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While Sana cooking the soup Tzuyu can't help but bang his head at the table as he felt his eyes getting heavy. Sana looked back at her husband and giggled.

She walked towards him and caressing his hair gently while planting small kisses to his head.

While waiting for the soup to be cooked Sana walked back to their room and took a towel with his shirt and boxer. When she got back at the kitchen she quickly put the towel on the hot water and wiped it to Tzuyus face as she held Tzuyu's head to the board of the chair.

Slowly and gentle, Sana unbuttoned his polo and took it off him. She gasped. She have seen it a lot of times but she can't help it and just screamed how lucky she was having a hot husband with his hard pack abs.

Sana then trailed the towel to Tzuyus body and put in the shirt to him. Tzuyu slowly opened his eyes and saw his wife struggling to unbuckle his belt.

He then smirked and unbuckle his belt making Sana startled.

"Auh good thing your awake took off your pants please so I can brush this wet towel to you. "

Tzuyu followed and then Sana did what she have to do. She handed Tzuyu his boxer and Tzuyu wore it afterwards. As the soup finally serve Tzuyu excitedly ate it while Sana were just staring at him. Tzuyu noticed it so he stared back and found his wife so sexy with her red sleeveless shirt.

"Babe, I'm going to tell you something."

Tzuyu said and caress Sana's hands. Sana nodded signalling him to continue.

"I... I want to eat you right now. Let's go upstairs ! "

He's about to stood up when Sana pulled him back at his seat.

"Finish it first Chou."

Sana firmly said but inside she's too horny to wait too.

Tzuyu sighed and ate the soup quickly. Sana then smiled and put the bowl and spoon at the sink. Tzuyu stood up and drunk some water while Sana were washing the utensils, suddenly Sana felt a pair of hands wrapped around her waist.

She tried to fasten washing the dishes when suddenly Tzuyu stopped her and spin her around to face him. She bit her lips and with no seconds Tzuyu crushed his lips to Sana and shared a very hot and passionate kiss making Sana wrapped her hands around Tzuyu's nape.

They fought for dominance but as a man Tzuyu won and travelled his tongue around Sana's mouth making her gripped on Tzuyus hair while pulling him more closer.

She wanted to let out a moan but straggled to do so as Tzuyu were eating her whole mouth. Tzuyu then lowered his hands and push Sana to the sink while still kissing her, gasping for air Tzuyu pulled out and took off Sana's shirt. He smirked when Sana doesn't wore a bra and didn't hesitate to suck it like a baby hunger for food.

"ahh... Babe... Ahh... N-not h-here ...p-please... Hmm--"

She was cut off when Tzuyu kissed her lips torridly as he slowly pull down Sana's undies. He then suck the other boob's giving equal attention as his hands starting to dart on Sana's core.

"Sana... I can't stop my self now... Moan my name. "

Tzuyu said and inserted two fingers inside Sana's pearls deeply making Sana arched her back and gripped on to him.

"Ahh... T-tzu... Faster please... Harder... "

Sana screamed on top of her lungs as she felt a bit pain but almost pleasure. Tzuyu carried Sana and slammed her at the couch still thrusting his two fingers inside out.

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