1. Chou Tzuyu

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Tzuyu's POV

"So another round?" I asked while smirking to the girl in front of me.

"Sure! But I'm not the one who will drive the car "

So he have his back up? Hella  stupid!.

"Whatever Lisa ! Another turtle again?" I laugh devilishly,

"Stop being cocky Tzuyu!" Chaeng nagged , I just shrugged my shoulders .

"Here she is!" I saw a girl with a short hair walking towards us.

"Myoui Mina?" I asked surprised. She just smiled.

"Shall we start the race tzu?"

She asked, I just smirked. She's good at this but hell I'm more better than her.

I hop in together with Chaeng.

"Woah! This will be a hella good race tzu!" Chaeng said excitedly. I just smile

"Yeah right, so fasten your seat belt tight if you still want to live your life!" I said cockily.

"Yeahhh let's goooo!"

I started the engine and run the car with 150 kph speed.

I don't let anyone win against me.

"Woah! Slow down tzu your heating up !!!!" Chaeng shouted , I just smile devilishly , No, anytime Mina will pop up.

Im on my way to the line so I lowered my speed but the fudge!

The break isn't working.

"Tzu...oh oh oh what's happening?!"

"Arghh the break isn't working , Chaeng hold tight , fudgeeeee----------*craaaaaaaccck* *BOGSH*"



I rolled my eyes and took the apple on his table ,I shrugged that made him pissed.

"You already pissed? Ow that's bad dad, get to used on me, I already did this many times so don't feel so new"

"You're so unbelievable tzuyu, look what happened to you, you cracked your own bones and about to kill yourself." He said but I just smirked

"Nagging Appa! Alright , I gotta go!"

I'm about to walk out when he stopped me.

"You're not going anywhere chou Tzuyu"


"You're going to train 100 days in Military as your punishment."

My eyes literally widened


"No Way!" I shouted

"Noway you can say NO! Now you can go and packed your things!"

This is one of a big hell life.

Military? No way, I hate guns, I hate squatting I hate everything about military.

And now I'm going to train? 100 days Military?

I went out and go home straight to my condo .

"Chaeng! Go with me to the military academy." Chaeng eyes same goes with me.

"What? Why?"

"A punishment?"

"But you hate it right?"

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