. Dad make all of this. Well, I helped a little." Zhan said smiling.

"You helped ? That means, you made it. I will eat all." Mr. Wang said and took a plate of sweets and started eating.

"How is it uncle?" Zhan asked

"It's out of the world." Mr. Wang praised.

Zhan smiled and served everyone. In last, When he was about to handover a plate to Yibo,

"I don't like sweets." Yibo said

"Oh! How can I forgot that, a bitter person like you, can't eat sweets. Sorry, sorry. Hold a minute. I'm bringing bitter gourd's juice." Zhan said standing infront of Yibo.

Hearing Zhan, everyone started laughing making sure, Yibo couldn't notice.

"So, will you have sweets or should I make special bitter gourd juice?" Zhan asked raising his eyebrows.

Yibo looked at Zhan in anger.

"Ughh!! It's not going to work with me. I know better then you, how to give a dead look. So, hurry up. I don't have whole day. Sweets or bitter gourd's juice?" Zhan said.

Yibo looked at his mom and dad also, Haikuan and Zanjin but, no one looked at him. Everyone enjoying their sweets.

Yibo didn't saya anything but, snatch the plate from Zhan's hand.

"Good. Have sweets then, may God help you to be a sweet person, Amen." Zhan said teasing.

Whole Wang family was in shock. Yibo, who don't even saw sweet's face. He is eating sweets. And, now everyone is sure that, Zhan can melt Yibo. Zhan can make icy cold Yibo to a normal human.

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