Chapter Thirty

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"What you said in class?" That was the first question asked by Yibo with blood red eyes.

" What? Nothing.." Zhan replied, stammering.

"Nothing?" Yibo asked again.

"Yeah.." Zhan said, looking on the other side.

"Really?" Yibo asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Ughh.. don't you dare to give me this kind of look. I'm not scared of you and whatever, I have said, was true. We are married and you are my husband, I'm your husband." Zhan said.

"No this. Before you announced everyone." Yibo said.

"Ehh.. not this? Then what?" Zhan asked, in confusion.

Yibo came closer to Zhan and said, "try to recall it or I have my way."

Hearing this Zhan covered his lips in flinch.

"Wha..what are you talking about? I don't know anything. And, I don't remember." Zhan said, still covering his lips.

"Is that so? So, let me help you. Didn't you say, I have a lot of affairs? Hah? What do you think about me? I'm here for teaching not for doing all these kind nasty shits with my students." Yibo said, angrily.

"Ohh.. so, he is angry because I said he has lots of love affairs among students. Not because I announced that, we are married." Zhan thought in his mind and smiled.

"Ehh.. you have I know, your students said to me that, all of them love you a lot." Zhan said teasing Yibo.

"Ohh.. so, you are now teasing me hah? Fine then." Yibo said internally and replied, "Okay, so you are saying, I have lots of love affairs among my students. Okay. So, I'm admitting for a second that, yes I have. Why do you care? And, why do you react like that in class? You also have a lot of boyfriends."

"You are admitting, it's true?" Zhan asked, looking down with a gloomy face.

"Mnnn.. it's true as you have boyfriends, I also have. Any problems in that?" Yibo asked, smirking.

"No. No. Why do I have a problem? Who am I? No one. And, just for your kind information, I don't have any boyfriends. I used to have but now, I'm married." Zhan said with teary eyes still looking down.

"Ohh.. look at me." Yibo said, but Zhan didn't.

"Hey, look at me. I said" Yibo said again cupping Zhan's face with his two hands.

"Listen you idiot, it's already been many days, we know each other. Yeah, I admit, we don't know everything about each other but, we know what we can do or not. So, why did you believe in that student besides believing me?" Yibo asked.

Zhan didn't say anything.

"I don't have any affairs. You can trust me." Yibo said.

Hearing Yibo, Zhan blinked when a drop of tear rolled down from Zhan's cheek.

"Now why are you crying?" Yibo asked, wiping the tears.

"Then why did she say, everyone loves you?" Zhan asked.

"Now, if they love me. What can I do ? Main point is I don't love them, and why do you care? If they love me or not? Huh?" Yibo asked.

"I don't know." Zhan said and hugged Yibo.

Seeing Zhan's action, a slight smile across Yibo's face. He hugged him back and said, "don't cry. I'm not going anywhere."

Hearing Yibo, Zhan came back in his sense. He broke the hug and said, "heh!! I wasn't crying. It's just something that went in my eyes."

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