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"Who.. is this?"

Your mother gave you a suspicious look as she walked closer to Vice.
You didn't know what to say. You couldn't even let out a sound as your fathers glare pierced into your skull.

"Who the fuck is this Y/n?" your father questioned aggressively as his eyes darted to Vice.
"Honey no need to be so aggressive.." your mother consoled sweetly.
"I'm sorry to show up so unexpectedly.. I'm Vincent. Your daughters boyfriend.."
Vice stepped forward with a smile and held his hand out.

Your parents gave each other a look and your father crossed his arms, ignoring Vices gesture.

"Vincent?" your mother smiled and shook his hand. "I love that name.."

Just when you thought your father had calmed down, his heavy footsteps trotted towards you.

"How dare you.. inviting men over while we're away. Why kind of a slut of a daughter have we raised!?"
"H-Huh?" your voice kind of squeaked as you put your hands up. You couldn't believe he'd say such a thing.
"Honey that's enough!"

Your mother rubbed your fathers shoulder, as if he was the one who needed comforting.

"Please sir, don't get upset with her. I came over and surprised her." Vice stepped forward as you stayed quiet in your fathers presence.

Why did they have to come back..

Your father gave him a look.

"Mr. L/n? Right? I hope you can accept our relationship" Vice smiled respectfully and your father scowled.
"You're nice.. I can't fucking stand nice. Honey doesn't he remind you of.." your father glanced at you as you tilted your head, "Nevermind.."

He began to storm pass you both and you thought that would be the end of that.

But.. Vice had other plans.

"Before you leave.. I just want to let you know that I'll be staying the night.."

Your jaw dropped as you stared at Vice.
He gave you an innocent smile as he pulled you closer.

"What?!" Your father turned in a rush.

Vice didn't flinch as he stomped forward. Your mother was on his right, trying to calm him down.

"Listen here pretty boy. I don't know who the hell you think you are but you're gonna leave right now!" he screamed as spit flew from his mouth.

You could see the vain popping out in his forehead as he threw a fit.

"Dad calm down, you're overreacting and being a jerk!" you spat and your mother jumped in.
"Y/n treat your father with some respect!! He's been through a lot!"

You scoffed, "Typical, sticking up for the hothead mom"
"What'd you say to your mother?! I bet you're learning this back talk from this guy!"

Your father rose a hand at Vice and Vice caught it.

"Gah!" your father let out in pain as Vice squeezed his hand.
"Your family seems so familiar.. have we met before?" Vice asked your parents and your father gritted his teeth.
"Fuck!! Let go! I've never met you in my life!" he yelled and Vice let go.

"You're happy to stay Vincent.." your mother smiled fakely as she rubbed your father hand.
"You're sweet just like your daughter.." Vice smiled as he took your hand. "We're gonna go for a walk"


"What are you doing Vice?" You questioned as you held hands.

He led you down a trail in the woods in a cheerful mood.

"I think your parents like me.."
"I beg to differ.." you looked to the side and he turned your face.
"It's rude.."
"I know!" you rolled your eyes and he smirked.

Suddenly he pushed you against a tree.

"So what do you want to do tonight? Your parents are home but it can still be fun~" he pulled at your dress.
"Ugh go away Vice.." you rolled your eyes.
"You're so cute~"

Suddenly you were engulfed in a hug that you couldn't escape.

"Stopppp!" you yelled with a smile as he squeezed you tighter.
"You're so cute ugh, I could eat you up" Vice grinned as you struggled.

He pulled you on the grass with him and scooped you in his lap.
Vice just would not let you go as he held you tighter.

"I haven't showered stop Vice!" you told him flustered as he snuggled you.
"I feel like you're hiding something.." he mumbled and you looked up shocked.


He gave you a look before pulling up your dress.

"Hey!!" you yelled pulling it back down and he saw the marks on your thigh. His eyes trailed down to the anklet before he looked at you with anger.
"H-Hey.. why are you looking at me like that?"


Vice pulled the anklet off and you winced at the sound.

"As your spirit husband I can take it off. Where'd you get it from?"

His voice was stern.
It wasn't anything you were used to.

"Why are you being so aggressive?" you asked and he scoffed.
"I'm not.. I'm perfectly calm.."
"You liar!!" You stood up and he stared up at you. "For someone so nice Vice! All you ever do is lie! Lie about your feelings"

He stood up in a rush and you jumped.

"I didn't lie about my feelings for you!"
"All you want to do is sleep with me! I know it!" You yelled upset and he went quiet.

You opened your eyes and regretted your choice of words.

"Seriously.. that's how you see me? I just wanna be able to touch your warm skin.." he looked down at the ground hurt.
"No Vice I didn't mean.."
"You're no different from them.. are you Y/n?! You just see the bad in me!!" he yelled at you for the first time.

Seeing him so worked up hurt you.
He had even expressed to you before how everyone is always suspicious of him.

I mean.. for crying out loud he was brutally murdered because of the suspicion!

He began storming off and you grabbed him arm.
"Stop it Vice.. you know I didn't mean that"

He didn't move.

"It's fine.. I'm not mad at you"
"You're lying! Again!" you cried and he gritted his teeth.

"Let me lie! It's better for everyone!"

To be continued. 💗

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