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"Wait.. I don't want to sleep alone"


You didn't want to admit it.
Personally both of them had been annoying you all day.
But you were scared.. and if anyone could protect you, it was them.

Caide looked at you a bit surprised and your heart jumped as his eyes wandered lower from yours.

"I'll do it" Vice volunteered, "Go shaman.. go sleep on the couch and I'll keep her safe"
"What?! No way!! You didn't even help with the demon!!"
"I was keeping Y/n safe.." Vice smiled and sat on your bed. "I'll scare the demon off if you want me too.. I know another way~"
"The only way to kill or 'scare' a demon is with a shaman.." you told him and Vice chuckled and tilted your chin.
"No.. I know another way but we can't tell Caide.." he smiled and Caide glared at you.
"Put some clothes on" he spat as he began dragging Vice out the room.
"Stoppp, I want to help her pick her outfit!!" Vice whined before Caide slammed the door.

You quickly closed the blinds and threw on your underwear with a shirt and some shorts.

As soon as you were done, you walked in the living room where Caide and Vice were waiting.
Caide yawned and you knew he hadn't gotten any sleep for the past two days.

Now that you thought about it, Vice didn't even need sleep?

Caide stood up and for some reason you felt nervous.

You'd slept with him before so.. why'd it feel weird this time?

"Come on.." he said sleepily as he grabbed your hand and drug you to the room. Vice followed behind you both but didn't say anything.

You shut your room door and went to lay in your bed as Vice and Caide watched over you with the light off.

You were tired but couldn't sleep.

You were so paranoid because of your window, which you knew still had bloody writing.
You rubbed your arms and you noticed Vice had his eyes on the window while Caides were closed as he leaned against the wall.

"I think I'm gonna keep watch outside.." Vice stated but not before walking over to you. "I wish I could comfort you right now without making it worse.." he whispered in your ear as his cold fingers trailed your arm.
"Vice.." you said quietly as he smiled and walked out through a wall.

You knew Caide was half sleep because he didn't notice the interaction you and Vice just had.
You closed your eyes feeling you could finally get some sleep but immediately you were shook awake by chills.
You let out groan of discomfort as you turned and pulled the blanket closer.

"Caide.." you breathed quietly and you heard him mumble "hm?".
"I can't sleep.."

Surprisingly, his steps came closer to your bed. He bent down so you were face to face.

"What is it? I told you not to worry.." he said sleepily as he stroked your face with his thumb.

He's sweeter when he's tired..

"I feel so cold.." you told him and he let out a sigh.
"Scoot over.."

You didn't question him as he climbed in bed and wrapped his arms around you.
He was warm unlike Vice.
You felt your goosebumps ease and without thinking you nuzzled your head into his chest.

"Thanks I guess.." you mumbled out and he let out a light chuckle.
"You guess?"
"Just shut up.."
"I can't believe you've got me doing this.."

You looked up at him and he looked away embarrassed.

"Stop staring at me.. It's inappropriate enough"
"I don't think you mind~" you smiled with a tease and Caide was taken back.

"I'm leaving"

Caide tried to get out the bed and you grabbed him.
"Noooo.." you said with an exaggerated frown and he laid back down.
"Then stop that" he scolded.

You rolled your eyes and turned the other way.

Soon you fell asleep.


You opened your eyes a bit surprised to see daylight.

You questioned if you had really fell asleep since it was morning so fast.
No dreams, no anything.

You groaned at the thought of going to school and stretched.
You looked down and realized a pair of arms were wrapped around your waist.

You soon felt breathing behind you.

Every memory from last night flooded in and your eyes widened.

Caide was still in the bed sound asleep!!
And where was Vice?

"Ah.." you mistakenly let out as Caide began squeezing you tigher in his sleep.
"C-Caide let go!"
"Just lay down a little longer.." he mumbled tiredly in your ear and your face flushed.
"Good girl.."

Good girl? Who the hell does he think he is!!!

But.. you continued laying down because you didn't want to waste your energy on him.

Yeah.. that's reason!!

You reassured yourself and then looked at the wall.


A hand started reaching through it and you almost screamed until you remembered Vice.
He came into the room with a smile and looked down at you two still in bed.

"Well don't you look comfortable~"

Before you could saying anything, his cold hand grasped around your arm and pulled you up like you were dead weight.
He held you in his arms bridal style as you floated in the air.

"Shhh.. let's not wake him up. You have to get ready for school after all" he whispered.

You looked down at Caide who had just turned over in the covers.

"Y/n.." Vice whispered in your ear catching your attention, "Remember you were my wife first~" he smiled and you nodded with a shiver.

He set you down after noticing you got goosebumps.

"I wonder if the shaman could make beads so I don't make you cold.. although I bet he would never do that" he smiled and began pulling out your school uniform. "I cooked you breakfast, go eat please"

"Vice.. what are you doing? We're suppose to help you move on into the next life but you're not taking it seriously" You said a little upset and he turned handing you your clothes.

"Y/n.. don't say such things. I've just come to the conclusion I'm stuck in this world. Is it so bad I want to take care of the girl who stopped my loneliness and gave me hope?" he asked and you looked to the side.
"I guess not.."

He opened the door for you and immediately you could smell the aroma of french toast.
You rushed in the kitchen and your plate was already set.
Before you could even dig in, Vice stopped you.

"Wait let me say something first.."

You looked up at him and his cold hand trailed on your neck.

"You better not.. I mean.. I would prefer if you didn't spend so much time with the shaman"



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