14. A Deal

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Tzuyu's POV

I woke up as Sana patted my head slowly while staring at me like I was the most beautiful thing she have right now. I rubbed my eyes and smiled at her. "What time is it?" I asked and stood up hugging her waist. "7:13 pm , I cooked us dinner let's go!" She said and pulled me to the dinning area.

She placed all the food she cooked on my plate like she's going to let me eat all those. I grinned at her "Yah!I'm going to eat there too so no need to put all this to my plate,Sana yaa!" I said and took another plate she pouted so I just giggled. After we ate I bid my goodbye and went to my room and changed. "Chaeng, moguri! I'm going!" I said and hurriedly run to may car. I don't really care if I'll be late, its just that I will go to somewhere after.

When I arrived I parked my car at the corner and went inside. As I opened the door the manager greeted me and lead me to where they occupied the private room. I heave a sigh as I felt nervous, not because I'm curious to whom ever she was , its because of Sana!

I'm afraid she'll know and broke up with me. If I don't care about her before ,now I don't. Cause I know, I can't be more happier without her.

As I opened the door I saw a girl sitting on the chair facing her back to me. But she looks familiar , my brows raised up and walked towards her. "Hi! I'm sorry , I'm a little bit late!" I apologized and sat opposite to her. My eyes literally widened and so she does when we realized what's happening at the moment.


"Senior Jennie Kim?" I asked.

What the! This should be not! We're on the same academy ,how can I hid it to sana? "God! I didn't expect this to happen!" She said with an amazed looked. I don't know what to feel since I know her a little. She's a good person and she doesn't deserve to be hurt. Auh Sh!t , but I care about Sana more than her.

"Ah yeah! I didn't expect this too, but ... I don't think ,things will work on together with us!" I said frankly, she gulped of my sudden burst. "What do you mean?" She asked confused. "What I mean is, I have Sana and you know that..." She looked taken aback, I know she confessed to me before that she like me but I never liked her. "D..don't get me wrong but, don't you have plans on breaking up with her after this?" I clenched my fist but then I controlled my self as a waiter went inside and placed the food.

As the waiter went out I quickly spoke. "I don't have plans doing that! I'm sorry Jennie but I'll talk to my dad and asked him to stop this marriage proposal!" I said and about to walked out but she held my arm that made me looked back again.

"You can't do that Tzuyu!" She said gracefully. "Why can't I?" I asked sarcastically. "Cause they already settled everything!"

"The f*ck!" I hissed and closed my eyes out of frustration. I can't! I can't!

"I'll let you deal with her for 2 weeks , we'll going to keep this as a secret then after that, you know what to do!" She said and let go of my hand, I just looked at her dumbfounded. What?! I can't believe her. "I'm sorry Tzuyu! As much as you want to stop this thing is how much I wanted it too. But dad will throw me away if I don't. So please let's just help each other!"

I wanna cry right now! Damn! How can they do such things like this to their own blood ,huh? I don't want to but again I don't have choice.

"Please?" She asked.

I heave a very deep sigh and nodded slowly. I badly wanted to go at sana suite right now! I badly want to. "Okay, but please let me go home now! I'm not feeling well!" I said and went out.

As I went to my car, I saw Mina checking her car. I first hesitated to helped her but ended up tapping her shoulder. "What's wrong?" I asked rudely, she rolled her eyes and ignored me. This girl! Aish. "I'm asking you, what's wrong with your car!" I hissed. She looked at me wearing her death glares and rolled her eyes once again. I wanna dig her eyes and throw it away from her! Duh?!

"Isn't it obvious? Someone scratched their ass on my car!" She then slapped her forehead out of frustration. I giggled but I hid it. She glared at me "What are you giggling at?" She asked angrily. I pressed my lips and looked away. I find it somewhat somehow cute.

"Whatever! That was just a scratched, it can't kill your pride just because I saw it! Go home now, its getting late!" She rolled her eyes for the nth time. "Tsk! Go and get your face out of my sight!" She said but I just stick my tongue out to her that made her groaned so I quickly hop in to my car.

As I hop in, I heave a deep sigh as I remember what happened a while. I need to let out all this frustrations. I went out again and went to Mina!

"Hey! Are you free?" She looked at me confused and questionable. I shrugged my shoulders and smiled weakly to her. "I just need your accompany, can you?!" She stopped for a moment and looked at me awfully "Something is bothering your stone mind right?" She asked and I nodded. "Alright! Let's just meet at the usual!" She said and went to her car. I smiled and did the same. We went to the edge of the river here in gangnam.

I was surprise when she handed me a can of beer , how did she have this if we just arrived at the same time? "I always bring that, so stop that stares!" She said so I giggled. "You never changed Mina!" I mumbled enough to let her hear it. "Why would I changed at the first place huh? I'm not like you who just met sana and suddenly you become possessive and..." She paused made me excite

"Sweet!" She continued. I just chuckled as I stare at the river while wind blowing right to my face. This feels so cool, I wanted sana to be here beside me right now. "You know what Mina? This all just started in a game! A stupid game I started!" I said and tossed the beer I'm holding to her. "Game? Haha I knew it!" She said while laughing showing her best smiles she have.

"Hmm. But as the time goes by, spending almost everyday with her I feel the contentment and happiness I wanted to last forever!" I said while smiling like an idiot. "Well that was the corniest line I've ever heard from you!" She laugh again and drank her can of beer. I smiled when I realized what I've just said.

"I always tell you my affection towards you before Mina unlike with Sana! I never said 'I love you' to her, I just showed it and let her feel it. I was confused a while about this feeling. But knowing that I'm going to marry someone very soon, gives me heart breaks. I was too dumb to noticed that I'm falling each day. Now I only have two weeks to spend with her..." A tear suddenly fell down nonstop. Mina walks closer to me and patted my back. "I don't how to start after!" I continued and cried.

I heard Mina sighed. "Too bad I'm not the one who arranged with you..." She said jokingly and laugh making me giggle. "Tzuya! Remember what I always told you? Life never been easy as what you've expect. There is ups and downs, maybe for now a little suffering will heal everything in the future. You're strong, you can handle everything in just a snap!"

That words of encouragement filled me with a positive thoughts , I smiled and hugged her. "Yah! You never failed me with that! Thank you!" I said as I wiped my tears.


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