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Soon you got out the water and got dressed.

It seemed to be Caides clothing.
It was a light brown shirt with a single green leaf on it with some mocha brown shorts that went down to your knees.

When you walked inside, his eyes widened a bit and you gave him a confused look.
"You look.. horrible"
"Excuse me?! You look horrible!" You refuted and he laughed.
"I do not.." he let out and grabbed the wooden box from last night. "I assume you don't have any socks to wear with your shoes, so you will be wearing traditional Geta shoes!"
"Those hurt!"
"I don't care.." he mumbled and you put the wooden shoes on unwillingly.

You both walked out and in all honesty, you were both matching.
With the beads around your necks and the clothing.. it looked as if you were a couple.

Not that you would ever consider dating such a rude person.

Caide glanced at you and looked a way.
"You look like a child"
You ignored his remark and continued trying to keep footing as you walked.

As you entered the woods, Caide started talking about the spirit more in a happier mood.
"His name is Vice.."
He looked at you puzzled.
"That's kind of a stupid name.. I don't remember it being that?"
"Your names stupid!" You refuted and he rolled his eyes.
"Show some respect"
"You show some respect!" You yelled and he scoffed.

Soon you made it to the building and immediately Caide got behind you.
"Yea.. you can go first"
You rolled your eyes but this time you could see Vice opening the door for you.

Caides eyes widened with a grin.

You both walked inside and immediately Caide started blabbering to Vice.

"You must be the spirit my grandfather met years ago! You've still not passed on? I can help really!" he said excited.

Vice smiled nicely and then tilted his head to look at you from behind Caide. It almost seemed he had ignored the words Caide had just said.

"This is the wrong shaman Y/n.."
"I know.. but the other shaman has passed and this is his only living blood relative.." you trailed off and Vice floated above you both.
"That's alright! You tried so that's sweet. Did you tell him about the beads?"
"Oh I didn't specify.."
"That's alright.."

Caide was starting to get agitated from the little attention he was receiving from the spirit.
"These beads in this box were my grandfathers, made and blessed especially for you."
Caide opened the box and there were 3 bead necklaces.

A green one, blue one, and black one.

"How nice of him.." Vice stepped down to the floor and grabbed the green ones.

He can touch the beads?

Vice put it around his neck and immediately grabbed your arm.
It wasn't a tight grab but it surprised you and Caide.
"I can touch you.." Vice spoke and then you realized it aswell. "You're warm.."

Vices hand was extremely cold.

Skin numbingly cold that you subconsciously swiped his hand off you.

"Oh I'm sorry" he laughed a bit nervously and Caide shut the box.

You both gave him a confused look and he let out a breathe.

"Listen.. Vice.. I can't give you the rest of these beads yet" he said sternly and Vice gave him a confused yet calm expression.
"May I ask why?"
"I don't trust you" Caide spat and you gave him a look. "What? He is suspicious! I mean a nice spirit? I've only met one of those of all the spirits I've came across! And it didn't take long for that spirit to move on.. so tell me why you haven't Vice?"

You were all now standing in a circle since Vice had stopped floating.
He gave Caide a smile.
"Well.. you're the shaman aren't you? If I'm being honest I have no idea why I'm still here.. I don't even remember how I died or my life when I was living"
"You don't remember how you died or your life??" Caide stepped closer concerned, "All spirits remember.."

"Well I guess I'm a different spirit.."

Vice trailed off and then looked at you.
He smiled as he walked closer.
"Can I touch you? It's a weird question but I haven't felt warmth in so long.. It's just nostalgic you know?" Vice asked politely and you contemplated.

It was a simple request.
Although you would have to deal with the burning, cold numbness of his skin.

Vice was actually quite tall as he stood above you waiting for a response.
You wondered if you could touch him.
Without thinking, you tucked some of his hair behind his ear.
It was the same cold feeling to touch him.

You noticed his face was shocked.
Could he feel your warm hands when you did that?

Caide said sternly as he gave you a look.
"Let's go"

Before you could reply, Vice grabbed your arm and pulled you close as the cold shock flew through your body.
You let out a noise of pain and he quickly let you go.

"S-Sorry!" He apologized quickly as you rubbed your arm.
Vice looked at Caide.
"She has to keep me company.. It's a part of the deal"
"Oh please" Caide started with a scoff, "You can't grant wishes, you're a nice spirit, don't lie to her"

Vice just stared at him with a solemn look.

"Vice are you lying? Can you not grant wishes?" You asked and then your stomach rumbled.
"Let's go get something to eat" Caide said taking your hand in his.

"Y-You'll come back right??"

You looked back to a desperate Vice. He had been nothing but kind to you.. it made you feel bad for leaving, even if he couldn't grant wishes.

Caide pulled you out the door with the wooden box in his hand before letting you go.
"Caide?? What's the rush?"
"I said call me sir.. and you're hungry so.." Caide sighed before pulling out his wallet.

"Where do you want to eat?"


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