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Before you even made it down the motel stairs, Caide had chased you down and grabbed your arm.

"Won't you stop?!" You yelled at him but he wouldn't.
"Listen to me.. when I was possessed I remember how you kissed him. It was blurry but I still sort of remember.." he told you sternly as he came down to your level.
"So you're mad I kissed him? Are you so petty?? I did it for you!" You refuted and Caide sighed.

He grabbed your shoulders frustrated.

"Y/n.. stop being stupid and childish. I could remember what you guys did.. do you understand why we can't be together?" he said slowly staring into your eyes.

Finally you realized.

Vice can probably see what's going on right now like Caide did.

"And I know you lied to me when I asked did he hurt you.." he gave you an annoyed look as he rubbed your arm.
"Then how come you didn't know about my parents?"
"I kept coming in and out of consciousness.. it's complicated but regardless Vice was in control of my body. It's not safe so we will never be together.." he gave you a smile which made one form on your face.
"Well I didn't want to be with you anyways.." you said crossing your arms.

He began leading you upstairs as you both continued on about how much you hated each other.

"You're honestly such a whale" he insulted.
"You're so annoying.. like can't you break the rules once?"
"You're not even pretty.." he said locking the door behind you both.
"You looked better with long hair.." you smiled jokingly and he was actually hurt.
"Well you looked better.. fuck.."

You sat down in a chair and he stood up against the wall.

"What do we do?" you asked and he sighed.
"Let me think.. we need to know what happened to him" Caide looked out the window, "I wish we had more time but the suns already going down?"
"Well it did take awhile to get here.. plus we stopped for food because you swore you were gonna starve to death" you smiled and he scoffed.
"What did you expect? I was starving, did you even feed me?"
"Do I look like your mother? And yes I did feed you!" you exclaimed and he smiled.

Your heart jumped as he slowly made his was over to you.

"W-What do you want?" you asked as you gripped the arms of your chair.
"Thank you.." he told you softly and you couldn't help but blush.
"It was nothing.."
"No really I could've died"

Caide took your hand and lifted you out your chair. It was weird of course, him teasing you as usual even though he had just hinted you had to keep your emotions on the DL.

You didn't exchange words as he led you into the bed room.

"I can't stand it anymore.. damn you.." he sighed in frustration.

You gave him an innocent look and he rolled his eyes.

Slowly, his lips met yours and your heart felt electric. You backed into the bed where he climbed on top of you, continuing the passionate kiss. His hands gripped your waist as you threw your arms around his shoulders.
His tongue explored your mouth but he was very gentle.

Unlike Vice.

Vices kisses were so exhilarating. The way he didn't let you get a second of air. Making sure you consumed his whole presence and you consumed his.
Vice was more demanding.. despite his calm nature.

Why was it something he hid? How'd he hide it so well with his horny teasing?
You never took it seriously but as soon as you kissed, you experienced a strange fear that excited you.

For some reason, the memory of you calling Vice Caide the other night flashed through your mind.

A small giggle left your lips and you realized you we're thinking of Vice instead of Caide.

"What's so funny~?" Caide asked cockily as he pressed your back forward.
"Oh nothing.." you smiled a bit guilty, "Keep going.."

He kissed your neck again and trailed but up to your lips. You noticed he was a bit shaky..
Was he nervous?

Caides kisses are always considerate and patient. He doesn't rush things.
Maybe because he knows you won't be going anywhere.

His hand slowly trailed up your leg which made your heart rate sky rocket.
The way he was so tender when he got like this with you really showed he was a true gentleman.

Even when you first met him and he kept complaining about you falling on his door step.

He let you have his bed, clothed you, took you out to eat and put up with your stubbornness.

Caide surprised you by biting your neck and you gasped.

"S-Sorry" he apologized quickly as he sat up, "Fuck sorry sorry.. shit"

He stood up covering his face as you sat up on the bed.

"It's okay.. I didn't know you were into biting.. It surprised me but I liked it" you blushed and he just sighed.
"No I'm sorry for dragging you into this. Dammit I took my desires out on you. It's not fair for you.."

You stood up and rubbed his arm.

"I took my desires out on you too.." you told him softly and he gritted his teeth with embarrassment.
"Shut your mouth! You don't have desires.."

He pushed your face and you quickly grabbed his hand.

"I can show you I do~" you teased and he hid his smile.
"You're gonna be the death of me.."
"Well.. what about the shaman finalization? It's a bonus if we do right?"

He paused and you gave him a weird look.

"What are you talking about?"
"You know.. kind of like the thing with spirits. Damon told me about it.." you blushed with a smile.
"No?!" you said shocked getting tired of his stubbornness, "Either you want me or you don't Caide! Make up your mind!"
"Go to sleep Y/n.." he mumbled facing away from you.
"Aren't you going to join me?"
"No.. we can't be in the same bed tonight"

You bit your lip with frustration.

"God why are you so annoying! Is it because you can't control your stupid desires?? That's not a bad thing!" you yelled but he didn't want to hear it.
"You're not ready.. I'm not gonna pressure you into thinking you have to do something for the 'greater of good'" he lectured pushing you on the bed and leaning against the wall.
"The greater of good? Caide I.."

He glanced at you slightly as you paused.

"You what?"
"This is the only time we're gonna get a chance to save you. So drop your morals for just tonight won't you? I'm trying to keep you with me! You keep hurting me over and over again!" you begged as you looked up at him but he refused to look back.
"The answer is final. Now go to bed we'll figure out another way"
"No! I don't want another way! I need you Caide! Why can't you see I love you?" you admitted and he went silent.

"I won't let you make yourself do this"

To be continued.

Caide - Gemini
Vice - Aquarius
Lance - Scorpio

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