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He turned and his eyes widened when he saw your cut up clothing.

"What the.."

You ran to him and wrapped him in a hug. Tears poured from your eyes as you buried your face in his chest.
"I can't leave you alone for two seconds.." he sighed as he stroked your head. "Where's the spirit?"
You showed Caide the beads and he groan. "What happened?? Why are you crying and scraped up?"

You told him everything.
About how you had to stay after school and your best friend turning out be a demon and trying to eat you.

You told him about how you broke Vices beads and about your teacher.

"He's an 1000 year old demon?" he said surprised as he looked at the bite marks on your arm.
"That's so weird.. I've never seen anything like that! Damn it Y/n.." Caide let out stressed but you didn't have much to say.

"Wait! Vice might think I'm dead.. I need to see him so he won't freak out!" You told Caide and he rolled his eyes.
"No Y/n.. you don't need to be involved anymore"
"Caide.." you looked him in the eyes and he turned away.
"Fine, but it'll be quick. We need to get back to my place before dark"



You said down the old school hall to no response. You looked back at Caide and he shrugged. You intertwined your hands and Caide almost lost it.

"What the hell are you doing?!" he whispered yelled and you giggled.
"I'm scared.. you should make me feel safe~" you whispered with a tease.
"Why would I want to make an ugly witch like you feel safe!" Caide spat and you smiled holding in your anger.
"Ugly witch?! You bastard do you want to die!?"


Both your heads shot to the sound as he held you close to his chest.

"Y/n.. you're okay? I thought something had happened.." Vice floated through a wall and had a sad expression that was mixed with spite.

Soon his smile came back and he pushed Caide out the way as he hugged you.

"I'm so happy you're okay.."
"V-Vice!" You let out with a smile and he let go.
"I know, I know I'm cold" he sighed and then looked at Caide. "Shaman did you fix the beads?"

Caides eye twitched as he smiled.

"No, you'll have to wait until tomorrow.."
"Tomorrow? No! I need it fixed now!" Vice yelled surprising both of you, "I mean.. can't you fix it now? I don't feel like staying another day in here"
"Sorry.. I need time. I'll just have to lose more sleep because of you two" Caide sighed and then turned around, "Come on Y/n let's go"

You began to follow him until a cold hand gripped around your wrist.

"Ah.. um she can stay the night here" Vice smiled nervously and Caide laughed.
"You're joking? Obviously you can't protect her.. so I'll be watching her"
"What? I'm perfectly capable of doing so!! My beads just broke, ask her.. I almost killed it!!"

Vice and Caide looked at you as you stood awkward.

"Um.. Vice I don't want to stay the night in the abandoned school" You felt guilty saying that for some reason.
"What? But sweetheart.." Vice said quietly and Caide smiled boastfully.
"We'll be back, don't worry I'll take good care of her tonight~"

You slapped Caide across the back of the head and he gripped your shirt angrily.

You both walked out the school as Vice watched you leave with his head down. Your heart stung and Caide noticed your expression.

"You know I'm really getting tired of you.." he said looking up and you gave him a confused look, "My life use to be calm before you came tumbling on my doorstep"

You bit your lip and ignored him as you looked the other way.

"You know.. I wouldn't be complaining if you were some hot chick" he pressed further and you continued to ignore him.

Caide went on to describe a girl who had the opposite of your features. You bit your lip angrily not feeling in the mood to argue with him.
You ignored his taunting until you got to the shrine.

"I mean.. it's such a drag. I can't believe I even risked my life to help you and make you my shaman wife" he said with an arrogant tone and you finally lost it.
"Ugh!! Just fucking shut up!! What? You just want to make me more upset after a terrible day!?" You yelled teary as he smiled, "And wipe that stupid smug smile off your face!! And have you know, you're not my type either jerk!"
"Who are you telling to shut up?! I was just telling you how I feel you stupid little girl!" he yelled back.
"Stupid?! I'll show you stupid asshole!!"

Without even thinking, you rose your hand to slap him and he caught it.

You just stared into his complacent, brown eyes as tears streamed down yours.

"You're the worst.. you don't think I know what you're doing.." you said looking to the side as he laughed lightly.
"I don't know what you're talking about witch.."
"And you're still being mean to me? Why can't you be nice like Vice?" you admitted shamefully and he pulled you into a hug.
"Well.. I just want you to let it out.." he sighed rubbing the back of your head.
"But what if I don't want to let it out on you Caide?!" You exclaimed as you looked up into his eyes.

His face reddened and he looked away.

"What did I say about the name you witch?"
"You're the witch!!" You yelled and you both began laughing. "I need to shower.."

You had dried blood on your skin and you could feel your hair was a mess.

"You know where the waterfall is.."


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