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"C-Caide stop!!"

You giggled and pushed at his chest as he smothered you with kisses.
The wedding was tomorrow and after tonight, traditionally, you wouldn't be able to see each other for a whole day.

"Tsk.." Caide scoffed offended as he turned on his side.

These short months you've lived with him have been all you could hope. Although the arguments were the same, you knew they meant no harm.
The temple was more decorated and furnished.
You actually had a queen bed to sleep in instead of a hard mat on the floor!

"Dont be like that.." you trailed your finger on his back and he shivered.
Caide spun around and quickly snatched up your hand, "Stop teasing!"
You kissed his lips and he narrowed his eyes at you.
"That's all?"
"It's inappropriate isn't it shaman~" you teased and he rolled his eyes.

As you laid beneath the soft, handmade blankets with your soon to be husband, your mind began to wander. Caide must've been deep in thought too because he didn't try to smother you with affection.
Instead you laid cuddled against his chest as you look up at the ceiling.

You were to be married.. tomorrow.
You and Caide would be married.

"Ah.. married huh?" you said aloud and he nodded.
He started to say something that caught your attention, "You know.. I really didn't like you at first.."
"What?! Well it's not like I liked you either!!" you argued but he continued.
"I was suspicious of you.. no one had visited the temple in a while and I was just so surprised to see a young girl on my step.." he sighed and glanced at you, "When my grandpa died.. I was alone you know? I guess I was being a jerk but.. I wasn't used to company you know? I was home schooled and my only friends were spirits who eventually passed on.."
"Oh Caide.." you comforted, stroking his cheek and he rolled his eyes with a grin.
"Anyways.. what I'm trying to say is I'm glad you chose me.."

You smiled and planted a kiss on his lips again.
No more words were exchanged as you fell asleep in each other's arms.


"Wake up!!"

You jumped confused and scared as you were awaken from your sleep. You looked at the alarm and it read 4 am.
You opened your tired eyes to everything around you. Caide was still asleep and you wiped the slobber from your face.

"Come on! Let's get you dressed.."
You looked over at Lance standing above your bed.
"How'd you get in here?!" You whispered yelled and he laughed as he pulled you out the bed.

Lance showed you the newly made red beads on his wrist.

"I can come inside the temple now!"


You knew Damon would be helping you get prepared for your wedding.. but you didn't think prepared prepared.
"Look at me!" he yelled applying your makeup.
"Since when do you do makeup?" You asked and Damon laughed.
"I found a professional to teach me these passed few months.."
"That's so sweet!"
"I know~!"

Lance was dressed in a black tuxedo with his black hair slicked back. You noticed a recent mark by his neck.

"What's that?"
He smiled his white, toothy grin, "Oh come on.. this day is about you.."
You nodded and stayed in place.
"But if you really want to know.. Remember the makeup professional I mentioned? I met this woman and I was going to eat her but I-
You quickly cut him off, "Nevermind!"


Lance tied your corset dress to the best of his ability as the white lace trailed down.

"Geez you look good.."
"Stop drooling.." you laughed.
Suddenly Lance stopped and gripped your shoulders, "Hey.."
"Are you sure?"
You rolled your eyes with a smile, "Of course I am! I love Caide.."
"No.. are you sure it's over?"
Your mood changed and annoyance ran through you, "Why wouldn't it be? Are you trying to ruin this day Lance?"
He huffed with his hands on his hips, "Now you know I wouldn't do that!!"
"I know.."
Lance nudged you, "I know what your ring looks like~"

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