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"What? What do you want me to do Y/n!!"


"Nothing I don't want anything from you.." you looked to the side and he scoffed.
"Stop acting like this"
"You stop acting like this.."
"Quit acting like a child!!" he yelled and you looked at him hurt.
"You're the stupid fucking child!!" You tried to walk away but he wouldn't let you.
"Tell me what happened while I was gone.. I'll fix everything"
"I don't need you to fix anything!" you yelled at him and he gritted his teeth.
"Then what the hell do you want from me?!"

Tears dripped down your cheeks.
Almost naturally you wrapped your arms around Caide and he immediately held you back.

The hug was so tight and reassuring as Caides strong arms held you in.
You wiped your face on his clothing and he let out a small laugh.

"What'd I say about the ugly crying? You're getting my clothes dirty!"
"I'm the one who washed these.." you smiled lowly and Caide pulled your shoulders back.
"He didn't hurt you right?"

You looked through your memory's and rubbed your sore arm.

You shook your head no.

"What about the demon?"
"No.. he actually helped" you sighed and Caide took your hand.
"We'll figure this out. 23 hours left and I won't leave you again.."

You gulped.
Does he not know about the shaman finalization?

"We can't go back to my temple because technically I'm still possessed" he said holding your hand.
"Well we can't go back to my house because my parents are home.."
"So? Let's go!"
"No I don't think you understand.. they had something to do with Vices murder"
"What the hell.." Caide let out wholesomely shocked before groaning. "Fuckkkkkk, where are we going to stay?!"
"Caide calm down.."
"No! Demons roam at night and I don't have my weapons to protect you!!" He stated angrily and you cupped his face.
"We'll figure it out.."

He moved you against the wall again.
You both had a smile on your face as you rubbed his chest.

"What are you doing~?"
"Nothing bad~" you flirted and he caught your hand. He pinned it against the wall before making you look up at him.
"Oh really? It seems very bad to me wife"
"Is it~?"
"Yes it is. It's inappropriate and don't let it happen again" he said sternly with a frown before turning around.

You were left shocked and embarrassed.

This asshole.. he does this on purpose..
He's such a stick in the mud!

"I have a friend.. follow me"


Caide led you to this run down area where he talked to this shady guy.

"Dude what happened to your hair??" he laughed and Caide looked back at you with agitation.
"Yeah what did happen to my hair.." he trailed off and you laughed nervously.
"Anyways this is all I have available"

The man pulled out a key and Caide grabbed it.

You followed behind him as you went upstairs and into a dingy motel. When you went inside the walls were scratched up and it smelled surprisingly clean despite its look.

You went in the bathroom and the tub was a horrid brown. The bathroom reeked and you quickly exited disgusted.
There was a small kitchen with empty boxes of cereal in the one cabinet there was.

The fridge was empty of course.

Next was the bedroom.
There was a huge window and a neatly made bed with white sheets.
There was also a small closet.

Not bad I guess..

"What the.. this place is horrible! This is not suitable for a woman and shaman!!" Caide yelled and turned around.

You grabbed his arm.

"Where are you going?"
"To get a different room, I know they have suites"
"But he said he could barely get this one for us.. everything is booked!" you told Caide and he sighed.
"I don't want you staying in this place"
"It's okay" you hugged his arm and he rolled his eyes.
"What are you doing?" he questioned with a low voice.
"Can I not hug your arm?"
"No.. it's not appropriate.."


You pushed him against the wall and he continued looking away.

"Stop acting like what we're doing is illegal!! You act like we didn't kiss all those times.." you trailed off hurt and he didn't reply.
"Those were a mistake"

Your heart throbbed.


"I um.." you almost choked up but didn't want him to see it get to you, "Mistake?!"
"Yeah a mistake" he took your wrist and raised it above your head.

He just stared into your eyes waiting for a response. You refused to look back as he held you in place.

D-Does he just want to see me cry? He's so mean..

You bit your lip upset and he finally let you go.

"We need to think.. I can't believe this spirit bastard is inside my body.." he huffed but you refused to listen as he leaned against the wall.

After all I did.. he won't even show me affection? I've been yearning to see him and he repays me with rejection?

"You said your parents were responsible for Vices death? Well that's one step closer to finding out his story" Caide continued on.

And he doesn't even care.. Isn't he the one who kissed me first? He kissed me!! He kissed me before we even went in the school and he got possessed.

"I'm sure once we find out the truth we'll be able to get the spirit to move on.. is there anything else I should know?" he asked opening his eyes.

I.. can't believe I fell for such a jerk. Why the hell am I still here?

"Y/n? I'm talking to you"
"Whatever.." you stormed passed him in anger and he grabbed your arm. "Let go of me!!"
"Where are you going?!"
"Away from you! I'm staying with Damon!!"
"You don't even know where he lives!" Caide yelled pulling you closer.
"Yes I do! Let go of me Caide!!"

Hot tears streamed and he bit his lip.

"Why do you know where he lives?!"
"What's it to you? I'm leaving you can't stop me!" You yelled smacking his hand and he groaned loudly.
"Dammit Y/n it's dangerous!! Get back over here now!"

You ignored him and walked out the door.

You still had time before sun down.


Guess their Zodiac signs lmfao

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