Chapter Five

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__Wang Yibo's POV__

I came home in fully wet shirt. There were no one in downstairs so, I came my room slowly making sure no one notice me. Throwing my bag on bed, I went to the washroom. I took a warm shower and came out wrapping towel around my waist.

"Gege? What's up?" A voice make me turned back.

It was Jackson, who is standing on the door.

"I'm good. What's up with you? Why you are here?" I asked taking out my clothes from cupboard.

"From when, you started taking shower from outside?" He asked, which make me stopped me immediately, what I was doing.

Shit, He saw me in wet shirt. I thought no one was in downstairs but, it seems. I was wrong.

"What are you talking about?" I asked continue my work.

"You were in uni. How your shirt become wet ge? What's happening?" He asked, I closed the cupboard, when I got my comfy t-shirt and shorts.

"I was drinking water when, it's fall on me. Now, go away from my room. I need to wear my clothes." I lied. I can't say tye truth to my little brother that, a guy splash water on me. It's embarrassing.

"Ohh okay. Come downstairs for dinner then. Haikuan gege also have something to say important to us." Jackson said and left.

I closed the door wear my clothes. I went infront.of mirror, when I remembered that crazy guy.

Seriously, am I judging him wrongly? But, how can I? First day, I saw him, he was smelling alcoholic. And then today, he was fighting with someone. No!no! I'm right. Yibo,Yibo!! Don't think too much. He is bad.

"Gege. Come hurry. Haikuan gege is calling." Jackson shouted from downstairs.

I didn't replied, completing brushing my hair. I went downstairs. I don't know, what is this much important thing Haikuan ge wanted to say.

__Author's POV__

In Wang Mansion, everyone gathered in living room waiting for one certain person, Wang Yibo.

"Finally, you came." Mr. Wang said seeing Yibo coming down.

"Come hurry up. You lazy ass." Haikuan said teasing Yibo.

"I'm here. Now say ge. What's the matter?" Yibo asked.

"Coffee and tea is here guys." Zhu Zanjina said placing the tray on table.

"Have a sit everyone." Haikuan said.

"Ge say something nah. I'm losing my patience." Jackson said impatiently.

"Relax, have a sit Yibo." Haikuan said, doing something on phone.

"Here you Yibo, your favourite coffee." Zhu Zanjin said giving coffee to Yibo.

"Thank you ge." Yibo said and took the cup.

"Mnnn, Yibo take a off tomorrow. You are not going uni tomorrow." Haikuan said placing his phone aside.

"Why ge? Is there anything? I have to do?" Yibo asked sipping his coffee.

"Mnnn, someone is coming tomorrow and he wants to see all of us." Haikuan said taking coffee cup.

"Who is this?" Yibo asked confusingly.

"Well, you will know tomorrow. He truly wanted to see us all." Haikuan said and extending his hand towards Zhu Zanjin.

Zhu Zanjin hold Haikuan's hand and with a smile he sat beside of his loving husband Haikuan.

"Also, I want to give you guys a important good news." Haikuan announced placing a kiss on Zhu Zanjin's forehead.

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