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Oh Vice..

How could he still wear a smile while admitting to being suicidal?

"Vice.." you said solemnly and he stroked your cheek.
"You've been the only person to be kind to me in a while. We met just today and I'm already wanting to stay by your side forever.." he admitted, "God I'm getting cheesy.. just give me the kiss sweetheart or I refuse to meet you"

You rolled your eyes and leaned forward.

Thank god there was no one in the hall because within seconds you were slammed against the wall, consumed in yet another one of Vices kisses.
It felt so real, it had to be.

It was really his soft yet aggressive lips on yours.

His hands pressing on your hips.
You knew Caide would be upset but he was the reason you had gotten out your seatbelt to begin with..
Atleast Vice was sweet.

Traumatized, depressed but sweet.

He bit your lip and you whined against his skin. He lifted your legs and you pushed at his chest but he grabbed your wrists gently.

You felt disappointment as he stopped but still he held you close.

"Please.." he mumbled and you gave him a confused look, "I don't know who you are but I feel a connection somehow. If you say I'm gonna die.. can you really stop it?"
"I promise.." you touched his hair and he smiled with doubt.
"Yeah.. okay sweetheart"

He let go and walked to class, leaving you in the hall alone.

What do I do..?
Wait if this is real, isn't Lance still around??

"Maybe I should find Kian.." you mumbled and heard walking in the hall.

You ducked behind a wall and it was your mom, Kian and some guy.
They were skipping class and heading towards the roof.

"God I need a smoke.." Kian let out and stopped by that bathroom, "Go ahead without me" he said as if ordering them to leave him alone.

He went inside the guys bathroom and the other two students went up the stairwell.
Slowly.. you opened the bathroom door.

Fuck.. if only I had like a rock.

You checked your pockets and pulled out a knife.

Oh.. helpful.

You crept inside and heard water running.

He's washing his hands.
Killing his killer should save Vice..

You peeked around the corner but no one was there, yet the water was still running.


You whinced as Kian slammed you into a wall.

"What are you doing in here?" He asked and you hid the knife.
"I-I just have something to tell you.." you said trying to sound nervous and cute.
"What is so important you followed me in the mens bathroom? Who are you anyway..?" he spoke sternly after letting you go.

He's in love with Vice right?

"I have a crush on you.." you admitted with a blush and he chuckled.
Kian pulled your hair back with a smirk.


"W-What?" you pushed away as he unzipped his pants.
"You like me? Do me a favor and let me give you a mouth full then..~"
"What?! No get away!!" You pushed but his smile faded.

He brought his lips to your ear before chuckling sadisticly.
"I lie all the time.. you don't think I know when someone's lying to me~?"

He threw you on the floor and the knife slid out your pocket.

Ew ew ew!! The mens floor!

"A knife? That's cute.." he walked closer and you scattered for the blade.
He stepped on your skirt and pulled your hair again. "Let go!!!"
You kicked him in the groin and he whinced as he pinned you to the ground.

A slap went across your face as he pulled your hair. You flung your head forward and hit his nose, making it bleed.

"You bitch!!" he yelled and snatched the knife from you.
"Kian stop!!" you yelled as he put it to your throat.
"Oh so you do know my name? I wouldn't think so.. you obviously don't know who you're fucking with~" he drug the blade down your blouse as you stayed still. "So why are you trying to attack me? Go on.. tell the truth"

You bit your lip thinking of a lie.


He cut your button uniform open and before you could react he pressed it lightly into your chest.

"Hands. Down." Kian ordered and you did as told. "Can I take a guess?"

You didn't reply and he smirked.

"Does it have something to do with Vice? He's such a catch isn't he..~"
"No.. I don't know who tha-"


Your face flew to the side and tears formed.

"Stop please.." you mumbled as he cut your bra.
"Then tell the fucking truth. Is that so hard?" he leaned forward and you refused to answer.
"You know.. you're pretty cute~"

Your heart thud as he messed with your skirt.

"Stop!!! Okay!!" you yelled and he smiled, "Um.. because If I can't have you, no one can"

He gave you a dumb look.

"Are you serious? You really like me huh?" his smooth hands glided on your skin and you nodded. "You we're gonna kill me.. because you didn't want anyone else to have me?"
"Is that so wrong?" you looked up with a frown and he was surprised.
"Alright.. you are cute so I'll let it slide.." he glided the knife down your waist.

"Hm.. okay.."
"W-What are you doing?!" You exclaimed and he kissed your collarbone.
"Just giving you a present. Don't move"

You whinced at every mark he made in your skin. When he was done, you looked in the mirror to see bloody letters written backwards.


"Are you happy? Don't pull this again or I'll be upset with you.." he patted your head.
"What about my uniform?!" You yelled and he laughed.
"Oh yeah.. sorry about that. In my defense, you were really suspicious. You can use my gym clothes if you want~"
"Where are they.." you glared at him and he smiled.
"Other side of the school. In Locker 5. The passcode is 1984. You better hurry before the bell rings again.." he told you before walking off.

You held your clothes together with anger.

"Oh yeah.. one more thing love~ We're having this get together after school. It'll be fun, you should come" Kian invited you to Vices murder.
"Sounds fun.." you mumbled and he waved you off with a smile.


To be continued

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