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"Okay Y/n what will make you less nervous?"


You thought for a moment and didn't know what to say.

"Wait cell phones! We don't have phones!" you exclaimed and he gave you a look.
"You want me.. to buy you a cell phone?" he asked suspicious and you nodded.

He sighed and took your hand in his. You smiled as he put them both in his pocket.

"Let's go now then.."


"This one is so pretty!!" you pointed and he gave you a look.
"It's expensive.."
"I'm an expensive girl you know.." you smiled arrogantly and he almost laughed.
"You're not.."
"I am!!"

Caide ignored you and went to look at the cases.

"Pick out whatever phone you want, I just get to pick your case.." he stated and you nodded.

You chose one of the smart phones that weren't too expensive but still really nice. Caide immediately paid for it with a screen protector.

"How do you have this money? You don't have a job.." you asked suspiciously.
"Actually.. people pay me quite a bit to get closure from spirits" he smirked, "Plus.. I may or may not had used the money people give to the gods at the temple"
"What?!" you exclaimed and he started laughing. "Caide you can't do that!!"
"Why not~?"
"You're the one always talking about your ancestors watching.." you trailed off and felt Caides fingers lingering up your waist.

You looked at him surprised and flustered as he continued with a small smile.

"Let them watch.."

His fingers trailed up your side and up your arm.

"What do you think you're doing" you asked annoyed and he laughed deeply.
"What do you mean?"

For a moment your hands were intertwined as he grabbed the phone out your hand.
He snapped the case on it and you gave him a look.

"You don't like the case?" he asked.
"I do.. I just didn't expect you to pick that one.."

It was very pretty.
A jade green case with rhinestones and gold lining. It had a little red heart symbol on the right corner.

"What about your phone?" You asked and he pulled out a flip phone.
"I already have one" he grinned.


In the end you had to make him buy a new phone and you picked out the case.

"Why'd you choose this one?" Caide asked curiously as you walked home.
"Because.. It reminds me of you"

It was a brown case.
There were small, white stripes incised on the side, with a gold line that went horizontal. There was a bamboo symbol on right corner.

"I'm a stick of bamboo?"
"Yes, because you are hard headed but you have your mind in the right place.." you said calmly and soon you arrived back at his place.

Caide set your bookbag by the door and took his shoes off.

"Wait Caide don't we have to bring Vice the beads?"

He looked up at you making your heart jump. Caide began walking closer and you backed away until you hit a wall. The tone of his voice lowered as he looked into your eyes.

"We can go right now if that's what you really want.."

You felt something build in your throat.

"Why are you acting like this.. being nice to me.." you gritted your teeth and looked to the side.
"What? Am I not allowed to be nice? You always complain and now it's a problem?" he began getting upset.
"I guess so since you're always a jerk!! Then you confuse my head by doing all these things.. what do you want from me Caide?!"

For some reason tears of anger built in your eyes. He titled your head up and you looked at him.

Slowly he leaned closer and you couldn't help but do the same as your lips finally locked.

At first it was a quick peck which made you look at each other a bit surprised.
But then it continued as his warm hand was on the side of your chin and yours were pressed against his chest.

Somehow, he gently picked you up and your legs were wrapped around his waist as he pressed you against the wall. You lightly scratched his neck as his tongue explored your mouth.
You bit his bottom lip which made you both smile.

"You're such a bad influence on me.." he told you and you looked away flustered.
"Shut up.. you're the bad one here shaman.."

Caide kissed the corner of your eye, which was wet.

"You know, you look really ugly when you cry~" he squeezed your legs as you hid your smile.
"Well you're ugly in general so.."

Your heart jumped at the deep chuckle he let out.

"Ugly? Just admit it, you love me.."
Your head shot back to him embarrassed, "L-Love you?! I freaking hate you!!"

He smiled showing his white teeth.

"I hate you more"

Suddenly he started kissing your neck again as you pushed at him.
"C-Caide that tickles!" you squirmed as he held you in place.
"You taste so good.. I can tell why those demons want to eat you~" he joked whispering in your ear and your face flushed.
"D-Don't joke like that!!" you yelled as he laughed and continued sucking on your neck.

He traveled back up to the side of your chin as he kissed you with his eyes closed.


You both paused.

The sound was on?!

"Did you just take a picture?" Caide asked passive aggressively.

Before you could even reply he immediately tried to grab the phone out your hand.

"Delete that now!!!!" he yelled and you squirmed out his grip.
"Stop Caide it's cute !!" you laughed as he chased you.
"I swear to god Y/n!!" he said angrily as he caught you and pushed you on the mat.
"You can't swear to god, you're a shaman!"

You frowned as he took your phone and wouldn't let you have it back.

"No Caide don't delete it.." you told him as you wrapped your arms around him from behind.

He didn't say anything as he stared at the picture.

It was really cute honestly.
He looked so submissive as you took it with a smirk on your face.
His eyes were closed as he kissed the skin between your chin and cheek.

"Fuck.." he sighed and then sent it to his phone. "Let's take another one"
"Really?!" you grinned and he took a picture. "Hey I wasn't ready!!!"


You both took pictures of each other and some together. Somehow you ended up on top of him as you both laughed.

"Come on one more!!" you smiled and he took the phone from you.
"That's enough.."
"You're such a bamboo stick.." you pouted jokingly.

You felt his hands move to your hips as he pressed your down on his lap.

"You're so annoying.." you mumbled flustered as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

"You're so pretty.."

Your heart jumped at the first compliment he's ever gave you.

"Ow.." you winced.
"What's wrong?"
"Ow!! Ouch ah.." you couldn't reply as you grabbed your wrist with the cherry blossom bracelet on it.
"Y/n what's wrong?!" Caide asked grabbing your hand and you both watched in horror as your wrist began turning purple.

"It hurts.." you told him and he had a nervous expression.

"Damn it.."

To be continued

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