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Regular POV

You sat dazed with messy hair on the temple floor. Your face was still flushed and body ached.

Caide was sitting on the other side of the room, meditating as if nothing happened.
You glanced at him and he suddenly opened his eyes.
Your heart jumped as he smiled at you.
He patted the area beside him.

"Come meditate with me" he said softly and don't didn't hesitate to be near him.

Your legs were still trembling but you made it to the spot beside him.
You sat crisscross beside him and he placed his hand on your thigh as he continued.

Your heart was going wild of course but he seemed.. calmer than usual.

It's almost like you could still hear his heavy breathing and groaning against your skin again. Butterflies found their way into your stomach thinking about the memory.
Caide squeezed your thigh.

"Come on, focus. It's okay.." he told you quietly and you smiled.

He's doing this on purpose..

It had to be 3am and neither of you had gotten a wink of sleep. Your stomach growled and Caide rubbed it.
"Sorry.. you know when I was possessed the house was unoccupied for a week.. all the food spoiled"
"I know.."

You yawned and he made the mat for you.

"Come on let's go to sleep.." He helped you up and on to the mat.
"I can walk on my own!" you exclaimed embarrassed.
"Can you~?" He laughed and you sat down.
"Are you not going to sleep?" you asked.

He sighed and scratched the back of his head as he stood above you.
His hair was a mess.. and for the split moment he did turn around, you could see the scratches you made on his back.

Caides face still had a red tint too as he looked down at you.

"Y/n.. I've got a lot to do.." he mumbled and saw your frown.

And just like that, you both were back to your old ways.

"Suddenly you're busy? You didn't seem busy earlier.." you mentioned and he rolled his eyes.
"I'm not arguing with you about this. I need to sort the talismans and find the rest of the weapons. Beads of protection and luck could help us too.." he carried on but you stopped listening.
"You have all tomorrow to work on that though.." you pouted and he sighed as he kneeled down.
"Y/n you aren't understanding how dangerous this situation is.." he said getting closer.
"I do.." you grabbed his hand, "I don't want to sleep without you tonight!!"
"But Caide you need rest!! I know you're really tired and I saw you dozing off while meditating! How can you fight tomorrow and you're not rested?" you made a valid argument and he sighed.

"Fine.. only for a little bit"

You smiled and he cut the lights off.
Caide got underneath the covers and wrapped his arms around you.

"I love you.." you mumbled with a blush and you heard him smile as he whispered in your ear.
"I love you too.."


The next morning you woke up feeling rested.
Usually, you never got sleep.

Caide was still knocked out beside you and a smile formed on your face.
You rubbed his cheek with your thumb and got up.

You stretched and your stomach growled again.

I'm so hungry.. when can we leave?

"We're gonna starve to death.." you complained and heard Caide move.
"No we won't, I've fasted longer days.." he mumbled under his breath and you crawled to him with a pout.
"Caide this is Vices plan!! We're gonna starve!!"

Your stomach rumbled again and he fully sat up.

"Shit.. what time is it?" he asked and you shrugged.
"I left my phone at home"
"I don't even know where mine is.." he sighed but then his face lit up, "My flip phone!!"

You almost leaped with joy as he flew to a dresser and pulled out his old phone.

"Hurry!! Order a pizza!!" you rushed.
"I'm trying woman don't rush me!!" he yelled back as he dialed.

"Pizza delivery how may I help you?"


You munched on the hot melted cheese of the pizza as Caide worked beside you.
He also had a slice of pizza but barely touched it since he was so occupied.

He was sorting the talisman by colors and had a bunch of different color stones infront of him.
You set your pizza down on the plastic plate and watched him.

He took the staff and cut his palm open.

The blood dripped into a small gold platter and he set his talisman brush in the red liquid.

"My blood is the reason the talismans work.." he said easing your confusion.
"You know.. Damon wrote a talisman once"
"I bet it hurt like hell's kitchen.." Caide replied as he continued.

You picked up Caides pizza and started feeding him. He took a bite and you smiled.
He continued working as you fed him and time ticked by.

"Can you check the time for me?"
"4pm.." you trailed and his eyes widened.
"I think we woke up at 2.. we did stay up pretty late.."
"It's almost sun down.." he groaned and placed his palm on his forehead.

Caide was only half way done with both bracelets. He had to physically carve the spheres with a hurt hand.
You asked why he didn't soak the bush last but he said it was a long process.

"If you would've let me do it last night.." he started to blame and you cut him off.
"You were tired!"
"I would've been fine!" he yelled before mumbling, "I always am.."

You didn't bother him as he continued working. You went to change and searched through Caides clothes.

There was this brown combat uniform with red wraps hanging in his closet.

I didn't even know he owned clothing like this..

"Y/n what are you doing?!" Caide yelled from the other room.
"Put on that shirt and skirt I bought for you!" he yelled, "It's in the bottom drawer!!"

You looked in the drawers and smiled at the clothing. A brown shirt with a small bamboo stick on it and a gray skirt which was ruffled.
After putting on the clothing you, you went in living room with Caide.

You could tell he was getting frustrated because he threw the tool he was using at the wall.

"What..?" he snapped back with a sigh.
"Let me help you.."

He just looked at you dumbfounded before sighing again.

"Why not.."


Finally you both were done but it was night.
Caide grabbed a shovel and got dressed in his combat clothing.
Caide blessed the bracelets and you both put them on.

"Pfft.. you look like a full haired monk.." you laughed teasing him and he rolled his eyes.
"Do you have the stuff?"

You nodded and he grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stuffed it in his waist band.

"How are we going to find his corpse?" You asked and he grabbed your hand.
"I've asked a few spirits.."
"Really??" you replied surprised and he nodded.
"Turns out he wasn't buried in a cemetery.. he was murdered right? I bet the police were never involved and they hid his body.."
"Then where is his body??" you asked and Caide frowned.
"I can only assume It never left the school.."

To be continued

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