Chapter Fifteen

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__Next Day__

It's lunch time, Yibo is sitting in the canteen for lunch. He came uni early in the morning. He took 2 class and now, waiting for his food.

"I came uni today, mom weren't allowing me to come but, I have also work and. What I would do in home? Watching their craziness and that crazy creature, Zhan?! Yesterday when grandpa said, he wants to meet Zhan. I was hoping that, Zhan won't able to impress him but, he impressed him with a flower bouquet and with some sweet talk. Then he wore my clothes and didn't return. After I came my room from downstairs. What I saw is, his wet clothes are on my bed. Then, I washed everything. He is just a headache. But, in some points, I feel he have two sides but, he never behave well with me. Always, he talked with me like, he can eat me without chewing. He is just good with my family not with me." Yibo was thinking in his mind.

"Hello, Yibo." A girl's sound came from his back, which pull Yibo's train of thoughts.

Yibo heard but, didn't replied as he know how is that person.

"Sir, your food." A boy said placing the tray in table.

"Thank you." Yibo said.

"If you need anything. Just call me." The boy said and went away.

"Yibo!! I called you." The girl said and sat infront of Yibo.

"Oh. I didn't hear." Yibo said maintaining his poker face.

"I knew it. Otherwise, you can't ignore me." The girl said.

"MianMian, do you have anything else to say?" Yibo asked looking at the girl.

"Ahh!! Let's go outside for lunch. Canteen's food is not that tasty. I know a restaurant nearby." Mianmian said smiling.

"It's not from canteen. I have ordered it online and they just served it for me." Yibo said and started eating.

"Ohh!! From where you have ordered??! Can I taste?" Mianmian asked.

"I'm sorry but, it's just for me. If you want. I can order for you but, I don't want to share my food." Yibo said continuing chewing.

"It's ok. I know, you don't like. I'm just teasing you." Mianmian said making his face awkward.

"Okay." Yibo replied.

"How handsome he look while eating. My love. I love you so much. When you will realise my love for you?" Mianmian thought in his mind and smiled staring at Yibo.

"Why are you starting at me?" Yibo asked

"Ahh!! Nothing. Can I ask something?" Mianmian said coming back in his sense.

"Go on." Yibo said

"Why you are irregular for this days?" Mianmian asked.

"I was little busy with something." Yibo replied.

"Busy?!" Mianmian said.

Yibo nod while eating.

"Ahh!! It's first time, you said you were busy that you couldn't come uni." Mianmian said smiling nervously.

"I'm human. Do you know that? I can be busy. I can have important work." Yibo said

"Yeah. Sorry. Yibo, Can I ask you one more question?" Mianmian asked.

"Go on." Yibo replied again.

" you.. do you have girlfriend?" Mianmian asked crossing his fingers.

"Girlfriend? It's my personal matter. Why you want to know?" Yibo asked with a irratete face.

"Sorry. I thought, you were busy with your girlfriend that, you couldn't came uni." Mianmian said

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