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Still Vices POV :

The closer I walked towards where the shaman would be, the more a smile appeared on my face. The leaves crunched beneath my feet and the wind blew pass the beautiful skirt you picked out.

I wasn't always this "evil".
The truth is.. I was made this way.

You of all people should know.
My love.. you'll stay by my side? Won't you?

I promise.. I'm kind, I'm nice.
You do believe me? Don't you?
You're not like them sweetheart.. you know me so well and I know you.

I'll make sure she's happy, I promise..

I played with the knife as I neared closer and closer. A small laugh escaped my lips thinking of the rest of our lives together.

Maybe this is why god put me through so much pain, misery and loneliness.

Maybe it was just for me to be with you.
Right now, the Demon should be talking to the Shaman.

Lance should be saying, "Vice made me dig up his body! Y/n is in trouble! Here I brought his corpse for you to stab!"
Or something similar..

Obviously the Shamans going to stab my dead body in the head thinking it will get rid of me.
What a dumbass, getting one misconception wrong after another.

We disguised Lila's corpse as mine.. with a talisman of course but we weren't left unscathed.
Lances hands were wounded badly during the ritual.

It's all about timing..

Pretty smart plan right? All for you~

My real corpse is locked and hidden away.

"Caide!" I yell out mocking your voice as I run out the woods.
He turns quickly as he wraps us in a hug.


"Y/n?! Are you okay?! It worked!!" he said frantic with a grin as I eyed Damon.
"I know, Vice just disappeared! Like faded away.."
"Lance brought Vices corpse.." Caide pointed out just as suspected.

The shaman continued as I looked to Lance.
He had no words and walked off into the woods.

What a weirdo.. I don't even know why he went along with the plan.
All he said was "Could be interesting"

"Weird.." Caide let out a big sigh and I smiled.

The knife twirled behind my back as I thought of the chance of when to strike.

Should I do it now?

He grabbed my hand and I quickly slid the knife in my pocket.
"Let's go home.. I'm tired.." he smiled.

Shit.. I can't go in the temple..

Honestly, I didn't want it to come to this.

I rubbed your hand on his chest and his face flushed.

"Not right now.." he took my hand and began dragging me to the car.
"Please Caide.." I let out seductively with your tone of voice but of course the shaman didn't budge.
"There's demons out right now.. let's go home"

Fucking ungrateful bastard! You know how quick I would fall to my knees if Y/n said please?
I've got to kill him..

I took his hand and brought it to your breast.
He didn't pull back but he did let out a big sigh.
Before I know it, I'm being pushed against a tree and Caide is pinning us to it.

God I hate this..

"You really don't listen.. do you Y/n?" Caide smiled and kissed your neck.

It took everything in me not to gag.
I slowly snuck the knife out of my pocket while he was distracted.

"Maybe I don't.. you're a tad annoying.." I muttered out a reply and he chuckled.
"Me? Annoying? Please.. just admit you love me~"

I put the knife in position as I kept him distracted.

"Admit you hate me.. you're always mean to me after all.." I replied as if I were you.
"Hate you? Why would I? You're sweet to me.." Caide mustered out and I paused.

Those were the exact words you said to me when I asked if you were afraid of me.
Remember.. when we first met?

I gulped as he continued to kiss your neck.

What's wrong with me? Why am I hesitating?

He rubbed his hand on my inner thigh and I shuttered with disgust.
I pointed the knife at the back of his neck again, ready to attack.

"I love you.." he mumbled with a giddy smirk and I could feel our heart thud and jump in unison.

I can't kill him.. it's just not me..

Tears filled my eyes.

It's not fair..
They stripped me of my happiness, yet I can't even kill the man who stole the love of my life.

I.. can't.. I couldn't even kill Kian.
I'm too fucking nice.. I can't kill anyone!!

"Y/n? What's wrong?" Caide looked up and wiped my tears.

I almost laughed at the irony.

The shaman consoling me? How embarrassing..

But I couldn't stop crying.
Maybe it was because I knew I was going to lose you.. but I would never want to risk you hating me.

Maybe I am just a soul trapped to be a kind spirit.

Maybe I am just too nice.

"I thought I could do it.." I sobbed out as he held your body.

Any last drip of masculinity surely had left my body.

"What's wrong? What are you talking about? We had so much fun yesterday.." he wiped my tears as I looked up at him.

No.. I won't give up yet.

I won't lose you without a fight.

"I can't do this anymore Caide.." I let out wiping my own tears.
I knocked his hands off of me as he stood shocked.
"What? What are you talking about?!"
"I don't love you.. I realize that now" I shrugged and heard him scowl.

"Very funny Y/n.. now get back over here"
"I'm not joking Caide, I want you to take me home. I never want to see you again.." I sighed and he grabbed my arm, which made me angry.
"Y-You're joking?" his voice cracked desperate and I tried to pull him off.
"No I'm not, take me home!!" I yelled and he was baffled.

This should work..

"Can you give me a reason?" he asked before releasing me.

"Ha! A reason? You're a complete asshole!! You have no respect and I don't care if you're some god loved shaman!" I yelled with tears, "I wish I never met you! Vice was better!! I wish he wasn't dead and I hate you!! Why can't you be nice for once?!"

I caught my breath finally after calming down and he was still staring at you.

"You.. look ugly when you cry. I told you that" he insulted and I stood confused.
"W-What?! Don't touch me!"
"I'm sorry that you hate me.."

A smirk was on his face and this time I was the shocked one.

Did he not understand what I was just saying?

He wiped a tear from our cheek as he brought himself closer. In a swift moment, his hand was sternly on your hip.

"But I still love you.. and I won't apologize for who I am! And I won't apologize if you're in love with that dead spirit!" he told me sternly as he stared into your eyes.
"I see.." I sort of laughed in pain,
"You really do love her.."
"Yeah, I do" Caide replied with a glare.

And just like that.. I was figured out..

And I gave up.

To be continued.

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