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"Let me lie! It's better for everyone!"


"So what?! I'm lying okay! I am mad! I'm mad you think of me that way! I'm mad I'm dead! I'm mad you love the shaman and not me!! I'm mad at the marks I see on your legs and neck that weren't caused by me!!" Vice began venting out with glowing, upset eyes.

You backed away and he grabbed your hand gently. It was obvious he wasn't trying to take it out on you.

"Don't go!! See why I lie..? I'm mad at the fact I was killed for no reason and can't even remember my killers face or name!"
Tears fell from his eyes and you didn't know how to comfort him.
"So let me lie sweetheart! Let me continue to be nice and calm when inside I'm not! Maybe they are right.. be suspicious of me! My feelings aren't genuine.." he looked up in pain. "Maybe I do just want to sleep with you! Maybe I am secretly evil just like they say!! So why not just lie?? Huh?! Tell me sweetheart?"
"Stop.. stop it.." tears fell from your eyes aswell.

You didn't exactly know why.
Was this a manipulative tactic he was using or was he being genuine?
Was he nice or pure evil at heart?
Nothing he was saying made sense to you, but somehow it did.

You just knew you had to calm him down.

"I don't think that Vice!! I don't think you're evil.. I just said that out of the heat of the moment!"
"Well you should.. it's what they all think. 'Vincent Powell.. with the nickname Vice because he's so nice, but I bet he's faking it'.. that's what you think right?" he replied looking at you through Caides eyes.

His grip was starting to tighten on your hand as he waited for your response with anticipation.
Out of panic you glanced around at your surroundings. No one was around to hear you scream in case you needed too.
You were alone on the trail together, but Vice wouldn't hurt you right?

He wouldn't take his frustration out on you..

You glanced back at his eyes and his expression was hurt.

"S-So.. I'm right? You're scared right now, aren't you?" he laughed a bit manic and you shook your head.
"No Vice! I was just making sure no one was coming.."

He gave you a look and held back what he was going to say.

"Vice just calm down won't you? I don't think you're faking your emotions.."

There's no telling what will happen if he turns into a demon while in Caides body.

"You know.." he stood up and brought you closer, "If you want me to be the bad guy.. I can be the bad guy~ I'm good at lying Y/n.." he smiled and you gulped.

What does that even mean? Was that all a lie or what?
I didn't want to do this..

You grabbed him by the chin and kissed his lips. He attempted to hold it longer but you quickly pulled back.

"I like the way you are Vice.. and I don't think it's a lie.." you smiled and his face lightened before a familiar skeptical look appeared.

What was going through his mind?
Despite his identity crisis.
Who was he really?

Why was he killed? Surely it wasn't because they thought he was faking being nice.
That's the most childish outcome.

You knew he would never answer any of your questions either, he'd most likely throw a fit that you didn't believe him.



After the lovely outing, you and Vice went back to your house where your parents were locked shut in their rooms.
They didn't even come out when you two opened the door.

The first thing you did was change out of the sundress and hop in the shower. It wasn't as long as you hoped it would be.
You couldn't just leave Vice on his own with your parents around, even if they did stay in their rooms the whole time.

You exited the shower and wrapped the towel around your waist.

You turned the cold doorknob to your room and just as you guessed, he was waiting on your bed with clothes already laid out.

"I already know what you're gonna say" he threw his hands up as he stood.

Vice walked over to you as you wrapped the towel tighter.
He planted a kiss on your forehead before leaving the room.


"Ugh.. he's like a puppy but slightly more dangerous" you mumbled throwing on your sweatpants.

You put the tank top over your head.
Your eyes traveled to something under the pillow, which caught your attention.


As you reached for it, you jumped as your door swung open.

"Y/n honey.. your father and Vincent are going at each other" your mother smiled and you heard the sound of glass breaking in the living room.

You ran pass her and Vice was grinning as your father threw plates.

"You're a demon!!" your father yelled and Vice shook his finger.
"No I'm not.. it's just a warning dad no need to get violent"

Another plate flew from your fathers hand and Vice dodged with a laugh.

You quickly thought to intervene when you stopped yourself.
You had a feeling you would be the one getting injured if you broke it up.

"What's going on?!" You yelled and Vice reassured you.
"Just some family antics~"


"How could you bring this demon into our household?! What kind of daughter are you?!" Your father yelled as he threw another plate.
"I don't know what you're talking about! Vice what did you do?!"

Your head shot over to him but Vice was now on your right.

"I just warned him sweetheart~"


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