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You wrapped the ripped clothing around you tightly as you made your way to the locker.
They were old and hard to unlock, but eventually you were able to turn the dial.

1984.. hasn't Vice said that before?

You unlocked the locker and pulled out a bag full of clothing. When you dropped the bag on the ground a photo fell out as well.

It was a picture taken of Vice changing in the locker room without him knowing.

Man this guy Kian is sick..

You drug the bag to a nearby bathroom and threw away the photo. You got dressed in Kians gym clothes but not before cleaning your wound.
When you put them on, you noticed blood on your shorts but decided not to question it.


Shit.. the bell already?

You hurried back to the locker and stuffed the bag back in.
You noticed all the students heading outside.

Is it lunch or something?

You spotted Vice.
"Vi-" you started but stopped when you saw Kian throw his arm around his shoulder. Vice looked very uncomfortable, but the group around him was laughing with ill intentions.

I need to get him alone.

You spotted a familiar face.
It was the guy from earlier who warned you about being friends with Vice.

"Hey come here.." you whispered him over and he looked around.
"Can you help me?" you asked nicely and he scratched his neck.
"I don't know.. seems like it might have something to do with Vice" he mumbled uncertain and you grabbed his hand.
"Please! Someone might be in danger!" you begged and he nodded.

"What do you need me to do?"


You watched as the boy when over to the group bothering Vice.
He started making a scene about how there was a fight outside and everyone stopped what they were doing to see.

They rushed out the door, leaving Vice alone and you quickly grabbed his hand and drug him to the roof stairwell.

"Oh it's you!" he smiled and you frowned.
"Why don't you stick up to him? You stick up to Caide!!" you yelled as if he would know.
"I don't know who that is but.." Vice sighed, "Kian is troubled. Even if I did hit him back, people would really believe the rumors are true.."
"Let the rumors be true Vice!!!" you shouted at him and he went silent, "Beat his ass!! Who cares about the rumors?!"
"That's just not in my blood.. sorry.." he mumbled and then his eyes widened.

"That's Kians gym uniform.." he backed away and you tried your best to reassure him.
"It's a long story!! I promise, you can trust me!"
"I know it's his because that's my blood from the other day on his shorts.."

Vice sighed and looked down from the roof.

"I tried to jump from here once.. but I got scared" he laughed and you held his hand, "I don't feel such dread when I'm with you. Who are you? You keep saying I'm gonna die so are you like from the future?" he asked excited and you laughed.
"Let's just say.. we're married"
"WE'RE MARRIED?!" Vice yelled with a grin.
"Yes bu-"

He cut you off as he picked you up in the air and span you.
You laughed as you asked him to put you down and he kissed you.

"This is crazy to believe but I don't care! I have my wife all to myself!!" he smiled as he dipped you.

Haha.. right.. all to himself..

"Then how am I your husband and I'm dead in the future?"
"It's complicated.. I want you to meet me on the roof after school okay?" you asked and he replied with a nod
"Anything you want!" he kissed your hand this time and you couldn't help but facepalm with a blush. "Question, am I good in bed? Like toes curling good?"
"Oh my god Vice get away from me!!" you laughed flustered as he pulled you closer.


You heard the roof door move and you both froze in fear.

Someone's on the roof.

You heard footsteps, and eventually your mom and the guy she was with before came into view.

"Oh my god.. look!" she gasped and the guy began laughing.
"What the hell do you want?!" you yelled and Vice tried to stop you.
"Is she talking to me like that?" your mother said with disgust and you laughed.
"Who else?"

She crossed her arms with a pout as she came closer.

"Vice I thought you liked me?? Was that a lie??" your mother said with fake jealousy.
"Yeah.." Vice told her as he grabbed your hand.
"I see.. you really are a liar.." she mumbled and locked hands with the boy beside her. "Honey should we tell Kian?"

Honey? That's my dad?! They've been together this long..? He's so quiet.

"Don't know.." he mumbled and you moved on your own.

You quickly snatched the girl by her hair and hung her upper torso over the roof.
She let out a scream and you covered her mouth.

Vice held back the guy and you made sure not to draw attention from below.
"I'll drop you right now, I don't care" you told her and her face grew frightened, "Don't scream"
She nodded and you uncovered her mouth.
"You're insane!!!" she yelled and you rolled your eyes with a smirk.
"You're damn straight.. If I find out Kian knows.. I'll kill both of you" you threatened and she bit her tongue.

Of course I won't really.. if my parents die I won't be born.

"Fine crazy bitch let go of me!! Vice will get what's coming to him!!"

You threw her on the ground and she hit the floor. The guy ran over to her and Vice was flustered as you grabbed his hand and left the roof.

Another bell rung and he had to go to class.
Quickly you drug him to a closet.

"Meet me on the roof after school okay?" you told him and he nodded.
"You're amazing.."
"Leave! Go to class! It'll be suspicious if you don't show up.." you smiled and he kissed you again.
"Okay.. bye sweetheart! I love you~"

You facepalmed with a flustered smile as he left.

Alive him is so stupidly sweet..

You sat in the closet waiting for the end of school.
This was your only chance.
Even if it wasn't real, or if it was a hallucination.

This was your only way to find out what happened to Vice and if you could save him.

You sat on the ground with your back against the wall.


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