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"Fine.. whatever you want sweetheart"


"I was brutally murdered.. just like the rumors say. What more do you need to know~?" Vice said with a sadistic tone.

He held you in place on his lap, with no intent of letting you go.

You couldn't help but gulp at his stare.

"Who did it?"
"You want to know who murdered me?" he asked a bit humorous and you nodded. "I wish I could tell you that, but I honestly don't know"
"Well can't you tell me what's the last thing you remember?" you pressed further.
"I told you already.." he trailed off with his eyes lingering lower.

Annoyance built in you as he didn't seems to be listening you.

He was.. distracted.

"You won't get a thing from me Vice, not unless I know the truth!" You quickly got off his lap and he missed when he tried to grab you again.
"What do you mean? Why does my death even concern our relationship?"

Our relationship? He's deluding himself.

Vice was still playing the innocent act as he slowly stepped closer.

Why were you.. intimidated? He was is Caides body after all..
Caide didn't intimidate you.
So you couldn't quite figure out why you were so cautious when it came to Vice.

Besides possessing Caide, technically he hadn't done anything wrong.

So why did his eyes scare you?

"I can't trust someone who always lies.." you told him and his smile faded a bit.
"Oh really? I'd never lie to you.."


You both were now standing opposite of each other in the room.
Neither of you moved.
You didn't want to make the first step since he was closer to the door.

The silence was broke by his chuckle.

Slowly.. you began to see how deranged he was with his facade of niceness.

"You know what I want Y/n.. let's cuddle. I really want that, we have all week for me to tell you whatever 'truth' you want to hear.." he smirked but you were intent on not giving him what he wanted.

Damn it.. I'm supposed to keep him happy but.. I just can't give into his will.

I need to talk to Damon tonight..

"You won't get anything from me unless you tell me the truth" you said sternly and he looked like he was enjoying your stubbornness.
"Oh really~? Oh I know what's wrong.. it's because I look like Caide right?"

He began walking out the room which made your heart drop.

"No!! No no we can cuddle Vice!! I changed my mind!!" you almost begged but he ignored you as he went to the kitchen.

You clung to him but he kept going.
Vice grabbed a knife from the drawer and made an attempt to go back to the bathroom.

"No!! Please Vice please.." you cried and he looked at you.
"What'd I say about the crying?" he smiled and you wiped your tears.

You thought he would've stopped once he spoke back but he went into the bathroom where the mirror was.
You ran after him and grabbed his hand, which had the knife.

"Stop!!" you yelled and he grimaced.
"What? Don't worry I can't feel pain sweetheart~ It'll be an improvement somehow.."

He pointed the knife at his cheek and you pulled at his hand as you begged him to stop.

"What?? Stop acting like this!! It's not like I'm hurting you!" He told you calmly but you could hear the agitation in his voice.
"If you do this I won't forgive you!! I'll leave and never come back I swear!!"

His hands dropped to his sides with a bit of an attitude.

"Oh please don't be so dramatic sweetheart, even if you did leave I'd come after you~" he flirted and you bit your lip upset.
"Vice I hate you!!!"
"Yeah yeah.. I love you too Y/n.."

Vice took the knife and began carving it into Caides cheek which drew blood. Before the wound could get big enough, you pulled his arm away as hard as you could.

"Sweetheart.. that's enough.. let go now" he warned but you didn't listen as you yanked his arm.


"Ah.. ouch.." you let out in pain as blood dripped from your arm.

The force from you pulling had escalated when Vice stopped fighting you back.
The momentum of the knife had cut a deep gash in your arm.

"Oh no.. I didn't mean to do that!! Are you okay?! Let me see.. I'll stitch it up!!" Vice grabbed your arm as the deep wound bled out.

You quickly pulled your arm back.

"Don't touch me!!" you yelled at him and began to get upset.
"I didn't mean too!! Really I would never hurt you!"

You gave him a look as you stormed out the bathroom and then the front door.

The cool air blew on the wound and you winced as blood dripped down.

"Damn it.. that hurts" you sighed knowing it was your own fault. "Is it bad I'm not even mad at him?" you asked yourself with a small laugh. "That's so ironically stupid.. he didn't even follow me out the house like he swore he would if I left.."

You sighed until you heard rustling in the bush beside you.


You got a bad feeling as you slowly backed away.

Demons only come at night.. and when no one's around?

You looked up and down the street.
Not a car or person was in sight.

Fuck!! That's why he didn't follow me out!

He knows I'll have to come back inside..

Your wound began to bleed worse and you bit your lip upset.

"I really.. hate him.. I miss Caide.." you mustered out with tears falling.

What's the point? I should just let the stupid demon eat me.

"Oh wait.. if I die and don't pass on I'll be stuck with Vice regardless" you laughed with tears at the irony.

You turned the opposite direction as more bushes started rustling.
You saw a tall black figure hide behind a tree.

Either go back inside.. or be eaten.

"Whatever.." you said quietly depressed at the matter. "Caide can take care of himself.."


A twig broke and your heart jumped.

"Just fucking come out coward!!" you yelled and then heard deep distorted laughter.

Okay.. nevermind.
I'm coming Vice.

You turned to go back in the house when something gripped your ankle.

To your horror a long black arm was stretching from a bush and had a firm grip around your ankle.
Before you could react you were being dragged in the grass as your bloody arm trailed with you.

"Let go!!!" You yelled but all you could hear was laughter.

Your dress began to pull up as you neared the cursed bushes and you screamed.


A weapon was swung infront of you, cutting the demons arm.
It screamed and ran off, leaving you to sigh in relief.


You looked up and was very disappointed.

"We've been over this before you know.. It's Damon or Lance. Isn't this the second time I've saved you~?"

"You again?!"


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