Author's Note/Message

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Hello hello!!

I hope everyone is doing well and safe. I want to say thank you to everyone, who reading this. Honestly, I never thought I will receive this much support and love for this book. You guys gave me so much love and support that thank you is not even enough. Still thank you so much for loving me and this book, thank you for 81k+ reads and 10k+ votes. Thank you so much for everything.

Again, Thank you so much for reading this book, with the story, I tried to show everyone how family works in life. Honestly, I don't have any siblings, I'm only daughter of my parents also don't have big family. Our family is really small, me mom and dad. That's it. But, I tried to show everyone the kind of family everyone wants in their life. The way family works. I hope, I successfully showed you guys.

Thank you so much for reading this story. I love you guys a lot lot lot.... Thank you for supporting me.

Fun Fact : Some fun fact about this book, so I decided to write a angst Yizhan story but, then I couldn't and changed plot and then again I changed the plot. Three or four time I changed the plots even, When I was writing I was like, okay let's change that to this😂😂.. wwenqing helped me lot with the book. Also, she decided Zhan and Yibo's kid's name Yi Zhen and Yi Xian. Thank you meimei.

Take care everyone, See you in next story...

-- Yours Devil Author 😈💛

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