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After getting dressed you went to school.

Your stomach began to turn as you sat in class knowing Lila would never walk through the door again.
Mr. Lance wasn't even phased by it all, and after class you stayed behind.

"Uh.. Damon"
"Yes?" he responded intrigued.
"I need records.. from the old school"
"Ah for Vice right? I'm assuming?"
"Yes!" You smiled.
Mr. Lance chuckled and brought your fingers to his lip. "That'll come at a price~ What are you gonna give me?"

He laughed as you stood awkwardly.

"Don't play dumb, I'm quite hungry" he licked your fingers and you winced as he bit and drew blood.
He licked the red from your fingers.
"A finger? Or do you want to give me a limb.." He noticed your disgusted expression, "What? Don't give me that face~ You can give me your virginity.. I'm sure that will work just fine too~"

"How about I spare your life" Caide said annoyed as he walked through the door and threw what looked like a spiritual spear beside Lances head.

Mr. Lance fake gasped and looked at you heartbroken.

"You told him about us? How could you do this to me??" he fake pouted as you took your hand back.

Caide grabbed the small spear and put it on his side.

"She won't be giving you anything, now hurry up and give us the info" Caide demanded and Mr. Lance leaned back in his chair with a whistle.
"And if I don't?"

Caide pulled out a small piece of paper and wrote red ink on it.
He slapped it to the demonic teachers forehead.

"What the.." he said trying to get it off but it was stuck like glue. "Did you just curse me?"
"No it's a talisman. If you don't give us the files you'll disintegrate within two hours"
"Wow.." you mistakenly let out a little impressed and Caide dropped his stern attitude.
"What are you wowing at? You're impressed by anything aren't you!?"
"Shut up! Can I not wow? You should take that as a compliment!!"

Mr. Lance waited for you two to stop arguing as it escalated.

"Oh please don't act like you wouldn't miss me.." you crossed yours annoyed and turned the opposite direction.
"Don't turn away from me little girl!!!" He turned you around and grabbed the shirt of your uniform.
"Little?? Don't act like you didn't just slap my ass this morning!" You yelled back.
"And I'll do it again if you don't shut up!!"

You both turned your head as the teacher tiptoed away.

"Where are you going?!" you both yelled at the same time and Mr. Lance laughed nervously.

He sat back in his chair and started rummaging through his desk.
He pulled out a huge book with a class that was from fifteen years prior.

"I actually figured you might ask, so I got it before" he gave the book to Caide and the talisman fell off his head.

You opened the book and turned the pages.

It's not like you knew Vice's last name but you were sure you could find his picture.

You scrolled through page and page but couldn't find a name.

"I can't find his name or picture in the student section" you said and Caide sighed.
"I told you I don't remember Vice being his name.. that's not what my grandfather called him"
"Oh yeah? Then what is it?" you looked at him annoyed and he rolled his eyes.

"Let me think"

You continued to look through other photos.

"Maybe he died before he could take class photos like the others.." you stated and stopped at a certain page.

Huh? That guy kind've looks like Vice.

He had smokey black hair and bright hazel eyes just like Vice.
His hair cut was rather similar and he was in his uniform just like Vice!

In the picture, he was surround by a group of friends.
They were boys around his height and one had his arm around Vice.

Although, the longer you looked.. the more forceful it seemed.

Vice was quite handsome looking but average like he mentioned before.
Although he was cute and looked sweet. His jawline was nice and he had a nice build compared to the other guys, which was slender and tall.

He looks so proper, like a future business man.
It's so cute..


"C-Caide!!!" you yelled embarrassed.
"Don't act like I don't know what you were thinking.." he said monotoned looking at the book aswell.
"That doesn't matter!!"
"So you admit it?"

"Did you find anything?" Mr. Lance asked and you forgot he was still in the room.
"Just a picture.."
"Vincent!!!" Caide yelled, "Try Vincent!"

You turned to the back of the book and searched for the name Vincent.

"Vincent Powell.. what a dorky name.." you laughed and Caide glared at you.
"There's no picture.." he pointed out and you sighed.

Caide tossed the book on the teachers desk and then put the spear to Damon's throat.


"Don't you ever speak to her that way again. Don't even think you'll ever get a taste of her. I'll beat your ass, make you eat your own tongue and then kill you if I catch you" Caide spat and Mr. Lance chuckled.
"Threatening me? Come on shaman, that's not very nice"
"Do I look fucking nice to you??"

Caide pressed the sharp staff into Damons neck until the black and red blood dripped down.
You placed your hand on his chest and he stopped.

"Let's go"


You sighed walking home with Caide.

"What's wrong?" he asked and you looked at him.
"I'm nervous.."
"Don't be"
"No, I'm nervous about you.." you mumbled and he stopped.
"Pfft, you're joking?" he asked but you were serious. "God you're annoying" he laughed.

He placed his hand on your head and you looked up at him.

"I'm not gonna die.." He reassured but you didn't reply, "Okay Y/n what will make you less nervous?"

Your kids. 😁

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