Chapter Thirty-seven

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It's morning already, Yibo woke up early completed his morning routine and now, working on his laptop sitting beside sleeping beauty. Zhan is sleeping peacefully.

"Don't.. back" Zhan mumbled in  sleeping.

Yibo stopped his working hearing Zhan. Closing the laptop, he placed it on bed side table.

Zhan was sweating, his body was shivering.

"Zhan!! Zhan!! Get up. Zhan?" Yibo called, but Zhan didn't woke up. He was still stammering something in sleeping, which is totally unclear. His body was all sweaty. His, fist was tighten.


Zhan woke up screaming and sat on the bed jumping from sleep, tears were dropping from his eyes. He was looking frightened. Seems that, he dream something really bad.

"Yibo, she left. She left..Yibo stope her. Stop her. Maaa.. don't go...maaa" Zhan said, shaking Yibo. On the other side, Yibo was just staring at Zhan. He didn't saw Zhan in this way.

"Yibo, why you aren't stopping her. My ma is going. Stop her, Yibo!!" Zhan screamed.

Yibo hugged Zhan immediately.

"Come down. You saw a dream. A bad dream. Calm down." Yibo said, but couldn't control himself but crying.

Zhan hugged back. He was also crying. But, he calmed down slowly.

Yibo was surprised, he didn't saw Zhan in this way. It's the first time, he saw in this condition.

"Ahhh.." Zhan winched.

"What happened?" Yibo asked in panic.

"My head hurts. It's hurts a lot." Zhan replied.

"Wait, I'm calling Jin ge, for sending food. Have some food then you can take pain killers. And, don't cry, it will be also cause of headache." Yibo said, wiping Zhan's tears.

Yibo took out his phone and called Zhanjin.

Zhan poke Yibo's hand.

"Wait a second." Yibo said in response.

"Hello, Zhan woke up?" Zhanjin asked.

"Yeah. Ge, can you send food with mom's hand. Zhan wants to eat by mom's hand." Yibo said.

"Okay, bodi." Zhanjin said and cut the call.

"Mnn.. what ?" Yibo asked, placing his phone on bed.

"Nothing, what I wanted to say. You already said." Zhan said, smiling at Yibo.

"Mnnn. Are you feeling better?" Yibo asked.

"My head hurts a lot." Zhan replied.

"It will be okay soon. Don't take stress okay?" Yibo said.

"Okay, master." Zhan said smiling.

"Babies. I'm here." Mrs. Wang said entering the room with breakfast for Zhan.

"Mom." Zhan exclamed with happiness.

"How are you my baby?" Mrs. Wang asked hugging Zhan.

"My head hurts mom. It's hurting a lot." Zhan complained like a baby. Just like, if any kids got hurt by anything, the way he complains to his mom the same way, Zhan was complaining.

"Aww.. here a mom's kiss, it will be gone soo." Mrs. Wang said, kissing Zhan's bandaged forehead.

Zhan smiled with satisfaction. Yibo was looking at them with happiness. He was happy to see Zhan normal again. He was happy to see Zhan being a 4 years old kid.

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