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"You know where the waterfall is.."


"Ah.." you let out as you sunk into the steamy hot water.

It was such a weird waterfall.. cold one minute, warm and steamy the next.
It felt so good to just be clean again.

You laid in the same spot a bit before anxiety began to seep in.

Demons can't go in the temple.. but what about outside?

You suddenly became paranoid as you looked around. You could hear branches snapping.
You even thought about Lila's corpse that could be rotting in the woods.

"Caide!!" You yelled at the back door to no reply.

You frowned.

Of course he wouldn't come..

You turned back around until you heard the door swing open.
"Here are some clothes.. you ready to get out? I have your uniform in the washer" Caide sighed and you smiled.
"No.. I'm just scared, can you stay out here until I'm done please?"

He gave you the most annoyed expression but you knew he'd stay.

"Hurry up, our food will get cold"

He sat on a big rock beside the stream as he looked up at the sky.

The water was up to your shoulders and the steam covered everything so you weren't worried.

You washed your body with the bar of soap and then set it back on the stones that outlined the stream.
You dipped your whole head under the warm water and came back up with a smile.

"Are you done yet?"
"Don't rush me, I've had a long day.." you stated with an attitude.

You moved over to where Caide was and looked up at him, knowing it would make him mad.
He opened his eyes and when he saw your face poking out the water his eye twitched.

"Go back over there!" He yelled and you began laughing hard.

You fell back in the water as he continued to scold you.

"Y/n I'm warning you! Stop playing around! This is not appropriate!"
"I know, I know.. it's just funny seeing you flustered" you grinned, "I bet it's because you've never felt the touch of a women, nevertheless seen one naked~"

His face reddened agitated and you decided to continue to tease him.

"I'm warning you.."
"Mommy issues Caide? Oh I mean sir.. Mommy issues sir?" You laughed as you picked on him and couldn't stop. "What's wrong Caide? You look.. pff"

You couldn't even finish your joke as fell back laughing at his expression.

Okay okay.. I'll stop teasing him now.

You slowly floated back over to where you were after entertaining yourself.


Your heart dropped when you heard someone get in the water.

"Uh.." you said looking around for Caide but all you saw were his clothes sitting on the rock.

Your jaw dropped and suddenly you regretted teasing him.

"Ah.. C-Caide I was just joking! I was playing around!" you laughed off as you tried to listen for him.

All you could hear was the sound of the waterfall behind you dropping down.

There seemed to be alot more steam or fog than before because you couldn't see infront of you.

You covered your chest with your arms as you backed away.

"Caide?" You said again and before you knew it something grabbed your ankle.

You screamed as you began getting dragged under water.
"Stop!! Okay!! I get it! I'm sorry!" You yelled and Caide came from under the water laughing.
"No.. I don't think you're sorry~"

He began pushing your shoulders underwater as you tried to wrap your arms around his neck.

"Stop it!!" You laughed but decided to bring him down too.

You both went underwater and for a moment your chests touched which made you let go of each other.
You both came up with a gasp and you couldn't even look at him.

Your face was hot and you didn't know whether it was from the water or not.

"Y-You asshole!! What's wrong with you?!" you spat embarrassed as he yelled back.
"You started it!!"
"Why'd you take your clothes off weirdo?!"
"I wasn't about to get my clothes wet coming after you.. you whale!!" he yelled and you refuted.
"Whale?! You loser!!"
"You witch!"
"What would your ancestors think of you using such vile language~?" You smirked and he let out a quick laugh.
"I think a stubborn girl like you is an exception~"

You rolled your eyes but then noticed how close your bodies were again.
With no clothes..

Your face flushed as thoughts filled your head and Caide noticed.

He grabbed your wrist gently.

"Never touched a woman before huh~?" he teased.
"Oh shut up" you mumbled and then looked at him.

Caides dark brown hair was wet as it dripped in his face. He had that stupid cheeky smile he always wore when he teased you.
Your eyes traveled lower to his toned chest and he noticed your eyes move.
You gulped as your legs brushed up against his and you felt his eyes narrow on you.

"What are you looking at?" he said a bit annoyed and you looked away.
"Nothing.. I just didn't noticed your red highlights in your hair.." you smiled nervously.
"Yeah, they're visible when my hair gets wet.." he said gently and the atmosphere changed.

His finger trailed up your cheek and moved a strand of your hair back. You looked into his eyes and his widened a bit.
"Um Caide.."
"Let's go eat.."
"But.." you started until he splashed your face with a laugh, "Hey!!!"

"Come on.. the foods probably cold"


After drying off and getting dressed, you and Caide sat on the floor infront of each other eating dinner.

You took the fork and stabbed it into your chicken and rice as he waited for you to eat.
You put it in your mouth and Caide looked like he was waiting for a response.

"It's good.. thank you" you smiled and a small one appeared on his face.

Caide looked down at his food as his hair still dripped wet.

"I should've been there today.."

To be continued ❤️

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