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You and Caide hopped in the car that he had stolen and he cranked it.

You couldn't stop thinking about the fact that Vice didn't have a proper burial.
Of course, Caides assumption was a stretch but where was his grave if not?

Caide turned and placed all the supplies in the backseat as you waited for him put it into drive.
He brought a shovel, flashlights, talismans, the red brush in its golden case, and the staff.

You were both also wearing the good luck, bead bracelets.

Caide sighed and placed his head on the wheel.

You had already presumed he was tired, so you didn't rush him.
His face had a wound across his cheek and eyebrow, which you patched up late due to his reluctance.

He dug his frustrated face into the wheel as he held it sternly.
You could see his muscles as he gripped it.


"Caide you never told me about the old scars on your arms.." you trailed your fingers on them and he flinched.
"I'm thinking right now Y/n.." he told you as he set his head back down.
"Caide but I want to know.. what are you thinking about? What's wrong?"
"Y/n.. this is going to be very dangerous. We just need to find his corpse and stab it in the head okay?"

Caide finally sat up and started driving to the school.

"Shouldn't it be the heart?" you asked and he shook his head.
"I said head didn't I?"
"Stop getting an attitude with me.." you trailed off and he placed his hand on your thigh.
"I'm sorry.. after we make it out of this I'll tell you all about me. There's an important rule you need to follow though.." Caide continued, "We are both your husband 'spiritually'. Remember why I became your husband?"
"Because you were jealous~" you smiled but he was being serious.
"If your spirit husband kisses you, you'll die and become a spirit.." he sighed, "I became your husband thinking it will split the deal and prevent that from happening but I'm not sure okay?"

Caide? Not sure? That's odd..

Caide squeezed your thigh upset as he turned the wheel.

"You just don't want me to kiss him right?" you asked and he gritted his teeth.
"Don't make it sound like that!! Anyways.. if you're wondering why nothing happened when he kissed you in my body, it's because he has to be in spirit form. Just.. don't kiss him okay? I don't know what might happen.."

He finally let go of your thigh and focused on where he was going.

"Why would I kiss him if I could kiss you?" You asked and he smiled.
"Yeah.. as if I'd let that guy even touch you.."

You looked out the car window at the dark sky.

This was really happening.. this was life or death.

You glanced back over at Caide who was deep in thought.

His hair had grown almost back to its original length but Caide hadn't put it up like he use to.
You couldn't help but admire his features as he drove.
Was he your.. boyfriend?

I mean technically he was your spirit husband.. and you both had already done the deed.
Which might be why he's been so overprotective and mindful of what he says lately.

So.. I'm his girlfriend tehe.

"Stop staring at me before I throw you in the back seat.." Caide scowled before taking a sharp right turn into the school parking lot.

Nevermind asshole!!


Everything you both couldn't fit in your pockets, you held by hand.
Caide held the staff while you toted the shovel.

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