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"We.. we need to hurry"


Next thing you knew, you were on the steps of your parents front door.

"Ah Caide.. I kind of told my Dad to fucking die yesterday.." you told him nervously and he pinched your cheeks. "Ow!!!"
"It's fine.. surely my charm will sway them"

He gave you a thumbs up cockily but you doubted it. Caide rang the doorbell again and your mother answered.

"Oh Vincent! You're back.." she smiled nicely and Caides beaming attitude dropped.
"Oh.. nice to see you too Ms L/n.." she drug Caide in without greeting you and you rolled your eyes.

"Honey they are back!" your mother announced and all you could hear is your father huff. "Oh my! Vincent I love your attire!"
"Oh thank you" Caide thanked and your mother turned to you, "You're still in your school uniform?"

You sighed and walked to the bathroom.


After the much needed shower, you walked out wrapped in a towel.

You could hear laughter coming from the living room which confused you. You got dressed quickly in some shorts and a T shirt.
As you made your way around the corner, you were greeted to both your parents laughing.

Even more surprising, your father had his hand on Caides shoulder.

"Vincent what happened? When'd you become actually likeable?" Your father nudged Caide and he shrugged.
"Guess I'm just that great.." Caide saw you peeking. "Awe what are you hiding for?"


"Come on out Y/n, me and your mother apologize for how we've been acting. Come talk to your boyfriend.." your father laughed.

It was the first time you'd seen him having a good time.

Caide.. he's the devil.

"Sit beside me" Caide patted a seat beside him and you did so.
"You're so respectful! So moral.. how did Y/n ever wrap you around her finger?" your mother said passively and you crossed your arms annoyed.

Caide smirked.

"She's a stubborn one huh?"
"Oh you have no idea!" your father exclaimed, "I mean.. she's so spoiled!"

You opened your mouth to refute but Caide grabbed your hand.

"If that's the case, I'll make sure she puts her work in. She's so sensitive too! You should've seen how she cried yesterday.." Caide continued squeezing your hand as the hurtful words left his mouth.

He could sense your anger picking up.

"That's what I told her! How is she gonna keep a man if she cries so often?" your mother laughed and your father joined. "Can you believe she actually thought we could've killed someone in the past?"
"Caide!! You told them??" you almost whined and he squeezed your hand to be quiet.
"Of course he told us! How could you think that about your own parents? Although we were a bit at fault.. we're not murders!" your mom huffed and your father comforted her.
"Is this the thanks we get for taking care of you?"

Caide cut you off before you could finish.

"What happened anyways?" he asked curious and your parents were happy to answer.
"Well.. it was a prank that Kian came up with.. we all knew he had a crush on me but we didn't expect Kian to take it that far.." your mother stated.
"Everyone was talking about how Vice beat Kian up and bullied him. How he faked being nice and so we starting messing with him.. that fucker got on my nerves anyway!" your father spat and your mother continued.
"So.. I gave Vice a letter to meet me after school. He did of course because he was just that 'sweet'. When it got dark enough, they put a bag over his head and started.. hitting him with sticks. Suddenly Kian pulled out a knife and we scattered after that. At least me and your father did"

You stood up with anger.

"You bullied him because of some false statements this new kid Kian said?!" you spat and Caide told you to calm down.
"False? He had bruises everyday when he came to school!!" you mother yelled back.
"Did you dimwits even try to come to the assumption he was being abused at home??!"
"Wait.. how'd you know Kian was a new kid?"

You parents stood up and you gulped.

"Um.. you said he was" you laughed off and Caide bumped in.
"What happened afterwards??"

Your parents looked at each other.

"We don't know. We never saw Vice again. When Kian came back to school he was so beat up he couldn't talk.. and when he finally did, he said he didn't know either.." your mother told Caide.

Caide took your hand and went to leave but he was stopped by your father.

"Where are you going? Let's have a couple of drinks!"
"I have to return some beads.." Caide mumbled and left the house with your hand in his.


"Caide how could you?!" you yelled and he shushed you.
"Kian.. okay that book that Lance gave us should have him in it. You know where he lives right? Let's go.." Caide began pulling you down the street and you pushed him.
"I'm tired of walking! He lives far away.."

You took out your phone and called Damons number.

No answer.

"Fuck!" you yelled and then reached in your pocket. You pulled out a knife and Caide immediately snatched it from you.
"What are you doing??!"
"Just give it here!"

He held it above your head and you stomped on his foot making his drop it.
You grabbed it and ran the blade across your hand. You winced as blood poured down.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Caide yelled and you picked up the knife.
"He'll be on the way.."

Caide grabbed your uninjured arm.

"How many times have you done this? You're gonna tell me what happened! I know you lied about Vice hurting you so tell me what the demon did or made you do!" he scolded and your gritted your teeth with anger.

"What?! Are you gonna tell my parents?!"


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