special chapter

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I will post another Satzu fanfic Soon.

"The Rendezvous"

This story will be totally different. Change of names but the same characters.


Nayu's own story.  In short , 100 days military new episode. 

Sana as Nayu
Tzuyu as joohee

Here some clips.

Nayu's  side

I stopped where the first time I saw her. The first time she talked to me and the first time she told me she love me. This place is our rendezvous.

Place where we made happy memories.

But where are you now?

I guess your still small? Or tall?

Nah! But I miss you so much now.  Please show up.

"Joohee... "


Just short. Hihi.  Asked me anything if you're confused.

Thank you sapphires

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