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"I think I saw someone.."

Caide put his arm out infront of you and you all stopped.

"Don't frighten her.. I'm a ghost after all, I'll scare anyone away~" Vice joked and took your hand as you continued to walk.

Caide mumbled under his breath as he followed you both.
You soon heard footsteps that weren't yours or Caides.

"It is way too late for students to be on campus after hours.."

Your eyes widened as Mr. Lance stood infront of you and Caide.

"I'm sorry sir, we'll leave now" Caide took your hand but the teacher stopped you both.
"I'm going to need an explanation or I'll have to report you. Sorry guys it's the rules.." He glanced at you, making eye contact and quickly looked away.

"I'm sorry Mr. Lance.. we lost track of time staying after school for our club.." you admitted and the teacher smiled.
"Oh really? What club?"
"Ghost club, study of the paranormal" Caide butted in and you facepalmed.

You looked over at Vice who was analyzing the teacher from the sides. It was weird Mr. Lance couldn't feel Vices cold presence.
That's when you noticed the teacher was wearing purple beads on his wrist that were barely covered by his sleeve.
He must've caught you staring because he quickly covered it up with a smile.

"Alright.. do you kids need a ride home?"
You shook your head no.
"Really? Seeing as though I gave you a ride this morning and it's getting dark, I insist. Of course if you're uncomfortable, which I wouldn't know why, you're welcome not too.."


Caide sat in the backseat and you were in the front as the teacher drove.
Vice was sitting beside Caide as if the car would really make any difference for him.

"I noticed your traditional attire.. you're a shaman in training aren't you?" the teacher asked and Caide got excited.
"Training? No.. I'm actually the real deal!" he grinned and you looked out the window as he continued to brag.

You felt something cold on your neck.
You turned around as Vice began rubbing your neck which made Caide stop talking.

"Hm? You didn't finish, how long have you been a shaman?"
"Since my grandfather died.." Caide trailed off as he watched Vices movement.

"What do you want to do when we get to your house~?" Vice whispered.

You flinched a bit as the cold breeze hit your ear and he chuckled.
His hands started to move lower and you gulped.
You grabbed his hand but realized you couldn't touch him!

Vice had taken the blue pair of beads off which allowed you to do so.

"Go on say my name.." he laughed and Caide began to become pissed as he watched the scene unfold.

"I just realized you never told me your address!" Mr Lance laughed a bit and looked at you. "What's wrong? You seem cold.. I have something for that.."

He reached over to his car glove compartment and pulled out a nice jacket. He put it over you, making Vice sit back down in his seat.
"It'll keep you warm and safe.. you can keep it"
You smiled at him.
"Thank you Mr. Lance"
"Just call me Damon.."
"But you're my teacher?"
"Oh yeah that's right" he laughed off as if he had forgotten.


"Have a nice night, don't let me catch you again.." Mr. Lance joked and drove off after watching you get to your doorstep safely.

Damon Lance..

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Caide yelled at Vice.
"What???" Vice replied innocently.
"Why the hell are you playing around in the car when another human is in there!!"
"Y/n didn't mind~" Vice floated over and began messing with your hair.

You sighed and went inside your house after unlocking the door.

Caide and Vice followed.

"Why is the shaman still here..?" Vice smiled fakely.
"To make sure you don't do anything! I saw the way you had your hands on her!!"
"I think you're just jealous~" Vice teased as he floated in the air.

You let out another tired sigh but then realized it was like having two husbands argue over you.

Except they weren't really your husbands..
Plus one of them was dead and you hated the other..

You walked slowly to your room and the two followed behind you.

"What do you want?!" you yelled at them.
"Why are you yelling at me?" Vice said a bit hurt while Caide screamed back.
"Who the hell are you yelling at?! I'm just making sure you eat!"
"I'm not hungry.." you mumbled and Caide grabbed your arm and dragged you to the kitchen.


Before you knew it, Caide was cooking dinner as you sat at the table.

The aroma almost made you drool.

Vice sat right beside you and played with your hair.
He kept smiling and Caide would glance back at him.

Vice wasn't that bad honestly.

I think he just misses being alive..

Caide set a plate of chicken and mash potatoes infront of you with green beans.
He sat infront of you with his plate as you both began eating.

"This is so good.." you let out almost with a moan and Caide smiled, "Thank you Caide.."
His eyes widened a bit at your gratitude. "You're welcome, don't expect me to always cook for you"
"You'd do it if I asked you too~" you grinned and Caides face flushed.
"W-Well of course you'd ask me.. fatass"
"Excuse me?!" you yelled a bit shocked as you both began laughing.

You both joked and continued eating and that's when you glanced at Vice.

He had a weird almost forced smile as he sat criss crossed in the air watching you two eat.
He almost looked scary for a moment.

"Vice are you okay?"
"Oh I'm fine.. just wondering how it feels to eat again. I know, Y/n let me feed you!!"
"What??" you giggled as he took the fork out your hand.

He began feeding you and sometimes would miss your mouth which would make you laugh.

"Say ah~" Vice said and Caides eye twitched.
"Don't play with your food" Caide told you and Vice laughed.
"She can play with me instead~"

Your face heated as you were a bit shocked by the "innocent" boys' words.

"I'm just joking Y/n.. no need to get flustered" he laughed as he teased you.
Caide rolled his eyes and you noticed Vice smirk.

"Can't the shaman leave?"

Said no one ever

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