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Vice floated in the air and came up behind you.
"It's just a question.. I'm just surprised that you aren't scared or suspicious of me"
"Why would I be? You're sweet to me.."

You heard him smile as he lingered behind you.

"What if I'm only sweet to you?" he whispered in your ear.
"Then wouldn't that contradict you being a friendly spirit to everyone?" You asked slyly as he laughed.

Vice sat back in front of you.
He tapped your hand making you feel coldness in only that spot.
"You know.. I'd love for you to only be sweet to me~ It'd make me feel special.." he smiled to himself as he looked at your hand. "I've never been special.. to anyone.."

I thought he didn't remember his life?

He noticed your confused look.

Vice smiled, "Do nice people lie?"
"I'm not sure.." you replied, "That's  pretty philosophical don't you think?"
"I suppose you're right.."
"So you lied about not remembering your life or death?" You questioned and he was shocked at your straightforwardness.
"Yes.. but I really don't remember my death.." he admitted and you gave him a look.

He threw his hands up innocently.

"Really! I don't remember.."
"Well then tell me about your life!" you told him excited and you noticed his face had a light tint of red.
"I don't know.."
"Come on!!" You grabbed his hand despite the coldness.

You waited for him to say something.
He let out a big sigh.

"I was a normal highschool student. Average.. nothing more, nothing less. I was considered the kindest boy in the school. I did all types of favors for everyone so they could like me. Kind of silly right?" he smiled to himself as you kept listening, "I remember I had a crush on this girl.. I think I was too obvious and my friends use to tease me.."

Vice let out a small laugh thinking of the memory.

"I specifically remember this new kid who was always alone.. so I wanted to be his friend. Since I was nice to everyone.." Vices words seem to get a little spiteful as he trailed off but maybe you were hearing things.
"The new kid.. was strange. He didn't think I was nice? He started telling everyone I bullied and beat him up.. but I didn't cause those bruises on him!He was lying.."

It was almost as if Vice was pleading with you to believe him.
How many people did he try to convince he wasn't causing the bruises?

"The new kid started getting popular.. everyone started believing the rumor.. they use to say I was pretending?" he laughed a bit, "I didn't understand why.. the last thing I remember before waking up as a spirit is staying after school one day to meet someone. I don't remember who.."

Vice seemed to be trying to think really hard about who it could be.

"It's been so long.." he smiled.
"That sounds rough. Being nice all the time that is.." You placed your hand on his and Vice paused.

"I don't mind it.. really, it's just how I am"


You jumped as the window beside you began cracking.
You stood up and Vice joined you.
"It's getting dark.. I think I should go home.." you told him and he held your hand.
"A-Ah wait! You can stay the night if you'd like.."
"Stay the night? This place is terrifying!" You exclaimed.
"It is scary.." he trailed off.

Oh.. I shouldn't have said that.
How long has he been here alone?

"I'll come back tomorrow after school!"
"You promise?"
"I promise.." you smiled and he let you go.
"Let me give you something first.."

Vice floated over to the teachers desk and opened the drawer.
The first thing that came to your mind was the knife.
Vice pulled out a bracelet with pink cherry blossoms. It had light blue gems hanging from the brown string that kept it together.
You had never seen anything like it before.

Vice saw your eyes glistening and smiled. He flew over and wrapped it around your wrist.

"Woah.." you let out and he laughed.
"You're welcome~"


You walked out the school still staring at the bracelet.
You were so memorized that you weren't paying attention and bumped into someone.

"Oh sorry.."
"Yeah you better be sorry"

You looked up and it was Caide.

"What did I say? It's sir to you.."

You rolled your eyes.

"What are you doing here?! It's dangerous!" He yelled and you were taken back.
"What are you doing here?"
"I had a feeling you were here.."
"What? Because of gods blessing?" You said sarcastically and he laughed.
"That's precisely why!"
"What's it to you?" You rolled your eyes and he crossed his arms.
"Stop being so immature, this is serious.."
"Stop treating me like I'm a child! You were the one who was too scared to even go in this place!" You yelled at him and you both glared at each other.

Caide grabbed your arm gently and drug you out the woods and towards the regular school.

"Let go!" You told him and that's when he noticed the bracelet on your wrist.
"You didn't have that before.. where'd you get that? You got it from that spirit didn't you?! That's not a normal bracelet!"
"It's a present.." you trailed off and he huffed frustrated.
"You don't know what kind of supernatural mojo he could have put on that bracelet Y/n!" Caide scolded and you rolled your eyes.
"You said yourself he couldn't grant wishes and that he didn't have any power.." you spat and before you could react, Caide grabbed the collar of your shirt.

His grip was tight as he pulled you closer. You were surprised that he would even show this much aggression.. even if all he did was grab your shirt.

"Listen to me! I'm just trying to protect you!" He yelled in your face and you went quiet. "Just.. geez.. I'm sorry Y/n" he apologized letting go.
You pushed him away and stormed off as he called out for you.

You went straight home.

"He's such a.." you sighed wiping the tears from your eyes.
You felt anger build.
"Why the hell does he act like that?! He didn't have to scream in my face.." you sighed.




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