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"Just give up"


Damn it!! I broke the beads that allowed him to leave the school!!

You backed away as the demon continued to grin and come closer.

"Lila?! What happened!? Tell me!!" You begged but got no reply.
"It's nothing personal. Lila's been dead for awhile.. well, I've been dead for awhile.." her voice went back to normal for a moment, "But.. you becAme so yummy smelling.. must be the Charm of the spirits wiFe"

You ran towards the window knowing your only option was to jump out it.
Before you could even hit the glass you we're caught and dragged beneath black tentacles that had emerged from her deformed body.
You felt them wrap and begin pulling at your limbs as you screamed in agony.

"Let go!!! Stop please!!" You screamed as she bit her pointy teeth into your skin.


Before you knew it, a mixture of black and red blood was on the floor.
Lila didn't move as she stayed on top of you.

Soon she fell forward and you pushed her narrow, now bloody, body on the ground.

"Are you okay?"

You realized your breathing was erratic and you could barely catch your breath.

"Caide.." You said lowly and wrapped your arms around your savior.
"Well.. I told you my name was Damon" the man laughed and you realized it was your teacher.

You gasped and fell back on the floor as he wiped off what seemed like a sword?

"You're lucky I was here, well.. you're kind of lucky.."

Mr. Lance, or Damon.. helped you to your feet and looked at the wound on your arm.

"Thank you.. but I don't understand?"
"Don't thank me yet.." Damon said as he licked at your wounds.

You pulled your arm away disgusted.

"What?? I'm still a demon.. but I have a little more self control, don't you think I should get a treat for saving you?" he smiled and you backed away.
"If you're a demon why'd you kill.. wait you killed Lila!!" you ran over to her dead body.
"She was already dead.. hints why she's a demon" he said with a smirk.
"But why aren't you attacking me? Don't you want to eat me?" you asked suspiciously and he chuckled.

He walked closer and you backed away until you hit a desk.

"Of course I want to eat you.. I just have a little more class~" he began licking in between your bloody fingers as you winced. "First I'll start with your fingers.. maybe a limb the next day all while you're still alive~ Then your leg.. fuck, your organs would have to be next and we can't forget this pretty face of yours Y/n.." he brought his face closer to yours and you turned away.

He sighed and stood up straight.
He scratched his head as he put his sword on his hip.

"Where's your husband? Oh wait you have two!! No wonder you taste and smell like nothing I've ever seen" he laughed pulling his black hair back.
"I don't understand.."
"Of course you don't foolish girl. You got involved with things you don't understand!! Anyways, school is out early today so I have to get this cleaned up.." he trailed off.


"Go home unless you need a ride I'll take you.. make sure you do your homework too"


"And put something on those wounds"

"WAIT" you yelled and he turned to look at you.

Tears streamed down your face from frustration.

"Lila's dead.. but you're a demon too? Why didn't Caide or Vice detect you?!" you spat and he grinned as he walked up to you.
"See these beads?" he pointed at the purple ones on his wrist. "They hide me"
"I figured but how'd you even get them? Caide would never.."
"Pfft, I'm like 1000 years old. I got them from a shaman years ago who wanted me to move on when I was a spirit" He grabbed your face with a smile, "You scared?"

Your head throbbed.
How long has Lila been dead?
She was a disguised demon for a long time and you never knew.

"She was a rare case. A demon able to live among humans after death unlike spirits. I bet her dead body is out in the woods somewhere.. I bet her true form came out when she got a whiff of you~" he chuckled.

Your skin got goosebumps and you felt like throwing up.

"H-How come you don't look like them?"
He smirked, "I use to have a wife when I was a spirit.. Let's just say, she was eaten by a demon and the demon turned back into a spirit and moved on into the next life. When she died I.." he trailed off but stopped.
"So you're gonna eat me? So you can move on?" You bit your lip and he tilted your head up.
"Eventually.. but.." his hand trailed down to your skirt, "You're kinda cute, how would you like a demon husband to add to your collection~?"

You gritted your teeth angrily and began picking up the green beads on the ground.
He watched in silence as you did so.

"I know you're still confused and curious about me.. you can ask me anytime about anything but for a price~"

You ignored him.
You didn't care.
About spirits or demons or souls or shamans!
You didn't care anyone!
Your bestfriend.. just tried to rip your skin off your bones.

And turns out..
She's been dead for a while.. but who killed her? How'd she die?


You left after picking up all the beads.

As you were nearing the school entrance, you noticed Caide was standing at the gate.


To be continued.

Lance or Damon.. let's just call him both ❤️

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