7. Possessive

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Tzuyu's POV

"Lift your feet up while punching the air ..."

I followed what Jennie said while secretly gazing at Sana's side

I smirked

Punish yourself Sana!

"Like this?" I asked while smiling teasingly

She shook her head

"Not that!while lifting your feet you should punch after you go back to your position !"

She explained but I act like I didn't get it

"Can you help me here?" I asked

I saw her blushed so I just giggled

She went closer at my back and held my both hands

"Lift your right foot" I followed

I can't concentrate as I feel the tension on Sana's eye's

I can't believe this, a Minatozaki Sana got jealous right now? I'm starting to love this game

"You're so tall haha, now punch!" She helped me punch the air while holding my both hands.

I faked a laugh

"Good!" She said , she's about to step back but I held her hands more tightly that made her looked hugging me from my back

"A..ahm...tzuyu, why did you---" I cut her

"Shh just stay still..."

I cockily smile when I saw sana stopped from training her junior and walked towards us

"What the hell are you both doing!" She hissed , I raised my right brow

"Why? Is it bad asking for a closure training senior Minatozaki?"

She cringed and grinned at me,

"I can't believe you Chou Tzuyu!"

"I don't need you to believe me Sana!"

"What?! I told you not to flirt with her!"

I noticed that Jennie stiffened so I glared at her.

"I'm not! You're not my girlfriend to say that!"  She looked taken back

"Do you mean it , tzuyu?" She asked in disbelieve

I smirked

"I do!"   Me

"You don't!".   Her

"I do!".     Me

"I said you don't!".   Her

I was surprise when she dragged me out of that place

" what do you think you're doing?" I asked annoyed.

"I should asked that, what do you think you're doing ?" I can feel that she's really mad

"I'm not flirting with her! I just need some help!"

"That closed?"

I know she's jealous, but she looked like a jealous possessive girlfriend

"Wait! Answer me sana! Are you just really jealous or ...."

"I'm so damn jealous of that scene Chou Tzuyu! If you will asked me why? Well , I can't believe this but this is the truth , I like you and I don't wanna see any girls around you! Call me possessive , I don't care, if you were just playing with my feelings then stop it!"

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