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"I bet you're confused right? Don't worry.. you won't be for long shaman~"


"What the hell?" Caide spat, "But the talisman.."
"Do you doubt my supernatural abilities? I've been alive longer than you have been a shaman you know.." Vice smiled.

You looked up at Caide and he refused to look back in shame.

"Let's just say.. I switched beads. Right now I'm wearing those black beads you never gave me, the fake beads are still in the box.."

Caides heart sunk in his chest and you noticed his breathing change.

"I wonder what these beads do.. do you know shaman?" Vice asked calmly.
"No" Caide responded still standing his ground.
"I mean your grandfather made it for me.. It'd be ironic if that was his grandsons downfall right?" Vice laughed and you stood up. "Sit back down please sweetheart.."

He wasn't asking as you felt your hand begin tingling again and fell back down in pain.

"Stop hurting her" Caide demanded and Vice smiled as he floated to the ground.
"That's rich. You hurt her all the time with your words yet I'm always sweet to her.."
"Just shut the fuck up and rot in hell or something" Caide let out aggressively and Vice laughed as he walked up to him.

"This is hell.. and I'm the nice devil"

Vice gripped Caides shoulders and Caide winced.

"Please Vice no.. I'll stay with you in this school if you let Caide go!!" You yelled and Vice put a finger to his lips.
"One moment okay?"
"I'm serious!!!" You screamed and immediately was silenced by pain.

Caide balled his fist at your cries.

"See Y/n.. you didn't listen. I told you didn't I?" he laughed and you wiped your tears.
"Caide please forgive me!!"
"No.." he sighed and the looked at you with contradicting eyes, "Forgive me"

Vice rolled his eyes.

"I've always disliked you shaman.. now let's see what these beads do"

You watched in horror as Vice grabbed Caide by the throat.
It was as if in an instance, Vice disappeared and Caide fell to the ground.

The pain eased from your wrist and you rushed over to him.

"Caide?! Caide are you okay?!" you asked with tears rolling down your face and suddenly he pushed you away.

He began throwing up a mix of black and red blood on the ground as you watched confused and concerned.

"Caide?" you ran back over to him and rubbed his back with your uninjured hand.
"Don't worry sweetheart I'm fine.. although I don't think it's me you're much worried about.."


You backed away as "Caide" stood up.

"Geez that was annoying.. it feels weird being warm again.."

You backed away in shock.
He looked different.

It was Caides body but.. he looked abnormally pale compared to his usual bronze skin.
His eyes were now a bright hazel and he had a smile that usually was never shown on his scowling face.

"Vice.. what did you do?!" you yelled and he laughed a bit.
"Calm down.. let's go home and talk about this.."
"Where's Caide?! Those were beads of possession?!"

Caide.. Vice walked closer.

"Isn't that so good Y/n?! We can be together!!" Vice grasped your arm gently.

He bent down on his knee and kiss you're injured hand.

"I'm sorry.. truly I didn't want it to come to this but this is the only thing I could think of.. it's selfish yes but you have to understand where I'm coming from.." he pleaded but you stared in the same spot broken.

If.. Vices spirit is in Caides body.. where is Caides soul?

You looked around and there was nothing.

"Hey!" You felt a warm hand on your cheek and your face was turned. "Are you listening?"

You looked at his eyes but they weren't the same.
His hands felt as though they were fading cold and you began sobbing in his palm.

"No sweetheart.. don't cry. It's okay!! We can be together don't cry" Vice reassured but you sobbed harder.
"I don't want to be with you!! I want Caide! W-Where's Caide.." you cried as Vice wiped your tears with a frown.
"He's still alive.."

You looked up at his bright hazel eyes.

"H-He's alive?!"
"His soul is just knocked out for the time I'm in here.." Vice told you and you bit your lip. "Y/n.. I don't want to make you cry or upset. Why does.." he trailed off but stopped.

"One week"
"Huh?" you said confused and he had a small smile as he clasp your uninjured hand.
"I just want one week with you.. then I'll give him his body back.."

You nodded quickly and he smiled.

"I'm sorry I made you cry.. but for some reason everyone always hates me despite my niceness" Vice continued and you listened, "I do something mean, like hurt your wrist, and now you hate me. Nice or mean I'm hated"

Tears dripped from his eyes as he looked up.

"I'm sorry I just didn't want to be alone!!! I was nice all my life and I was murdered for no reason! Excuse me if I get tired of being walked over!" he raised his voice a bit and you didn't know what to say.
"I know you guys weren't gonna come back! You were gonna leave me here alone!" he looked at you upset as tears fell.
"We weren't.."
"You were!! So why? I do something for myself once. Which is to be with you and I'm hated!!! I haven't killed anyone! I haven't done anything wrong to anyone so why did I have to be murdered and stuck in limbo for eternity?!" He vented waiting for you to answer.

You immediately thought of Lila.
Who killed her if not Vice?

It was true what he was saying.
He did this for himself.. you were just happy Caide was alive.

Vice rubbed your hand.

"I couldn't even have you to myself.. you were my wife first and he swooped in and stole you!! I wish my beads never broke!!" he let out angry but slowly he began to smile and then laugh.

"You know.." he chuckled and leaned forward to your lips.

"I want you back.. it's not fair, you were mine first"

Tears for both.

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