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Sana's POV

"Ms Sana! Your meeting is cancelled again. Mr C will flew back to US for some business matter."

As I heard it my energy and excitement faded away in just a snapped. I looked down and shook my head trying to convinced myself that its okay.

But ...

I can't.

I'm still in love. I can't move on. I'm still hoping. And I still, need him.

I quickly wiped my tears and smiled lightly.

"Do you know when he will comeback?" I asked.

"Maybe less than 3 months Ms."

I closed my eyes in awed. That's pretty long. I nodded and went back to my office.

Yesterday. I feel another chance but all those chance walked away in me.

Why can I just move on and let him and forget him?! I shouldn't feel this after what he did. I'm so easy! I thought I'm more than fine? But I'm just too weak with him. I'm so stup-------

"Ms! Mr C is here! Should I let him in?"

I can feel how my heart race so fast. I stood up as I don't know what to do.

"L-let him in!" I said and brushed my hair using my fingers and looked at the mirror , biting my lips to look more redder and slapping my cheeks gently to woke my self up... But... Why should I do this? Auh! Never mind.

I sat at my chair and focus on my paper works. And there I heard the door opened. I tried to be calm and focus on what I'm doing but I can't stop my eyes from gazing at him.

"You seem so busy? I think I will just bother you, I will go no-------"

I quickly stood up and stopped him.


I slapped my mouth again for shouting it out loud. Geez I'm too obvious.

"Hmm. Are you busy? I just want to tell you personally that I will go back to US for my business and about my wedding plan I asked Jennie to meet you every day so that the wedding next month will not postpone."

Can someone please helped me picking up the pieces of my heart? That hella teared me up. I crumpled my fist at my back to avoid my self from cracking out of pain.

"And also. I want to see Nayu before I'll go!"

He then went to the couch and kissed Nayu's head. I rubbed my chest. I think I will cry any moment.

"I have to go now." he said and walked towards the door. I closed my eyes again

Just go and left me hurting! As what you always do!

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